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Mind Blowing Oral Sex Tips

2Rock His World with these Mind Blowing Oral Sex Tips!

Not a lot of women are willing to go down on their men. But when you visit a porn website, you’re bound to see just how many blowjob videos there are, which just goes to show how, well, obsessed men are in receiving head. This is precisely the reason why you need to enhance your oral skills. Remember that having an amazing sex life is a give-and-take relationship. If your man absolutely loves going down on you, you need to learn how to return the favor and give him some oral loving, too.

Put Him Under Your Spell with these Oral Sex Tips

Even if you don’t necessarily like giving oral sex, you need to learn at least how to do it right – so that you can give your man a lot of pleasure. Here’s how to do it if you are a first timer, or if you simply want to enhance your oral sex skills:
• First, get him aroused.
It’s entirely up to you to decide whether you just want to use the blowjob as a preview to the sex act, or if you want to turn it into the main event. No matter which option you’ll go for, it is important to get your man aroused first. When you’re having sex, does he usually get aroused with heavy petting and kissing? Does he like it when you’re on top? Do whatever it is that usually turns the heat up between you two, then proceed to the next step.

• Make him anticipate the time that you’re getting him in your mouth.
Once you see that he’s properly aroused, make him anticipate the time that you are getting his equipment into your mouth. If you’re both already naked, get into position and spread kisses all over the lower part of his body. Make him guess where your lips will land next. When he’s almost begging for it, that’s the time that you can slowly wrap your mouth around his manhood.

• Vary the stroke and speed, and take cues from his body to know what he wants.
Once you’ve already gotten a good start at giving head, vary the stroke and speed. If he’s moving his hips towards your lips, it means he wants you to go deeper and faster. If he’s not moving, he’s probably satisfied with your pace. Be in tune with his body and combine using your mouth with your hands.

• Just enjoy the process!
Once you get your man going, all you have to do is enjoy the process of giving him pleasure. With these tips, you are bound to give your man a blowjob that will rock his world and have him wrapped around your finger.

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