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Sex Toys In A Relationship

In many relationships it is common to find that one enjoys sex toys, whereas their partner prefers not to use them. Sex studies have shown that more men want to use sex toys than women. Yes true, studies have proved this. Although a little hard to believe perhaps, it is a fact that more men have the need to have sex toys in their life than women. This fact may be a little easier to digest when you consider that women are very much more emotional than men, so when it comes down to the intimate suggestion of introducing a plastic object to provide pleasure for the woman, many women get repulsed by the thought of it. However, these same women who for one reason or another may change their views as they get older, when trying a vibrator or sex toy for the first time, most find fantastic pleasure and then regret the fact they have not used one earlier in their life.

The biggest single question we are always being asked is how can I get my partner to agree to using sex toys during our lovemaking. There is unfortunately no easy answer to this question. There is one thing that must always be remembered, for anything to be pleasurable it must not be forced upon someone. So never consider the forceable approach, if your partner is adamant they want nothing to do with sex toys you will have to leave it there. Strangely however, adamant does not mean no. To explain, in our experience many customers have discovered that whilst their partner initially said no to sex toys, it was not because they were repulsed by them it was simply because they were embarrassed to say yes because they were worried what their partner would think.

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