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First time users could be forgiven for thinking that a vibrator just needs switching on and that's it! Strictly speaking that is basically what most peoples conceptions of a vibrator or any sex toy is. However, whilst most vibrators and sex toys nowadays have a multi speed control, some don't and are only single speed. So when choosing your sex toys it is advisable to check that it is multi speed. Multi speed control on your sex toys allows you to choose the speed you want, a gentle slow hum or a fast pulsating buzz! With other speeds in between.

You need to also consider how powerful the vibration is on a sex toy, the majority are quite powerful anyway, otherwise they would not be any good for the purposes they are intended for. Some of the more expensive and sophisticated models are much more powerful and include apart from vibration, pulsation, thrusting and oscillation as well. You can also purchase electric models that plug into the mains these tend to be very powerful but the one negative point is the cumbersome wire that can be a problem. Often the wire is not long enough so unless you move your bed near to a power point it can be restrictive.

You should experiment at the start with the speed of your sex toys, starting off on low speed then if that feels nice and comfortable increase the speed a little until you get to a speed that you find really enjoyable. Very often first time users turn their vibrators onto full speed and when inserted into the vagina or placed on the clitoris the sudden shock can be very uncomfortable, start slow and build up. The types of power from sextoys include the following:

Single Speed Vibrators

These are usually a simple on/off switch operation, great if you want constant vibration at one speed, but no good for those who like to build up their pleasure.

Multi Speed Vibrators

The most popular type of sex toys have multi speed to allow you to adjust the speed according to how your mood is. Slow, medium, fast to ultra powerful.

Attached Vibrator Control Box

Many models of vibrator and sex toy now have the battery control box attached to the toy, which means no cumbersome wires, although this can be an advantage you do have to remember it can be a disadvantage if you want your partner to control the speed. A separate control box with wires can be held by your partner allowing your other hand to be free to do other things.

Separate Vibrator Control Box

Although a control box that is seperate from the sex toy it does have a wire that can get in the way, it can however be an advantage for the reasons stated previously.

Remote Control Sex Toys

More and more vibrators and sex toys are now being made with remote control as one of the main features, a remote control sex toy does allow you or your partner more freedom to play, they also come in long range versions too. The remote control vibrating love egg as an example, can be worn inside the vagina and the remote control can be given to your partner for him to activate it whenever he wants anywhere around the house! Imagine the surprise when you are washing up or doing the house work, as your vibrating egg suddenly starts up! Or perhaps if you are daring enough, go to your local pub or restaurant with the egg inside you and let your partner switch it on when you least expect it.

Electric Sex Toys

Electric vibrators are very powerful because they operate from mains power sockets, however, they are restrictive as stated earlier in that you need a power socket close by. So they can be restrictive in that sense.

Vibrator And Sex Toys Noise Level Is Worth Considering

Some vibrators can be quite noisy, so if you have children or the in-laws are close by or your walls are fairly thin, the noise your vibrator makes is a consideration worth thinking about. There is however an answer to this problem, its the worlds quietest silent vibrator, The Silent Whisper Vibrator, see it here. It really is extremely silent, but is very powerful so if you need something that makes very little noise the Whisper is a good bet. Whilst most vibrators emit some noise, the levels on most are acceptable so whichever one you choose should be ok. The more expensive models tend to be a little louder because the motors inside are more powerful for obvious reasons.

The Vibrator Cloth Trick Tip

If you find the vibrator you choose a little noisy or perhaps a bit too intense on your clitoris, there is a little trick you can perform. Simply wrap your vibrator tip in a small piece of cloth or use a handkerchief, this will help cut noise levels down and will also reduce the intensity of the vibration on your clitoris.

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