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Sleeping with Sex Dolls

Also called love dolls or blow-up dolls, sex dolls are a type of adult toy used for masturbation. They come in all sizes and shapes, and different materials are used to make them. Unlike a few decades back when sex dolls were made from latex and had unnatural-looking faces, you can now find sex dolls which have skin, face, hair and other body parts which look like a real woman's.Sex Dolls

Historically, it's said that sailors from Spain and France in the 17th century used makeshift dolls made from old clothes as masturbatory toys during long voyages at sea. For the 20th century, vinyl, silicone and latex were used to offer users a certain degree of realism when sleeping with the sex toys.

Today, sex dolls have materials that range from cheap vinyl to cyberskin or a type of material that really looks like human skin. They can consist of an entire female body with a face – or they can also take the form of the vagina, mouth, anus or the entire lower body of a female. There are also sex dolls which have vibrating, removable and interchangeable parts.

A Crash Course on How to Sleep with Sex Dolls

Now that you already have an idea about how sex dolls came about, what are you supposed to do once you already have them? Although there are sex dolls meant to be used by females so they come in the form of male dolls, most users of sex dolls are males so they take the form of the female body. You may already know what to with a sex doll once you have it in your possession. But if you're clueless, here's a crash course on how you can maximize your sexual pleasure while using these masturbatory toys:
• Have plenty of lubricant ‘handy’.
Just as it is when you are using any other sex toy like the replica of a vagina, breasts or anus, you should have plenty of lubricant handy when using a sex doll. Once you are in the privacy of your own bedroom, you can have some alone time with your sex doll. Have plenty of lubricant handy. Once you slap some onto your penis, you can choose which hole to place your organ into and start pleasuring yourself.

• This time, it's all about your pleasure.
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why some men rely on sex dolls and other masturbatory toys for sexual pleasure is the fact that they can use the toys as a release – minus the commitment. Although there's no substitute for sleeping with a real woman, there are times when men simply want to have that sexual release. Sleeping with a sex doll in a no-fuss, hassle-free manner will help them achieve just that.Love Doll

• Spice things up by changing the doll's outfit.
Whatever you do with the sex doll is entirely up to you and if changing the outfit to that of a naughty nurse's, a French maid or a prissy school teacher does something to your libido, there’s no reason why you shouldn't go for it. You can also spice things up by playing a video while you have the sex doll right next to you.

• Don’t forget to clean up!
Finally, after doing the deed, don't forget to clean up. Depending on the material that the sex doll is made of, you can use soap and water or a gentle cleanser to clean its orifices. Clean it up right after so that the next time you’re in the mood to sleep with the sex doll, there’s nothing to stop you from doing so.

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