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Sex Dolls for Women Sales Soar

If you think that only men can enjoy the use of sex dolls, think again. These days, there are many online sex toy shops which sell sex dolls for women. What's amazing is that the sales of such toys have surged over the years, which goes to show how more and more women have become open to the prospect of enjoying such adult toys.

Male Love DollNow, what's the difference between sex dolls for men and sex dolls for women? For female sex dolls which are meant to be used by men, the proportions of the doll naturally belong to women. There's a realistic mouth, breasts, vagina and ass. There are also full-body female sex dolls while others only have the upper or lower half of the body.

When it comes to sex dolls for women, the proportions of the toy belong to a man. The sex dolls are usually modelled after adult film stars or general hunks like construction workers. Depending on the brand of the male sex doll that you will be buying, there are realistic features to enjoy. Almost all sex dolls for women have a realistic penis, usually the vibrating kind. The male sex dolls also double as gay sex dolls so the features include a deep throat and a tight ass.

To remove the bulk from the sex toy, they usually come in inflatable variants. The size of the penis ranges from 7 to 10 inches and there are even some male sex dolls which glow in the dark. When buying a male sex doll, make sure to check on the different features and the quality of material used. Also, make sure that the website offers discreet packaging and a secure online payment system.

There's really no reason why women should not enjoy the same privileges as men, especially when it comes to something as fun as using a sex doll. Modelled after hunky men and buff adult male stars, these male sex dolls will definitely add some much-needed spice to your bedroom antics. You can even introduce it as a ‘third party' for when you're role playing with your significant other. The possibilities of what you can do with a male sex doll are practically endless, so get one for yourself now!

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