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Anal Sex Toys to Boost Your Pleasures in Ordinary Sex

If you still have some doubts about the pleasures you can derive from stimulating your anus with sex toys, then doubt no more. Sex toys are sure to give a huge boost to your usual pleasures in ordinary sex. Even though there are still lots of people, mostly men, who may be repulsed at the thought of letting anything in the anus, the latter remains a very sensitive zone which if properly stimulated can bring about extremely pleasurable sensations, resulting in explosive orgasms. Because the benefits of anal stimulation are so worth it, today we see a large number of both women and men engaging in anal play to experience more intense sensations and enjoy fuller satisfaction. In this article we would like to address those who’re still new to the world of anal pleasures, and give them a few pieces of sound advice as well as advocate the anal sex toys that are perfect for beginners.

OK, the first and foremost rule of thumb is doing everything with care. Since the anus is lined with delicate tissue which could rupture if stimulation is done roughly or you have not bothered with proper lubrication. So just use common sense along with plenty of lube. There is also no rush into a large inflatable anal plug. The anus is a muscle pretty much like any other muscle in your body, and can be trained to love anal sex toys, and the sensations that they deliver.

Try starting with a jelly toy, such as the Beginners Butt Plug. This sex toy is made out of a very soft jelly feel material, which will be more comforting on the anus. Anything hard like plastic or rubber is very rigid, and may cause discomfort for someone who is not used to inserting sex toys into their anus.

The classic design butt plug is in the top ten most popular anal sex toys. Basically it is a rounded cone with a thin neck attached to a narrow base, that prevents it from being inserted too far. Simple but very effective, butt plugs come in a variety of sizes and lengths and there are some that may be very useful for beginners. Check out the Plug-N-Go Jelly Anal Plug. Anatomically shaped to provide satisfying anal penetration, this top-quality sex toy is made from a soft jelly material and may be readily used by beginners.

If you already enjoy the sweet sensations of anal stimulation, you may want to try anal beads. These are small jelly, silicone or rubber beads on a string or some kind of attachment to each other, and feature a small retrieval ring on one end. Try wearing anal beads during intercourse and have your partner pull them out before you reach orgasm...You cannot imagine the power of totally mind-boggling orgasm you will experience. This time it will be an orgasm like nothing you’ve felt before, an orgasm that only anal sex toys can deliver! Moreover, when a woman uses an anal sex toy during intercourse, it makes her vagina feel tighter, thus benefiting both the woman and the man penetrating her.

There are so many other great anal toys available on the market that we cannot cover them all in one article. For example, there are also a whole lot of anal vibrators as well as prostate massagers for men. Exploring new sexual avenues is perfectly normal and can be very rewarding if you choose a sex toy that’s right for you.

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