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Thrill Your Partner with a Sensual Massage

Massage OilAt the end of a long day at work, nothing beats the feeling of having a professional masseuse or masseur work out the kinks from your knotted muscles. How much more soothing would it be to have your lover's hands all over you, in a massage that's meant to relax and arouse at the same time? Here, we'll give you the easy steps on how you can thrill your partner with a sensual massage. Who knows, from a seemingly innocent massage, things can heat up and turn your session into a heated tangling of the sheets later on?

Shop OnlineSteps to Thrill Your Partner with a Sensual Massage

When you're a couple who always proceeds to the main act when making love, you are actually ignoring about 80% of your bodies. This is the reason why most women complain about not having enough foreplay during sex. To turn things around, you can thrill your partner with a soothing yet sensual massage, and here are the steps that you can follow:

1. Set the mood.
If there's a firm, flat surface other than the bed where you can do the massage, use it. Have your partner lie down on his or her back and use pillows or blankets under the neck, knees and ankles. Set the mood by making sure that the room is dim, cool and quiet.

2. Bring out the oil.
Prior to the massage, make sure that your hands are warm and soft. Use oil or lotion to reduce the friction. Men may not necessarily like flowery or citrusy scents on their bodies after the massage, so make sure to ask about their preference. Choose light, one-toned scents like jasmine, lavender or mint to soothe the senses.

3. Pick any spot on the body.
If you only have a few minutes to spare, focus on one area of the body instead of having a head-to-toe rubdown. It can be the back, the legs, the shoulders or even the feet.

4. Get in tune with your hands-on massage techniques.
You don't necessarily need to enroll in massage therapy classes in order to give a good massage, especially to your partner. There are a few techniques that you can work with including compression, stroking, kneading or applying friction.

5. Don't worry about doing it technically right.
Finally, don't worry about not doing it right – at least, on a technical level. As long as you are in tune with the reactions and body language of your partner, you can give a sensual massage that soothes the knotted muscles and thrills the senses.

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