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The introduction of anal sex toys to your life can change the whole experience during sex or masturbation to an unimaginable extent. Indeed, anal sex toys can be extremely pleasurable, for both women and men. Butt plugs and anal beads are no doubt in the mainstream of anal sex toys.

A butt plug is a simple yet amazing toy. It gives you or your partner a feeling of full penetration in the anus. Lots of women love the sensation of having their butt stretched by a plug while they are having vaginal intercourse or oral sex. But not only women enjoy using butt plugs. Some men love the feeling of fullness in their butt while getting oral sex or while having intercourse, too! The anus can generate many sensations, making anal play an amazingly pleasurable experience. Some people see the butt plug as an exciting appetizer to the dildo or penis entree, but other people see it as the main anal event.

Anal beads offer a fantastic introduction to anal stimulation. Typically, anal beads feature a set of spheres connected with a piece of nylon cord. They are inserted into the anus slowly bead by bead, and both men and women can find these sensations extremely pleasurable. If a woman has anal beads in, a man penetrating her can usually feel them against his penis as he thrusts; a great sensation for both the penis and ass as well as for the vagina. Many people love pulling out their beads just before, during, or just after orgasm for a "grand finale." When pulling out the beads, do it slowly, one at a time, and in a straight line out of the anus and you might get the feeling that would rock your world.

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