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Sex Toys for Loving Couples

We’ve heard a whole bunch of misconceptions about adult toys, the most common one being that the adult toys are for singles only. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth, since there are a lot of outstanding sex toys designed specifically with couples in mind. OK, if you’ve come to our website looking for a kinky surprise for your lover, rest assured there is nothing as couple-friendly as the sex toys and enhancers you can find at our online sex shop. In the meantime, let’s take a look at a few sex toys that can really help spice things up in your love nest.

For penetrative sex. We all know very well that if a couple is involved in a long-term relationship their sex life is too likely to get into a sexual rut and predictability. So if you’re looking for a way to jazz the things up between your lover and you, a vibrating cock ring or a dildo are sure to add some extra piquancy. Cock rings or penis rings are a cheap and easy way to diversify your love life. They are a small ring to place at the base of the shaft of the penis. Generally, cock rings are designed to provide direct clitoral stimulation during sex, however, there are also cock rings that can vibrate, stimulating both the wearer himself and his female partner.

For foreplay. Most people, especially, women, like engaging in foreplay before sex. There are a countless number of foreplay types, and you’ve probably tried a good number of them. Any foreplay becomes spicier and kinkier with an addition of some good accessories. Fingertip vibrators are small and cute sex toys for oral foreplay, anal foreplay and mutual masturbation. Also try painting your lover’s body with edible and flavoured paints! This can be a terrific turn-on for both of you.

For oral sex. There is hardly anyone among us who doesn’t enjoy oral sex, so why not make it even more enjoyable? Go for some edible oral sex lubricants, made from good quality ingredients. These flavoured lubes are perfect for screening some unpleasant smells if there are any. Some couples find squeezing a lubricant and applying it as an interruption to their sex play, however, even the very act of lubricating your lover’s privates can be incredibly intimate and sexy. Everyone knows, sex is better when wetter.

Here at we’re committed to helping our customers enhance and make the most of their sex lives. We offer you a wide range of great value sex toys that can help couples become more intimate, sensitive and responsive to each other’s sensuality. In fact, a great deal of our sex toys are often advised to couples by sex therapists, especially if one of the partners is having some difficulty reaching an orgasm during sex.

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