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How many calories could you burn off during sex

It's been widely reported for years now that getting steamy between the sheets can help you lose the pounds. But, with 'sexercise' holding more than its own on the calorie calculator, could some stark discoveries, make you want to spice things up with sex toys?


With a fifteen minute jog being equivalent to thirty minutes of kinky time, it's now not just your sex life, motivation and confidence that can benefit from a little time in the cut. With ladies and gents all over more keen then ever to fight the flab, the short sharp stints of a crazy sex life can certainly help the waistline.

With sex toys, such as vibrators, penisator's and cock rings, allowing for a completely new kind of strip, why not spice things up a little to keep your partner on lock down? Remembering to take it in turns during the varying demands of sex, you both can truly benefit in ways you never thought imaginable.

It is important however to not make sex feel like a workout. if sex seems more like a chore than fun, then you're probably not going to see the true benefits when stepping on the scales. Remember to keep your partner guessing, mix it up with new moves and sexy clothing, to keep them enticed and you own well-being fully flourishing.

Whilst scantily clad gym gear may work wonders for you both, it is important to strike the perfect balance between the main course of completely enjoying sex and the side dish of shredding the pounds. To do this? introduce a few of our hugely popular sex toys to the equation, leaving both you and your partner wanting nothing but more.

Improve your flexibility and your own self esteem with the likes of Magic Moment's Intimate Labia Spreader, Cock Rings and even their remote control love eggs, which keep the party going way into the night.

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