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Adult Novelty Toys for Birthday Fun

0772267-0000-Boobs_ApronNothing extends your birthday greeting to a friend more than adult novelty gifts. They can be rude, naughty or downright dirty. As long as you know that the recipient of your gift will accept your present like a sport, there are plenty of items that will put a huge, naughty grin on the lips of the birthday celebrant.

Adult Novelty Gifts for Some Birthday Fun

You can go online or visit your local superstore. There are plenty of gag gifts and adult novelty items that you can give as gifts to that special someone who is celebrating his or her birthday. Check out a few items that you can choose from:
- Penis Pasta, Jelly Boobs, Other Edibles in Naughty Shapes
For your female best friend who can't cook and is still single, a perfect birthday gift is a box of pasta in the shape of a penis. For men, there are jelly candies which are shaped like female breasts. There are plenty of other edible items which come in naughty shapes that you can give as gifts to a birthday celebrant who will get a big laugh out of it.

- X-Rated Party Pack
An X-rated party pack consists or birthday hats, paper plates and inflatable balloons with a message like "Happy Fucking Birthday". Naturally, you should buy this gift only for a celebrant who is organizing an all-adult party. The fouler the language, the more fun it usually is.

- Naughty Animals Salt & Pepper Shakers
If you have a friend who's good in the kitchen, give a pair of mating frogs, turtles or other animals in the mating position. These come in the form of salt and pepper shakers, which can be used in the kitchen anytime.

- Inflatable Willy Costume
This can be worn by a male birthday celebrant or given as a gag gift to a single female friend who is celebrating her birthday.

- Nipple Tassels
For your significant other, you can give nipple tassels which can be made with feathers, strings or even edible materials like candy.

- Stress Balls
Another adult novelty item that you can give as a gift to a female friend celebrating her birthday is a pair of stress balls – in the shape of male genitals. She's bound to get a good laugh out of it.

With these adult novelty gift items, you can take birthday fun into a whole new, wackier, naughtier level.

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