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Is it Normal to Use Sex Toys

confusedIt's already 2015 but some adults still ask: is it normal to use sex toys? Women, who are supposedly free to enjoy their bodies and their sexualities, are still embarrassed when asked if they own sex toys. Although there's a more open selling environment when it comes to the sex toys market, there are still a few who consider owning one taboo.

Lots of Adults Do Own Sex Toys

So what's the answer to the question of whether it's normal to use sex toys or not? Yes, it is perfectly normal to use – and enjoy using – sex toys. To give you an idea about exactly how common it is, take a look at a few quick statistics:
* 28,000 years ago, a 7.9"inch siltstone phallus was discovered and it may have been used as a sex toy.
* According to Sethi, the sex toy industry rakes in an estimated $15 billion profit per year.
* Based on a survey conducted by, it shows that 44% of adults currently use a sex toy, or have owned one in the past.
* A vibrator is the most common type of sex toy used.
* Even women between the ages of 55 and 60 have tried using a sex toy at one point or another.
* Curiosity is the number one reason cited for using a sex toy, whether currently or in the past.

Sex Toys Bring about a Multitude of Health and Sex Benefits

Based from the aforementioned figures, you can easily see just how common it is for adults to use sex toys. If you're still in doubt as to whether you should use it or not, how about getting to know the benefits that using adult toys will bring about to your health or your sex life in general? For the 75% of women who have problems reaching orgasm through penetrative sex alone, using sex toys can help them have better, stronger, longer*lasting orgasms.

Being open about the use of sex toys as a couple is also a great way to take things up a notch in the bedroom, especially for couples who have been together for a long time. Finally, sex in general feels good and is an excellent, fun way to burn off calories, so why would you even think of saying no to the prospect of using adult toys?

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