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Hiding Your Adult Toys

Its surprising how many people don’t consider where they will store their sex toys once they arrive, pre-planning where you hide them from the children, the cleaner or other family members is a good idea to save any possible embarrassment. Its a good idea to keep them as close to your bed as possible, in a bedside cabinet that can be locked is ideal, but very often a lockable bedside cabinet isn’t available in most homes. So in this section, we give you some handy tips and hidey holes for your sex toys! No doubt you already have your own hiding place but the following may just help, especially first time sex toy users.

Near To The Bed Is Best

There is nothing more frustrating than having to walk the length of the house or the bedroom, to find your sex toy especially near the end of or during foreplay, its almost as bad as having to stop, find a condom and put it on, the height of passion disappears fast. So try to keep your sex toys, lube or condoms really close to the bed. Alternatively, make plans in advance and have your sex toys ready beforehand on your bedside cabinet.

Bedside Cabinet

The most popular place for most people is the bedside cabinet, it is close to the bed and out of sight of prying eyes, especially the children. For further safety from the children, place some underwear, socks or bed clothes on top of your sex toys, this way even if your children do become nosey and open the drawer all they will see is clothes, how boring is that for kids!

Under The Mattress

A good place generally because they are out of sight and most people wouldnt think to look under your mattress, one word of caution however it is possible that your sex toys may get broken while you play or sleep, so wrap them well if you choose this place.

In Your Pillow

This can be very practical as a hiding place but it can be uncomfortable especially if you forget you put them there and drift off to sleep! It is however one place to consider.

A Simple Sex Toys Box

A cardboard box under the bed, like a shoe box or a dress box could be used, although its a little untidy perhaps. If you use a shoe box, with material inside that your toys can be laid upon its unlikely anyone will look inside because most people wouldn’t bother, they already know without opening it that there are shoes inside or so they think!!

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