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How to Keep Cool when Making Love

During chilly nights and especially the winter season, nothing beats the feeling of cuddling next to your loved one while you're both wrapped in thick, warm blankets. This also makes sweating it out in the bedroom a lot more fun because of the cool temperature. But what if summer starts arriving? You'd want to make love with your partner but the slick, sweaty activity in the middle of an already-hot bedroom may be too stifling. The good news is that there are plenty of ways for you to still do the deed despite the heat, to turn the temperature up even more!20

Ways to Keep Cool when Making Love

To heat things up in the summer without worrying about your partner saying no simply because of the too-hot temperature, here are the ways to cool yourselves off:
* Take a shower or bath together.
Showering or bathing together is not just Earth-friendly because it helps conserve water – but it also helps your body cool off. Although your insides might feel warm while making love, you don't want your skin to be all sticky and sweaty while doing the deed. So why not simply take a shower or bath together? You're already naked in the shower or bath with your significant other, so you can easily turn the heat up from that point.

* Use a lotion or oil with a cooling effect for a massage.
At the end of a long day at work, you'd want to relax in the bedroom. During extra hot summer nights, you can cool things down by using a bottle of lotion or oil with a cooling effect. Use it to massage your partner, and things will definitely take turns heating up and cooling down from there.

* Use ice cubes creatively.
Using your fingers or mouth, have one or two ice cubes ready and rub it all over your lover's body. This will make your partner's body cool off, but the insides will feel warm because of your hot touch.

* Go for cool sheets.
You spend most of your bedroom romps in an actual bed, so make sure that you have sheets which feel cool against the skin. Satin is an excellent choice because it feels cool and luxurious to the touch. Another great option is cotton, which allows the skin to breathe since no heat is trapped between your body and the bed.

* Play a sexy water hose or water gun game.
Lastly, have some foreplay outdoors while keeping cool at the same time. Douse your partner's body using a water hose or a water gun, and have fun taking each other's wet clothes off later.

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