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The Best Sex Positions when Using Sex Toys

bedIf the purpose of using sex toys is to inject more fun and make your orgasms more intense and last longer, do you know if you have the best sex position while using them? That’s what we will learn more about here.

Which Sex Position Should You Have When Using Certain Sex Toys?

When you’re having good old sex with no toys, there are already plenty of positions that you can try. The variety makes things more interesting and enhances the sensation in the most sensitive parts of your body. So when you’re using certain sex toys, there are also recommended positions that you can use to enhance the sexual pleasure even more.

Here are a few examples:
• Vibrator, Missionary
Let’s say that you are having sex, missionary style, with your partner. The best sex toy to use for this is a vibrator. If the guy is on top, the vibrator can be placed on the woman’s clitoris. A butterfly vibrator or a vibrating cock ring can also be used to enhance the sensation for both partners. If the woman is on top, a typical finger vibrator or a clitoral vibrator can also be used.

• Vibrator, Doggie Style
If you’re going for the doggie style position, it’s very easy to use a vibrator that can be placed in the woman’s clitoris. Either partner can hold the vibrator, and the sensation can be enhanced when the woman spreads her legs even more.

• Anal Sex Toys, Reverse Cowgirl
With the reverse cowgirl position, both man and woman can enjoy the vibrating sensations when using a finger or clitoris vibrator. This is also the best position to use anal beads or a butt plug.

• Clit Stimulators, Spread Eagle Position
When a woman is spread eagled against the bed, the best toy to use is a clitoral stimulator. It can be a manual clit stimulator or a vibrating one.

As you can see, there are certain sex toys which are best used with specific sexual positions. The goal is to enhance the sexual pleasure and stimulation of both partners, so have fun experimenting!

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