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5 Steps to a stronger erection

We'd all like to capitalize on enhanced bedroom performance. Regardless of experience, size and bedroom stamina, you'd be hard pressed to find a man out there who would turn his back on some eye opening performance enhancing tips. Today we land on the doorstep of achieving a stronger erection, a mind boggling 77% of men would love to add to the bedroom arsenal, as voted for in a recent poll.

Allow Magic Moments' team of trained sex toy technicians to play the bedroom wizards, as you provide your partner with more intense sex, stronger penetration and well, a night that she'll certainly be left thinking about way after you've left for work. Leave her with something to think about with our five key steps to achieving a stronger erection.

Cut out the fags

Avoiding smoking, we know, has a whole host of health benefits. We don't need to generate a list just to prove that. But when it comes to your performance in the sack and the strength of your erections, it can become a real game-changer. Smoking leads to smaller and thinner blood vessels, which in turn reduce the firmness, effectiveness and power of your manhood.

A bit on the side?

It doesn't need a poll or study to show that anxiety and guilt levels can be a decisive factor in the strength and size of a man's erection. If you're dabbling with a little bit on the side, when it's home time, the wifey is certainly going to be the one left disappointed, as you struggle to get the little Mr focused on a home fixture.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

Regular exercise increases your vascular performance and releases endorphins to the body. If you're an active man, you're undoubtedly more prone to take your fitness to the bedroom, for a completely different kind of workout. Now there's more reason to lose the gut! Healthier men also experience surges in confidence, which link directly to bedroom performance and can also lead to more exciting, less scheduled and off the cuff fun with your partner.

Sleep, Sleep Sleep!

Getting a lot of kip directly influences the strength of your erection. During the average man's seven hour night, he may experience anywhere between three and five 50 minute long erections. The result? More sleep, more erections and an increase in oxygenated blood and nourishment to the little guy. Meaning, when it's time to come out and play, tissue is more prepared, firmer and less sensitive, keeping you well and truly on course to making it a night to remember.

Limit Your Fun.

Masturbating too often can be a big no no when it comes to the size and strength of your erections during intercourse. Of course, it's important to strike a fine balance to ensure you're not left getting too excited too quickly, but over masturbation can lead to your man getting less excited and not so eager to impress.

Use Sex Toys

Capitalize on the power of male sex toys such as penis pumps and penis rings for a stronger and firmer erection. For a dominating shaft and tighter penis head, such sex toys work wonders at increasing and withholding blood supply respectively, allowing you to make a lasting impression with your loved one.

So gentlemen, take on board some of our key sex and sex toys tips and start the summer off right, leaving her wanting nothing but more!

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