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Clitoral Stimulation

No matter how wonderful your sex life is, you could always use ways to spruce things up a little. A majority of women say that clitoral stimulation during intercourse is essential if they want to reach orgasm. Many women will also tell you that some positions liken themselves to clitoral stimulation better than others. Problems arise when your favourite position for stimulation doesn’t match your partner’s. There are ways around this dilemma, however.

The most obvious option is to simply take turns. Most of us switch positions at least once during sex, so just make sure each person has a chance to be in their favourite position. You can also extend foreplay longer so that each person is able to get their motor going and increase the likelihood of an explosive finish. You can also utilize toys that are made just to increase pressure and light, bearable friction on your clitoris during sex.

There is a whole range of clitoral stimulators on the market that can be used before or even during penetration. One of the most popular is the Caress Clitoral Stimulator. This product is made from soft plastic and is worn by the man on the base of the penis. Once penetration has happened, the soft plastic gently rubs against the clit, providing an otherworldly experience you are sure to love.

These types of products have been greatly refined over the years. If there is one thing women don’t want during sex, it is too much stimulation right on the clit. These wearable toys manage the pressure perfectly so that the overall sexual experience is increased for the woman and the toy isn’t too awkward for the man, either. It is a delicate balancing act that is sure to add just the right spark to your bedroom life. If you’ve never tried a toy like this before, now is the time!

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