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  • Do You Know What Stimulation is Best for You?

    Orgasms feel great, and everyone should experience them the more regularly the better in our opinion. In fact, sex and orgasms are great for your mind, body and soul. Numerous studies have proven that sex and orgasms have a wealth of benefits for your health, as they can: relieve tension; help you sleep better; burn calories; reduce depression and even boost your immune system. In general, orgasms make you happier, don’t they?

    That said, it’s painful to realise that there are lots of women who find it difficult to achieve orgasm. In fact, research shows that as much as 10% of all women of sexually mature age have never experienced orgasm. And very often the reason for that is the fact that those women have never learned to please themselves. They’ve gone through a series of frustrating sexual encounters and placed the blame on themselves for their inability to reach orgasm. To all these women we say STOP blaming yourselves. There’s a great way you can find out what feels best for you, and it’s very simple. Just invest in a few great sex toys! If you’re alone masturbation with adult toys will work great for you. If you have a partner, talk to them. Often, the issue is the clitoris being under-stimulated during intercourse, which is exactly what causes many women so much frustration – being aroused and stimulated but never getting to reach the fulfilling climax. You should always keep in mind that there are different types of orgasms, and every woman may have her own favourite type of stimulation.

    Clitoral – The clitoris can be stimulated either by fingers, your partner’s tongue or sex toys, using your choice of lube. Many women depend on their trusty bullet or Rabbit vibrators, both of which are powerful tools to use when climaxing clitorally (and vaginally, a Rabbit is used).

    Penetration/Vaginal – Lots of women find it more difficult to reach orgasm through penetrative sex alone, so why not practise with your favourite vibrator or dildo? Whether you’re petite or want to be completely filled with something girthy, there is a sex toy that is just for you.

    G-Spot – Yes, the g-spot is no myth! This small lump of nerve endings about three inches inside the vagina responds amazingly well to stimulation. The preferred method is to stimulate with either fingers or use a G-spot stimulator which is easier and much more effective. This G-spot stimulator is a specially angled dildo, designed specifically to target that area.

    Anal – A less popular way to orgasm. However, some women love to climax during anal sex or stimulation. If you are new to the world of anal play check out our smaller ranges of butt plugs, then gradually move to the larger butt plugs and/or dildos and vibrators.

    Experimenting with different types of stimulation should help you figure out which one is best for you. Once your body has learned it, you will most likely find yourself on the path to guaranteed pleasure each time!

  • Vaginal Balls to Teach You Explosive Orgasms

    It’s a well-known fact that men are more easily brought to an orgasm than women. Apart from proper stimulation the woman requires a specific frame of mind to experience an orgasm, that is why great lovers put a good deal of time into foreplay. Female anatomy makes it more difficult to achieve orgasm by intercourse alone than does the male anatomy. But however great a lover you may be, there are still lots of women who just won’t climax through penetrative sex alone. Usually these women find it easier and actually prefer to reach orgasm through manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris. If you’re a woman who has a really hard time climaxing and are often left frustrated and unsatisfied, then we’ve got something great to share with you.

    Used by women all over the world, the vaginal balls have so many benefits to them. They are designed to help you exercise the vaginal muscles, to increase the sensations felt during intercourse and to increase your sexual desire in general. Their origination dates many centuries back to the ancient Japan period. At those times the Japanese women would use small balls made of ivory to relieve sexual tension, and store them in a small pouch.

    Today, the vaginal balls are made of silky soft plastic and attached to a retrieval loop for safety. A woman can wear them all day long if she wishes to and can keep them in. To use the vaginal pleasure balls, such as the Sarahs Secret White Vaginal Balls, simply place them inside the vagina, and hold them in by squeezing your muscles. As you go about doing your daily routine, the balls will move around inside, creating sweet stimulating sensations in the vagina. Similar to Kegel exercises, the vaginal balls are often recommended by gynaecologists and obstetricians to increase vaginal elasticity and bladder control.

    You can also wear the vaginal balls during intercourse to increase pleasure for both you and your partner. Moreover, you can use these wonderful pleasure balls during masturbation with sex toys for more intense sensations. Just try using gently a vibrator whilst wearing your vaginal balls – the orgasmic experience that nothing else can give!

  • Sex Toys to Help Women Experience Orgasms

    It’s very sad that lots of women even today cannot bring themselves to orgasm, which results in them feeling emotionally stressed-out and even in pain. Not only do some women find it hard to experience orgasm, they cannot climax during intercourse, which is even more frustrating. More often than not, the reason why so many women find their orgasms to be elusive is because of the mistakes they make. Below are a few mistakes, that are most common among women who have trouble climaxing.

    Not exploring your erogenous parts

    If a woman wants to have a great sex life, she needs to know exactly what it is right for her in bed. And she won’t know it until she takes her time to familiarise herself with how her erogenous parts work. This is where masturbation proves to be most useful. You may use your own fingers but we would recommend you to buy a few of the most essential sex toys for experimentation.....and much more fun! You can stimulate the inner walls of your vagina with a dildo or vibrator and use a finger vibe such as the Finger Fun Vibe, on your clitoris. Play around your pussy and you’ll get to know which stroke, pace and rhythm it is that you like best.

    Not Ever Trying To Find Your Own G-Spot

    If you want to learn how to give yourself great orgasms and generally enhance your sex life, then experimenting and finding your own G-spot must go second in your priority list. Fortunately, there is a sex toy designed specifically to target the G-spot. Named, the G-spot massager or vibrator, this absolutely fabulous adult sex toy features a curved tip to easily find and massage your G-spot. Alternatively, you can use your own fingers to find the spot, but this won’t give you nearly as much pleasure as the G-spot vibrator, such as the Jelly G Spot Vibe, can.

    Feeling the Guilt Associated with Masturbation

    This may be one of the biggest mistakes that you’ll ever make. If you let yourself think that masturbation or learning how to give yourself an orgasm is something that you should feel guilty about, then you will hardly be able to orgasm at all.

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