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Inject More Fun in the Bedroom with the Sex Toy of Your Choice

Magic-Moments-Love-ToysA couple that have been together for a long time may find that things are getting a bit stale in the bedroom. If you’re going through this stage, the good news is that you can easily rely on something to inject a bit more fun in your late night activities: sex toys.

Over the years, more and more couples and single adults have become open to using these battery-operated gizmos and naughty-shaped objects which are designed to enhance sexual pleasure. Today, you can easily order them online so you can choose which toys you want, and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

How Can You Inject More Fun in the Bedroom With Sex Toys?

Next, how can you actually use sex toys to have more fun in the bedroom? Take a look at the following list:
• Use it during foreplay.
Foreplay is something that a lot of couples are probably not doing anymore, due to an increasingly busy lifestyle. If you have plenty of time to spend on foreplay, there are plenty of toys that you can use. Start with the basics like edible oil or paint that you can smear all over your partner’s body while giving a massage. Or maybe have your partner wear a blindfold mask, and use a tickler or a tiny whip if he is she is agreeable to some level of pain.

• Use it for experimentation.
Once you’ve graduated from the basic sex toys, you can venture out into the more advanced toys. Experiment all you want using sex swings, anal toys, vibrators, penis rings, sexual enhancers – there’s a wide array of adult toys that you can have lots of fun with.

• Use it to live out your deepest, darkest sexual fantasies.
If you’re curious about what the fuss regarding the book and movie Fifty Shades of Grey is all about, you can use sex toys to live out scenes from them. Or, you can borrow one straight of your deepest, most hidden sexual fantasies. You and your partner is bound to enjoy it.

• Use it just for fun!
Lastly, the main purpose of using sex toys is to add more fun into your bedroom activities. It’s perfectly okay to fumble and stumble while using them. As long as you and your partner are game, you can use these sexual aids to heat and sizzle things up again in your bedroom.

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