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What are Anal Beads and What Do They Do

slider_pic1Information is key if you’re a first timer who would like to venture into backdoor sex territory. Anal sex could be outright fun for both straight and gay couples, although you might need the help of adult toys like anal beads to ease your body into it. Here, we’ll have a quick look at everything there is to know about anal beads.

What You Need to Know - What are Anal Beads and What Do They Do?

Purple Anal Beads• What are anal beads?
Also called Thai beads, anal beads are adult toys designed for anal penetration. They’re made of a series of tiny beads on a string made from fiber or rubber material. Depending on the type and brand, there are anal beads which have the same sized balls all throughout, while others have increasingly large beads. For easy pull out, anal beads have a handle or a large hoop on one end.

• What is the purpose of using them?
There are sex toys designed to give you out-of-this-world orgasms, but anal beads simply provide a series of pleasant sensations. Think of how some people enjoy massages, while others do not. The purpose of using anal beads is to massage a couple of ringed sphincter muscles, which provides the sensation. It’s not for everyone, but there are those who love using the beads during anal sex.

• How are they used?
Just like any other sex toy, anal beads are best used with plenty of lubricant. If it’s being used by more than one person, condoms can be used as protection. First timers can try putting them on during masturbation. Once you’re turned on, you can apply plenty of lube on the anal beads. Gently insert the beads one at a time – if there’s pain or discomfort, you can add more lube or wait for the feeling to abate. Once all the beads are inserted, it’s entirely up to you to pull them out slowly or quickly. The pleasurable sensation will be felt once the beads pass onto the sphincter muscles.

• How do I know if I’m buying good quality anal beads?
Cheap anal beads are made from a hard, plastic material which are connected with a nylon string. Not only are they impossible to clean, but they can also be uncomfortable or outright painful to use. You don’t have to buy the most expensive anal beads, but there are good quality ones with a connector made of solid rubber, and a better material for the bead itself.

Learning the most basic information about anal beads is the best way to enjoy using them if you would like to have some backdoor fun.

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