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Morning Sex is the Best

bedIt’s a common scenario for singles or even married couples to feel the most stress in the morning. When you wake up with barely enough time to prepare for work, for example, you’ll go through the motions very hurried, you won’t even have time to grab coffee, and your day goes downhill from there. But what if you can start the day with an opposite frame of mind? How exactly can this be done? With morning sex , of course!

If you haven’t tangled the sheets together for a long time, wake up earlier than usual and entice your partner to do the deed while you’re in a spooning position. Or, follow him in the shower and engage in morning sex before you both have to get dressed for work. Aside from heating up your sex life, sex in the morning is the best because you’ll get to enjoy the following benefits:
• The morning light is an excellent background so you won’t feel conscious about your body while having sex.
• You can start the day right by burning calories. Sex is known to burn an average of 240 calories in men and 180 calories in women – for an hour’s worth of doing the nasty, that is. If you have less time than this, a thirty-minute quickie will still burn half that.
• Sex in the morning is an excellent replacement for coffee. This is especially true when you’re indulging in some rushed, hot, sweaty sex which you’re both challenged to finish right before you get to work. That naughty smile on your face once you finally manage to get a cup of Joe will definitely make your workmates wonder what you’ve been up to.
• Having sex in the morning makes you feel upbeat for the rest of the day, you start your activities with the right frame of mind, and sex releases those feel-good chemicals called oxytocin.

More importantly, morning sex tightens that intimate bond that couples have. With all these benefits and more, there’s no reason why you should ever say no again to having great morning sex with your partner.

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