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Sex Toys to Help You Learn to Achieve Orgasms

This may come as a shock to many men but 75% of all women never reach orgasm through intercourse alone, that is, without the extra help of sex toys, hands or tongue from their partner; and about 15% never climax under any circumstances. However, studies have shown that most women who have troubles experiencing an orgasm just don’t know their bodies. Hypocrite society has been brainwashing us from childhood with vile lies such as that masturbation is sinful, dirty and shameful. Of course, this can’t possibly be farther from the truth. But thanks to this common misconception, lots of people, especially women, have abandoned masturbation - the healthy practice of and learning your body.

If your woman has never experienced an orgasm, we highly recommend that you take the trouble to get her to play with herself, allowing her to learn how her body reacts to different stimuli. In addition to engaging in oral sex and mutual masturbation with your woman, it would be a great idea to incorporate sex toys. In fact, sex therapists advocate the use of vibrators and other sex toys to help women in learning how to achieve an orgasm.

Vibrators are the most common female sex toys, varying in both girth and length and typically ranging from 4 – 8 inches. Powered by batteries, vibrators allow you to vary the speed and intensity of vibrations. The beauty of vibrators is that they can be used externally, on the clitoris, or internally by penetrating the vagina or anus. This makes it ideal for solo use or by a couple as part of foreplay or to add extra stimulation during foreplay. Although, every vibrator type offers its own benefits, the best-seller of all times remains the Rabbit Vibrator. Providing the simultaneous vaginal/clitoral stimulation, this vibrator is known to give women mind-boggling orgasms! So this is definitely something you should have your non-orgasmic woman try on yourself!

Clitoral Suckers. These are perfect for women who have a hard time climaxing, because these sex toys are designed to make your clitoris more sensitive, by drawing more blood to it. You just place the cup part of the toy over the clitoral area, squeeze the pump a few times to build up some suction, and turn on the vibrating egg (mini-vibrator), which may be attached to the cup, such as in the Vibrating Vagina Sucker. This will give your woman hours of playful delight, that may lead to the first orgasm in her life!

Vibrating Cock Rings. These are considered the most couple-friendly sex toy and are really a wonderful addition to all heterosexual relationships. The toy is a rubber ring with one or more vibrating eggs attached. Simply slide it down the shaft of the penis, turn on the vibrating eggs and enjoy the best sex of your life.

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