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Sex in the Great Outdoors

outdoor-sex5 Positions to Master for Sex in the Great Outdoors

If you want to pull off mind-blowing sex in nature’s back garden, you should be prepared for a small amount of planning.
Deciding what time of day you’re going to do the deed and what sex toys (if any) you might want to bring to the party, along with picking those sex essentials you’re going to use like lubricant - all need to be considered.

Of course, there’s the location that needs to be pinned down too. It’s important to pick a place that’s safe and discreet enough to not get you arrested, but provides enough excitement because you’re doing something that you really shouldn’t. It’s also crucially important that one or both of you know your moves. Wearing loose fitting clothes and even going commando will give you much more versatility when it’s play time.

Here are five of the best positions to learn for amazing sex outside:

the-pop-a-squat-positionThe Pop-a-Squat
The best thing if you’re planning on having sex in the woods is that there’s often a lot of branches and tree stumps that you can use to support yourself whilst having sex. The Pop-a-Squat gives a great take on the modern reverse cowgirl and gives amazing sensations when straddling him in this position.

tree-pose-sex-positionThe Tree Pose
If you’re looking for naughty props to use whilst having sex outside, look no further than a tree. The Tree Pose is completed by the receiver leaning up the tree and slightly bent over, whilst her partner penetrates her from behind. The sturdy tree allows for some great thrusting action and if you’re feeling very adventurous, the received can even be turned around and held up the tree, whilst her partner penetrates face to face. Sometimes called ‘The Giving Tree’ - this one has proven to be quite popular in recent times.

wood-on-wood-positionWood on Wood
Again, using a tree stump as a sturdy base, the receiver can sit on her partner in an armchair position, who is in turn sitting on the stump. Enjoy maximum pleasure and clitoral exposure with this outside sex position ladies and best of all, if it’s just a quickie, you don’t have to get fully undressed. But a word of warning for all fans of mother nature's seating, watch out for splinters!

fire-hydrant-sex-positionThe Fire Hydrant
Perhaps one of the most simple, yet effective, the Fire Hydrant is an oral sex position which can be performed by either sex on their partner. Have the receiver stand on a blanket with their partner knelt in front of them whilst performing oral sex. This is a perfect start off position before getting naughtier later.

the-sexy-tree-swing-positionThe Sexy Tree Swing
Perhaps one of the most complex, the Sexy Tree Swing is completed by the female dangling upside down with her lower legs hooked safely over a sturdy branch. Her face should be level with her partners genitals so she can give oral pleasure. Her partner can then simultaneously pleasure her from his angle, before carefully pulling her down once the act is over. Think of it like a standing 69 with a lot of strength needed from both.

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