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Useful Tips For First-Time Anal Sex

Thousands of people have secret cravings for anal sex, but even in our modern age of sexual enlightenment when people are becoming more and more open to sexual experimentation, anal sex still remains a taboo. Backdoor or anal sex is one of the biggest misconceptions about lovemaking. There may be so many negative things associated with it that many couples just don’t want to try it.

However, you will never know what you like until you’ve tried it yourself. Moreover, anal sex can be extremely pleasurable for both men and women. In fact, this is a very sensitive area that can bring one to a new world of ecstasy. So why not try everything at least once? Of course, there may be a pain issue if you don’t prepare yourself well for it. So let’s follow the five easy steps which can make your first anal encounter one of the most fulfilling sexual experiences ever.

Yes there is a health risk if you don't use protection and yes there is a pain issue if you don't prepare yourself properly for penetration, but by following the five easy steps below your first approach to anal sex can be one of the most fulfilling sexual experiences you've ever had. So here's how to do it...

Step 1

Be clean! It stands to reason that if you’re partaking in anal play, you will need to make sure your anus is perfectly clean. Take a relaxing bath in advance and thoroughly clean the area. We also encourage you to use an anal douche to ensure complete cleanliness.

Step 2

Lubricate! Don’t you ever think of engaging in any form of anal play without using lubrication. There is a great variety of wonderful lubes available at our store. These make anal lovemaking comfortable and painless, and can be used with condoms.

Step 3

If you this is your first attempt at anal sex, start small! Make your anus familiar with the feeling of penetration by using your partner’s fingers. Have your partner use only one finger first, then, if you’re feeling comfortable, let him/her add a finger for better stimulation.

Step 4

Take things slow! After a while you should notice that anal stimulation can feel very good. At this point, you may want to give her a little bit of penetration. Lubrication is the key here, so make sure your lover’s penis is well lubed. During your first time anal, one can hardly use too much. Next, pull your butt cheeks gently apart to guide your partner into your anus. Your partner should start slowly by inserting just the tip of his penis into your anus. This will feel barely painful and only because it is your first time. However, if you ever feel uncomfortable, ask your partner to stop at once.

Step 5

Clean up! After each anal sex session make sure to thoroughly clean your anus.

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