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Sex Toy Lubrication

Lubrication for your sextoys is very important and is something that tends to be forgotten about. Men should always use plenty of lubricant when using items like Realistic Pussies and Masturbation Sleeves otherwise friction can result and you get a very sore penis. The type of lubrication you use is important too. Lubricants that are not water based can often damage the internal latex or silicone of a realistic pussy, so we recommend that only water based lubricants are used with sex toys. We actively recommend our Velvet Dream Cream or Liquid Silk for use with all our sex toys, these lubricants are non toxic, water soluble and safe to use on rubber, latex, silicone and most other materials that sextoys are made of, they are also safe to use with condoms too. Any lubricant that is petroleum based, like for example, Vaseline is not suitable for most sex toys and especially no good for condoms as they break down the latex very quickly. Petroleum based lubes also can stain clothing and they also feel quite tacky something which you don’t want in sex play. Where vibrators are concerned for women, using lubricant can give an even greater feeling of satisfaction, whilst most women self lubricate and say the need for additional lubrication is not necessary it is something you should try to see if it enhances your pleasure, as they say, if you don’t try it you will never know! Other types of lubricant which again are not recommended for sex toy use are oil based and silicone ones.

Using The Right Type Of Lubricant With Your Sex Toy

It is very important that the right type of lubricant is used with your sex toy, many lubricants available are not suitable for using with sex toys because they contain chemicals that can affect the latex, rubber of silicone. Always choose a water based lubricant, these are safe to use with any sex toy. Some people prefer silicone lubricant in foreplay for example, however, silicone based lubricants should not be used on silicone toys or realistic material toys like Cyberskin because your sex toy may become damaged. Oil based lubes including petroleum jelly should not be used on toys that are to be inserted into the anus or vagina, they can re-act with the material and also increase the risk of vaginal or anal infections. Never use petroleum jelly or oil based lubes with condoms, it can cause the condom to split, as the lube breaks down the latex of the condom.

Clitoral Pumps

Clitoral pumps are becoming one of the most popular type of sex toys and for good reason. Although vibrators and dildos are the most common sex toy used, many women choose to use a vibrator not just for penetration only but for use on the clitoris too. It is a common fact that most women orgasm through some form of clitoral stimulation, so it’s no surprise that clitoral pumps are becoming so popular. A clitoral pump is different from a clitoral stimulator, the pump has 2 main features, first of all it has a small plastic dome which sits comfortably over the clitoris and the vaginal lips, the dome has a small hand pump attached to it and the user simply squeezes the hand pump which causes a sucking sensation on the clitoris and creates a vacuum. This vacuum enlarges the tissue and increases the blood flow to the clitoris which in turn gives greater sensitivity. The second feature is the vibration, with the clitoris expanded with the extra blood flow, the vibrator sits nicely against the clitoris and purrs away until the sucking and the vibration gets too much and you explode with a massive orgasm. Some women prefer using clit pumps just for the vacuum it creates and the sucking motion that it produces, almost like having your man down there! Another tip when using clitoral pumps, try putting a vibrator inside your vagina and when using the pump on your clitoris try squeezing the vibrator with your pussy muscles...a little bit of practice and you will have very strong pussy muscles and what a treat that could be for your man! See an example of a clitoral pump here

Fake Vaginas

Not all fake or artificial vaginas or are the same, they may look very similar and although they perform much the same thing, the sizes do vary quite a bit. One such vagina is the Pocket Pussy, as the name suggests it is small, discreet and can therefore be carried in your pocket or briefcase. It gives the benefit of being able to be taken anywhere and used whenever the mood takes you. An ideal item for businessmen as an example. Many of the pocket pussies are made in the cyberskin material and although the opening to the vagina is minuscule, the material expands considerably. As with all fake vaginas you need to use lots and lots of water based lubricant, otherwise not only will your cock not slip in, if it does go in, it will become very sore with the friction very quickly. Some models have 2 holes, anus and vagina so you can choose which one you want or both! All pocket pussies are much tighter than normal artificial ones, whilst this can be a great advantage slipping into a really tight hole, it can sometimes be a disadvantage too. If you have a fairly large penis, especially in girth you may find that a pocket pussy is too tight and uncomfortable even with copious amounts of lubricant. Here is an example of a a Mini Pussy

Normal size fake vaginas are very realistic in detail and feature outer vaginal lips with clitoris. The inner chamber of these artificial vaginas although fake do feel like the real thing. With all fake vaginas you must bear one thing in mind, usually the more expensive the model, the better it looks, the greater the sensation! Cheaper vaginas are made from harder materials which tend to be uncomfortable in use. Vaginas made in cyberskin are exceptionally good, the texture resembles putting your penis into a real vagina adding to the realism and giving you greater satisfaction all round.

Porn Star Fake Vaginas

Modern technology has spawned dozens of replicated vaginas that are modelled from the real porn stars. Put simply, a top porn star has her vagina covered in a plaster type cast and from this a mould is made and hey presto, you have a top porn star vagina that you can enjoy all night long! Although for some men the thought of using a replica or fake pussy of a porn star is heaven, the cost of these signature models can be very expensive compared to others. The high cost is simply because the porn star takes a percentage of each sale, a commission if you like on having her vagina copied and used by thousands of horny men! One thing however that has to be said on the cost is that in most cases, a replica vagina of a top porn star will be better quality because the porn star herself will insist on quality if her name is put to a product. For ladies reading this thinking why cant I have a replica of a male porn stud, well settle down girls you can because just like the replica fake vaginas for the guys, there are also replica cocks available too.

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