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Pheromones Do They Really Work

Pheromones Do They Really Work? What are pheromones? According to, it is "a chemical substance that is usually produced by an animal and serves especially as a stimulus to other individuals of the same species for one or more behavioral responses. They're specifically widespread among insects to bring creatures together, lead them to food, signal danger, attract a mate, elicit sexual behavior or influence sexual development." It's the last three factors which man has been conducting researches about, thus the popularity of pheromone products. By determining if humans do have pheromones, the key to successfully attracting members of the opposite sex might just be unlocked.

pheromone sprayDo Pheromone Products Really Work for Promoting Sexual Attraction?

So do pheromone products really work for promoting sexual attraction? When you shop at a mall or go online, you are bound to stumble upon scents which are pheromones-based and are supposed to make you smell attractive enough for the opposite sex. There are even health supplements which have bold claims about making you more enticing with the help of pheromones.

Scientists are indeed admitting that animals and insects release chemical compounds which can be detected, thereby forming an almost purely chemical form of communication. Just imagine how many awkward first dates would be eliminated if the same thing can apply to humans. However, according to, the idea of perfumes and potions with pheromones being successful on human sexual attraction does not muster the scientific test – just yet.

If you're willing to try, anyway, there are pheromone-based perfumes available in the market. When choosing one, make sure that the scent is potent, long-lasting and is affordable enough to not make you feel like you've wasted money after the purchase. When buying health supplements with pheromones, read the labels carefully and make sure that it will not have any adverse effects to your overall health. Otherwise, go back to relying on the potency of your favorite sexy perfume to give you the confidence to attract members of the opposite sex.

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