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When to Instigate Christmas Sex

ChristmasIf a couple has been together for a number of years, one of the most common problems is that the sex gets less frequent. It could be because you’re too busy establishing your careers or raising a family. Another reason could be that you are both very comfortable with each other, that you have started taking your intimate life for granted. This is something that you definitely do not want to happen because once your sex life grows stale, it could lead to other relationship problems. The perfect time of year to add this type of sparkling passion is the yuletide season.

offer2When & How to Initiate Christmas Sex with Your Partner

So what’s the solution? For the past five times that you and your partner had sex, who was the one who initiated it? If you’re the woman and it has always been your man who initiated sex for the last five times, then you should definitely be the one to instigate sex the next time. Your partner would also like to feel wanted, desired and loved. If it’s always him who is making the first move, he might feel insecure about his desirability as a sexual partner. Also, your intimate life should be something that’s shared – so you should do your own share of initiating sex.

Here are a few tips on when and how you can instigate sex with your partner:
• In the morning
There’s no better way to start the day than with some morning sex. If you haven’t done the deed for quite a long time, pretend to be asleep while your partner is walking in the shower to prepare for work. Catch him by surprise by lathering him up, and allow things to heat up from there.

• When you both don’t have much time
If you’re preparing for a dinner party, give your guy the ‘look’ just before you are both dressed up. The mere fact that you are pressed for time will make sex more exciting, and you can even challenge yourselves to make each other climax just before you have to head over to the party.

• Somewhere a bit public
There’s just something thrilling about having sex when you know that there’s a possibility for you to get caught. When having dinner at your parent’s house, or when everybody else has gone home at the office, hit your partner up with a seductive look or a flirty touch and feel the sexual tension rise from there. Depending on the circumstances, you can take it all the way – as long as your venue is somewhere private (keep the door locked!), or you can use the necking session as foreplay so that you can finish things up once you finally get home.

The key to instigating Christmas sex with your partner is using a flirty touch, look, even a sexy text message or e-mail. Use your imagination can you can surely come up with ways to initiate sex with your partner and keep that fire burning hot.

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