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The Top 5 Positions on a Sex Swing

05263120000If you’d like to be a literal ‘swinger’ in the bedroom, the one item that you might want to add to your adult toys collection is a sex swing. These are contraptions designed for sex, which allows one person to sit in a suspended chair while some models have stirrups for spreading the legs. Typically used in dominant-submissive role play, sex swings increase mobility and allows the body to be angled in such a way that a so-called whole body orgasm is reached.

Generally, there are four types of sex swings available:
• The body sex swing where the man’s weight is used to support his partner.
• The door sex swing which is fixed to a door frame.
• The hanging sex swing which is connected to a beam.
• The self-standing sex swing which hangs from its own construction.

What are the Most Orgasmic Positions on a Sex Swing?

There are actually no hard and fast rules when it comes to using a sex swing. The position depends on the type and brand of sex swing that you will use. However, there are some positions which can only be done while using a sex swing and the bonus is that it will give you mind-blowing orgasms. Take a look at our top five picks:

1. Oral for Him
Most sex swings can hold a man’s weight. For this, the man hangs on the sex swing while the woman kneels and gives him oral while swinging. The recipient of the oral will feel like he’s floating on air.

2. Oral for Her
This is just the opposite of the oral-for-him position, and the man can fondle his partner’s breasts while giving her head as she swings in the air.

3. Easy Anal
For this, the woman rides the swing with her behind sticking as far out as possible while the man positions himself from behind for easy anal penetration.

4. Spread Eagle Position
For a full-on body orgasm, the spread eagle position is perfect. The woman hangs from the sex swing similar to the doggy-style position. During penetration, the position targets the clitoris and the G-spot, so the stimulation is doubled.

5. Female Hanging Position
Finally, there’s the female hanging position where the woman sits on the sex swing, similar to how she would in a regular chair. The man sits on the floor on his most comfortable position while touching his partner’s body all over and using his mouth to pleasure her.

There are plenty of other mind-blowing positions that you can try while using a sex swing so try using one with your partner now!

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