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What Labia Spreader Toys are & How to Enjoy Them

Labia Spreading ToyWhen you visit sex toy shops online, some of the items under the category 'Sex Toys for Women' are these: clitoral stimulators, vaginal balls, clit pumps, love eggs, nipple sucker pumps, nipple rings, vibrating panties, anal sex toys, etc. If you're interested in trying out something new, you might find labia spreader toys to be such a turn on to use.

What are Labia Spreader Toys?

Stocking That Spread The LabiaFirst, what exactly are labia spreader toys? As you may already know, the vaginal opening, the clitoris and the G-spot are some of the most sexually sensitive parts of the female body. Part of the vagina is the pair of labia lips, which, when spread, creates an unbelievable sensation. You'll feel that combination of being openly vulnerable and highly turned on sexually at the same time.

Depending on the brand, labia spreader toys come in the most basic form to models which have all the bells and whistles. For instance, there are labia spreaders which are attached to a pair of black stockings. You can wear the stockings and four adjustable suspenders will hold the labia spreader. The spreader helps stretch the labia, making the vaginal lips longer and providing utmost stimulation.

How to Enjoy Adult Toys like Labia Spreaders

To use, the labia spreader is inserted into the vagina. If it has a pair of handles, squeezing them would give you a great view of the inside of the vagina. Look for ones with a clear plastic design. As you may already know, men are visual creatures so seeing everything that you have to offer once you use the labia spreader would be such a huge turn on for them.

Labia spreaders can be used for some solo love play. Look for ones with a waterproof design so that you can it when taking a bath or shower. You can also let your significant other take charge of your sexual pleasure by handing over to him the labia spreader. True enough, this is one of the most exciting sex toys for women out there, so it is a must to try it out!

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