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A Few Words about Male Sex Toys

Sex toys have come a long way to become what they are now – totally awesome medical-grade devices to aid you in masturbation and enhance your lovemaking overall. However, it wasn’t until recent years that the industry started to provide a decent supply of sex toys for men. We don’t understand why the sex toy industry had to be stagnant in this area for so long, but whatever the reason the fact is that today men are coming into their own as sex toy users. There is a huge variety of male sex toys available in the market, and if you’ve never tried one on yourself, you’re missing out on a perfect opportunity to experience better orgasms and even improve your stamina during masturbation.

The most basic concept of male sex toys is realised in the so-called masturbation sleeve, which is very popular among men. The Colt Masturbation Sleeve is a soft flexible tube that fits over the penis head and tickles the penis shaft with the inner nodules, giving it fantastic sensations. This adult toy is perfect for quick personal gratification.

Whilst the masturbation sleeve may be referred to as the simplest among male sex toys, the Robo Suck Male Masturbator may be one of the most advanced. With lots of male masturbators in the market, only the few of them can provide you with a hands-free experience. This Robo Suck toy is among those few. Designed to imitate a skilfully performed blow job, this masturbator never gets enough of sucking you off. This next-generation toy can give men extremely intense orgasms as well as help them enhance their stamina when they try to last as long as they can.

And have you ever heard about the male G-spot? Yes, not only women have this sacramental spot capable of triggering mind-boggling orgasms. In men, however, it’s more of a P-spot, as it is the male prostate gland. Located near lower rectum, it is a small fatty tissue, the size of a walnut, which is full of sensitive nerve endings. When properly stimulated, this area can generate unusually different but extremely pleasurable sensations in men. Yes, male sexual pleasure has many layers. There are loads of male G-spot massagers today. Check out the Euphoria Prostate Massager, for example, and get ready to open up yourself to a whole world of new pleasure.

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