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The Benefits of Using Glass Sex Toys

Glass ToyIf you haven't tried using glass sex toys yet, you are definitely missing out on a lot! These sex toys are not just fun to use but also elegant to look at. A straight or curved shaft dildo makes for a great addition to your sex toy collection, even more so if it is made from glass. No matter what type of sensation it is that tickles your sexual fancy, you are bound to find using glass sex toys to be a lot of fun.

Why Should I Use Glass Sex Toys?

Sex toys are made from different materials but what is it that makes glass so special? Here are its many benefits:

* They're simply beautiful.
Glass dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, spinners and shafts are simply beautiful to look at. If you think that the glass material used in these sex toys are similar to the ones used in bathroom mirrors that can easily break, think again. The material is actually special kinds of glass like Pyrex which is practically unbreakable. They come in a rainbow of colors which make them super attractive to look at.

* They are deliciously smooth to the touch.
Another advantage of using glass sex toys is that they are ultra-smooth to touch. If you will buy a glass dildo, for example, they can be made in such a way that the veins are standing out in detail, but still feel luxuriously smooth against the hand. The sensitivity of your skin will be heightened as you experience the luscious sensations brought about by touching glass sex toys.

* They can be used hot or cold.
Unlike cyberskin or plastic sex toys which cannot be used hot, glass sex toys can be heated up or cooled down. The sensation of using a heated up dildo or a cooled down vibrator will feel amazing on the most sensitive parts of your body, thus giving you unbelievable orgasms. Most glass sex toys can be popped into the microwave or the freezer to give you the temperature you want.

* The material is non-porous.
Finally, glass sex toys are non-porous which means that bodily fluids will not stick to its surface. Amazingly smooth, slipper and luxurious to the touch, these glass sex toys are a must-have if you would like to play with hot-and-cold sensations while going solo or tangling the sheets with your significant other.

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