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The Top Ten Best Anal Sex Toys

One of the biggest misconceptions that straight couples have is thinking that anal sex toys are solely designed for the pleasure of gay couples. No matter what your sexual orientation is, you can actually derive sexual pleasure from sex toys which target the anal area. Men, for example, would have a blast having their anal area stimulated because this is where the P-spot is located. Stimulating the male P-spot or prostate is said to give you an orgasm that will blow your mind. Whether you’re indulging in some solo love play or if you are using anal sex toys with a partner, there are plenty of items that you can choose to add to your collection of naughty tools for the bedroom.

The Top 10 Best Anal Sex Toys

Whether it’s your first time to venture into backdoor territory or if anal sex is something that you regularly enjoy, here are the top ten best anal sex toys that you can choose from:
1. Anal Sex Dildos
If you wish to find that elusive G-spot in men, remember that it is located way back in the prostate. This means that you can use an anal sex dildo to target the spot. All anal sex toys have a smooth surface in order to protect the sensitive tissues of the anus and rectum. As such, the anal sex dildos that you can find in the market also have a smooth surface and a streamlined shape.

2. Anal Sex Lubricants
Okay, this may not necessarily be a sex toy but if you would like to have some backdoor love play, you do need to have plenty of lubricant. Choose one that’s hypoallergenic and make sure that it will not contradict with the material that the sex toy is made of. For example, silicone sex toys may not necessarily work well with oil-based lubricants, so it’s better to use water-based variants.

3. Anal Beads
One of the most common sex toys used for backdoor love play is anal beads. They are made up of a string of beads put together on silk or synthetic string. They are inserted into the anus and pulled out during orgasm to highlight the sensations.

4. Anal Probes
Anal probes are similar in functionality to anal dildos. However, they’re usually smaller in size.

5. Anal Bondage Dildos
To add some spice to your sex life, you can put together a number of toys which you can use for bondage. Your partner should be up for it, naturally, but mild bondage is generally harmless and adds some much-needed variety to your bedroom antics.

6. Butt Plugs
Butt plugs are a type of sex toy similar to a traditional dildo. The difference is that butt plugs have a smaller, thicker shape. When inserted into the anus, butt plugs can be pulled out right when your partner is about to reach orgasm. It will definitely give your partner that mind-blowing sensation!
7. Vibrating Anal Sex Toys
For those who wish to indulge in some solo love play, a vibrating anal sex toy is the perfect companion to have. They can take the form of anal plugs or anal dildos, and produce that vibrating motion to highlight the sensations that you are feeling during the act.

8. Prostate Toys
As mentioned earlier, the prostate is considered as the male G-spot. This is quite difficult to target through manual stimulation, but you can always use prostate toys on the area.

9. Strap-on Harnesses
Harnesses are sex toys which consist of straps and this is where you can place dildos or vibrators.

10. Strap-on Dildos
Finally, to complement the strap-on harnesses, you can use strap-on dildos. These dildos are also specifically designed for anal use, so that you can have the ultimate fun indulging in some backdoor play!

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