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Why You Should Not Share Sex Toys

If there's one rule that all adults should follow about the use of sex toys, it's that they should never be shared. Read on to find out why, and how you can safely and hygienically use these sex toys.

kissWhy Sex Toys Should not be Shared

First, take a look at the reasons why sex toys should not be shared:
- It's unhygienic.
Even if your friend gets overly compulsive about cleaning his or her sex toys, why would you share something that is clearly meant for someone's personal enjoyment? No matter how clean a sex toy is, if it has already been used by someone else, it should not be shared. Think of sharing sex toys as the ickier equivalent of sharing a toothbrush – it's just plain unhygienic.

- It's a clear invasion of someone's privacy.
For one woman, a pair of handcuffs might already be considered a kinky sex toy while for others, a vibrating dildo or a sex swing is already in BDSM territory. Even if you have been friends with a roommate for what seems like forever, using their sex toys is a clear invasion of privacy and might produce a lot of awkward moments between you two.

A Final Word about the Safe and Hygienic Use of Adult Toys

What is sex toys are meant to be used by couples? Isn't that technically considered sharing? Yes, it is considered sharing, but there are still hygienic ways for you to use a sex toy as a couple. For instance, if you're switching from anal to vaginal use, you need to thoroughly clean the sex toy to avoid infection and bacteria. If you don't want to run to the bathroom, simply change the condom placed over the toy. After every use, make sure to thoroughly clean the sex toy.

Proper storage should also be observed – it's best to keep them in a place away from pets or kids, and the area should be cool and dry. Always remove batteries on your sex toys before storing them for a long time. You should also replace the sex toys if the mechanical features stop working, if cracks appear on the surface of the material, or if there id mold and mildew. The more frequent you use your sex toys, the quicker they will wear out so replace them as necessary.

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