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Sex Toys to Sneak Into the Gym

gymThe Best Sex Toys to Sneak Into the Gym Showers

If you’ve just smashed your personal best on the treadmill and you’re feeling in a celebratory mood, or even if you’ve already planned to have a hot and steamy gym session with your partner for quite a while, you may wish to intensify pleasure time with the addition of sex toys. The truth is ladies and gentlemen, if you’re planning a fantasy fulfilling hot and sticky gym shower ride with your partner, you can certainly hit the nail on the head, so to speak, and be nice and discreet in the process.

There are an abundance of waterproof sex toys out there that will add a sexy twist to your shower time, leaving nothing more for you to do than plan when you can both get away with it with maximum discretion. Here at Magic Moments, we recommend a relaxing Friday or Sunday night, statistically the most quiet time at leisure clubs and if the naughty girls in the office are anything to go by, always try to do it in the ladies showers. Girls, trust us, the nicer smell and more relaxing environment will leave your inner goddess in total relaxation mode and ready to quietly shudder with pleasure.

Perhaps you’re feeling in the mood to ride solo? You can get just as much pleasure out of waterproof sex toys on your own and as a first timer to a little post-workout TLC, you might feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed knowing, you’re only being a little bit bad. Sneaking your very lucky fella in however guarantees to sprinkle some spice into your relationship.

When it comes to which sex toys to buy, a waterproof mini vibrator guarantees natural discretion as you tease it around your pleasure parts.
Searching for a bigger thrill? There are plenty of racy rabbit vibes that you can use alone or in a little bit of saucy foreplay to really get you both going. If you’re dead set to think a little outside the box then the waterproof Intimate Labia spreader certainly has that box ticked.

The main rules for super sexy and turbo passion gym sex are to pick your time carefully, so you have less chance of being caught, try to keep your
noises to a minimum and make sure the shower is fully turned on. You can
even use the steam to make it extra fun and the shower head itself against his genitals or your clitoris for some totally wild sensations. Sneaking out is nice and easy too by ensuring you pave the way for him to make a quick exit and whatever you do, make sure you cover up your chosen sex toy safely in a case or bag. After all, you don’t want that lying around on the benches whilst you dry your hair...embarrassing!

Simple shower sex made fun from the girls here at Magic Moments, who really know sex toys and how to make the full use of them. If you love playing a little naughty like us, get yourself signed up to a gym today, if you’re not already a member.

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