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Liquid Silk - The Ultimate Intimate Sex Lube

Using personal lubricants to enhance sexual pleasure is not new, but the quality of the products are better now than ever before. For most people who regularly use intimate lubricants during sex, Liquid Silk is the ultimate choice. This lubricant has unique qualities: it’s more like a lotion than a lubricant with its creamy texture, it’s a delight to the senses and the slipperiness lasts for hours.

Liquid Silk is a water-based, glycerin and nonoxynol-9-free lubricant specially made to provide a luxurious experience combining natural botanical extracts and silk lipids to be silky smooth and non-tacky.  Using this lubricant during foreplay and sexual intercourse reduces friction: it is touch sensitive and formulated to reduce the risk of skin breakage and irritation. This formula is also bio-static, preventing the spread of bacteria that can cause yeast infections.

As a personal lubricant, this smooth, odorless liquid has a thin enough consistency to allow natural sensations to come through during intercourse. It excels in use for massage, and can be used with toys depending on how much lubrication you desire.

Liquid Silk scores high points for being easy to use and performance; it’s an excellent choice for extended love sessions to ensure sexual satisfaction. The most outstanding feature of this personal lubricant is its ability to retain its creaminess without getting sticky. If you are looking for a versatile lubricant you can depend on, Liquid Silk is the preferred choice for many lovers.

The body produces its own lubricant when sexually aroused and Liquid Silk blends with it beautifully without any unpleasant odor or taste. Every time you change positions during sex or massage a certain area you need enough lubrication to ensure that the sensation is exciting and not irritating. Using Liquid Silk enhances the experience for both partners and prolongs enjoyment.

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