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Showers and sex toys go hand in hand

You've had a busy day at work getting your hands dirty and aside from getting in and putting your feet up with a cold beer, you'll more than likely want to take a nice long fresh shower. But gentlemen, when you're through the door and see the pleasantries on offer at home when your lady invites you in for a loving kiss, your train of thought will most likely shift to something a little south of the boarder shall we say?Suction Cup Sex Toy

Now's your perfect time to shine! Why not combine your clean up with some sexy shower time and some sex toys? The truth is gents, combine that with some nice lathering products and she'll do nothing but thank you for guiding her into the bathroom for a little clean up and naughtiness.

Showers and sex toys

In today's sex toy blog, we'll be running the rule over some key shower sex positions and showing you how you can combine them with waterproof sex toys to create the perfect recipe for pleasure come home time.

First off gents, get a good vibe going in the shower with a waterproof dildo. After you've invited her in, in your typically dominating role, cleanse and clean yourself whilst she gets to grips with this nice piece of sexual artillery. When you're ready, get her to lift one leg and place it on the side, whilst you take the reins with the vibrator. If you're already well endowed with the use of such a sex toy, tease and tickle her, before providing maximum pleasure. If you're not, keep a close eye on how she is pleasuring herself and master the art of getting her pulse really racing.Water Bunny

Keep her guessing what you're going to do with her next by implementing the use of an intimate labia spreader. Next, get her to lie down in the tub before inserting this sex toy. Delicately designed to spread and stretch the labia, whilst exposing her clitoris, this love toy ads a little spice to missionary as you interchange between fast deep thrusts and slow shallow ones. Hit all the high notes with another great sex toy, ideal for shower use and let her know how much you've missed her throughout the day.

If you haven't got the budget or the time to wait for your new sex toys to arrive, why not use a sex toys, not so purposely, yet marvelously built in with your shower, namely the head? Bend her over leaving her facing the tiles and gently insert yourself. As you work up some steam with your gentle thrusts, take the head and begin spraying both her and you. She'll certainly let you know how much she's loving it, as she feels the tingles all over her body. Remembering to subtly hit the clitoris for enhanced sensation, she will quickly begin screaming from the rooftops.

A remote control vibrator can be used in a lot of different sexual scenarios, not least a waterproof one for shower time. Insert such a love egg with a little bit of lubricant prior to your shower fun and quickly enjoy the pleasure you can exert when taking over the remote. Wash and clean together whilst getting lathered up and sporadically interchange the intensity of her love egg to give her maximum and toe curling stimulation. When things get too hot to handle, remove the sex toy and have her wrap her legs around your waist for penetration you're both able to enjoy.Shower Douche

So gents, we hope we've made your commute home that little bit more enticing whilst you take full advantage of the best part of the day. For enhanced pleasure, why not combine showers and sex toys with that cold beer we talked about earlier, just be careful what you end up doing with the bottle.

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