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Anal Play to Give You the Pleasure You Can't Afford to Miss

Even though we live in a butt-phobic society and there are loads of prejudices and trash talk about the human anus, the truth is all kinds of people from all walks of life and sexual backgrounds resort to using anal sex toys every once in a while. And no wonder why – it feels fantastic! Both the anus and rectum have a wealth of muscles and nerve endings that with the right touch can bring out extremely pleasing sensations. Anal play is far from being an exclusively women’s thing. In fact, the prostate gland, also known as the male G-spot, can be reached only through the rectum. That is why thousands of men have come to love anal play - it makes them experience explosive, mind-boggling orgasms.

If you’re new to the universe of anal play and really curious about it, here’s a golden three-word rule for you: communication, relaxation, lubrication. If you manage to provide all of the three either for yourself or your partner, your first anal session won’t hurt a bit, quire on the contrary, you will enjoy it.

Now, we’d like to go over a few anal sex toys that should be in the collection of anybody who enjoys anal play, and especially those who are just starting out.

The Lilac Porator Anal Butt Plug

We don’t know who was the first to come up with this T design, but it’s just awesome! Virtually every brand in the sex toy industry has their version of it. The Lilac Porator Anal Butt Plug is a little bigger than a man’s thumb in width, and angled for prostate stimulation. If you’re a first-timer, it may take some experimenting before you get used to the stimulation, but you’re sure to enjoy the learning process! The toy features a multi-speed control unit for variable speed, and is perfect for couples or for individual use.

The Butt Plug

Probably, the most quintessential anal sex toy, the butt plug features a classic cone shape with a thin neck and a flared base, which prevents the toy from slipping into the rectum. Simple but versatile, butt plugs come in a variety of sizes, lengths and colours. Apply plenty of lube to the butt plug then ease the tip in your woman’s anus, slowly. Keep inserting it gently until you’ve reached the slim neck. The toy’s shape will make sure it remains in place, whilst you’re having the friskiest sex with your woman ever!

Anal Beads

These are also a classic time-tested type of anal sex toys. If not too big, anal beads can be a wonderful toy to start out with. Lubricate your anal beads and gently push the first bead inside your partner. Then pop each bead in slowly until your partner has taken as much as she feels comfortable with. Anal beads will give your lover fantastic sensations when left in during intercourse, and will totally blow her mind away when pulled out during orgasm.

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