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Why You Should Use Sex Toys

Why use sex toys?Recently pop singer Rihanna made headlines when she reportedly spent £1,000 on a sex toy shopping spree in Paris. This just goes to show how more and more open the general public has become in appreciating the use – and benefits – of sex toys. Whether you’re a million-dollar earning pop singer or an average-earning employee, there are many advantages that you can enjoy when you use sex toys including:

• To be more comfortable in your own skin.
Surprisingly enough, a lot of people are still not comfortable in their own skin. This may lead to problems in the bedroom later on, especially for women who are painfully conscious about what they think are flaws on their bodies. When using sex toys to pleasure yourself, you can become more acclimated with what you personally prefer in the bedroom. Being at home with your own sexuality is the key to becoming comfortable with your partner, and having a generally amazing sex life.

• To love yourself more, and to love your partner more.
Not all sexual experiences are alike – some are funny, others are uncomfortable or awkward, while there are those which can be considered as off-the-scale. You are not likely to experience the last one if you will not experiment with what you personally prefer in bed, and using sex toys is a great way to explore this area. By introducing sex toys in the bedroom, you can love yourself more, and love your partner more.

• To boost sexual health.
Sex in general is a great stress-reliever. If you have some pent-up stress from working too hard or dealing with personal problems, you can use sex as a stress buster. If you don’t have a partner at the moment, you can just as easily go solo with the help of some amazing sex toys.

• To have more intense, longer-lasting orgasms.
Finally, there are adult toys which help address all sorts of sexual issues. Men, for example, can use delay condoms if they suffer from premature ejaculation; or cock rings if they have problems sustaining an erection during intercourse. For women, there are clitoral stimulators if they cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone. There are also a slew of vibrators, dildos, vaginal or penile stimulators, body oils, BDSM toys – the list of the sex toy variants that you can use are practically endless.

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