All sexual relationships are challenging, but for lesbians and gay men relationships face additional pressure from society's intolerance of their choice of a same-sex intimate partner. Difficult situations can impact the quality of the relationship to the point where professional counseling is required. Counseling not only addresses sexual identity problems but also the negative of these patterns that can prevent the development of a positive relationship and sexual fulfillment.
Everyone has questions about their sexual identity and how to best express it. Same-sex partners in a relationship must face affronts to their relationships often and many times these can be painful encounters. Professional counselors who work with lesbian and gays are trained to provide the strategies that can help alleviate some of the pressure or provide means to address the situation and resolve it.
One of the biggest challenges that lesbian and gay couples face is with their family and friends when they make their choice of their sexual preference known to them. In most cases their choice is respected but in others it can lead to an all out heated debate. Sexual preference is an emotional issue that touches the core of our being. There are many who hold perspectives from another point in time and do not wish to change their point of view. When this individual is a family member the problem can be more severe because families tend assume all of the members are on the same wavelength.
Besides one-on-one professional counseling there are lesbian and gay organizations that can provide education and support programs to the families and friends who want to obtain a better understanding of the homosexual lifestyle. These organizations are also helpful in connecting the lesbian and gays to the larger community and essential resources to care for their health, finances and general well-being.