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Adult Toys

Apart from the traditional anal vibrators, there are many other anal toys, like plugs, beads, douches, probes and butt plugs. The main thing to remember about anal toys is that they are designed and made for anal use and with safety in mind.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are used by men and women and it matters not whether you are a beginner or an expert, the same satisfaction can be achieved. There are different types of anal beads but all do much the same thing. One example is pure anal beads these are different sized anal beads on a stem, they are inserted into the anus, the pleasure is experienced when at the point of orgasm the beads are slowly pulled out one at a time, which users say intensifies the orgasm. If using anal beads that are attached by string, you must always test the strength of the string. If the string appears to be weak or is frayed DO NOT use them as you wont want an embarrassing trip to casualty. There are also plastic versions of these anal beads, thai anal beads is an example, the beads are slightly smaller and instead of being linked by string, they are attached to plastic tubing. Many users prefer this type as it is much less likely to be a safety problem. Also check that the beads are smooth all around, any sharp edges should be cut off or filed down using a nail file. Here is an example of a popular anal bead.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs or anal plugs as they are sometimes called are usually shaped like a pyramid, the plug is thin at the top and wide at the base. The purpose of butt plugs is to give anal pleasure, they come in vibrating butt plug versions and non vibrating types and can be smooth or ribbed. The smooth butt plugs are usually used for inserting into the anus and are left there during sex play. The ribbed variety like the wriggle anal butt plug set are used for inserting into the anus and then are pulled out and pushed back in gently, so that the ribbed shaft gives added stimulation.

Bondage Gear And Toys

There are a huge amount of bondage gear and toys especially for bondage use available, from the basic bondage fun play things like handcuffs, whips, blindfolds and bedroom bondage restraints for the arms and legs all the way through to the serious side of bondage equipment which includes things like large ball gags, spiked cock rings, bondage clamps and even more sophisticated items like gas masks and electro stimulation sex toys! The main thing regarding any type of bondage toy is safety. Whilst most toys made for bondage are perfectly safe, in the wrong hands some can be lethal. If you enter into bondage play, it must only be with someone you can trust completely. When you participate in role play or bondage, you should set the rules beforehand. You both decide on the level of pain or pleasure pain you want, when your partner says "NO" or "that’s enough" you must stop immediately. If you continue, you can cause damage, injury or at the very least a definite no to any further bondage play with that person in the future. Trust is every bit as important as safety with bondage. Bondage is meant to be safe, fun, pleasurable but always with safety and trust in mind.

Breast Enhancers

Breast enhancers offer an opportunity to enlarge and enhance your breasts without painful expensive surgery. There has been a great deal of talk over the years regarding breast development, many women opt for expensive breast enhancement operations and whilst most operations to enlarge or enhance the breasts work perfectly, sometimes things can go wrong. This guide is not intended to give the pros and cons on breast surgery, it is a medical thing which is best left to the experts. The one thing we will mention here however is that there are effective alternatives to expensive surgery. The range of breast enhancers available are designed to firm your breasts through vacuum forced inflation, which sounds technical but in reality is a very simple process and is much safer than surgery. A natural breast enhancer is usually a plastic dome that is shaped like a breast, attached to the dome is a pump. You simply place the dome over your breast, squeeze the pump and the pump sucks out the air in the dome. This technique sucks the breast into the dome and creates a vacuum, as the vacuum is created and you continue to pump, your breast tissue expands the blood vessels to allow more blood to flow into your breast thereby enlarging the breast size. The sucking can also feel very pleasurable on the nipples, making them harder and more sensitive. Continued use on a daily basis helps to enlarge the breast and gives them a much firmer feel.

Cock Rings

Cock rings or as they are often referred to as erection rings restrict the blood flow away from the erect penis, which can create a pleasurable feeling of squeezing and pressure, helping to keep the erection longer and often delaying ejaculation. Cock rings are worn at the base of the penis and some men enjoy the larger rings available to be put around the scrotum too. There are some useful tips to bear in mind with cock rings. Some men prefer to put them on before they get an erection this often can make it easier to adjust as the penis becomes erect, others put the cock ring on and roll it down the erect shaft to the base. It really is a personal choice and one you can make by experimenting and choosing the most comfortable method for you. A few safety tips should be mentioned here too, if the ring becomes uncomfortable take it off and never keep a cock ring on for longer than around 20 minutes at a time, as prolonged use can cause problems. Another safety tip before using your cock ring is to ensure that no stray hairs can get caught in the ring, it can be quite painful if the ring pulls your pubic hair, so trim your hairs first or consider using some lube to stop any soreness. You should never use cock rings if you suffer from blood clotting or if your skin bleeds or bruises easily and never use them over swollen or sore areas. A sure sign that something is wrong is if you experience a loss of feeling in your genital region, remove the ring immediately. Cock rings are available in many different sizes, some are adjustable, others involve small clamps. They come in different shapes and different materials, plastic, rubber, silicone, jelly, latex and leather are the most popular types. See a selection of our Cock Rings

Enema Equipment

It is essential that before any anal play takes place that the anus is clean both inside and out. A douche provides the ideal solution to making sure the anus is clean. A plastic nozzle is inserted into the anus which is attached to a bulb type pump that is filled with warm water, the water gently fills up the anus and will wash away any residues of faeces. The douche process for some people can be a very erotic experience on its own! A typical douche is Uni-Sex Enema Douche.

Nipple Toys

The nipples are one of the most sensitive places on both men and women, especially women. Its no surprise therefore, that there are hundreds of nipple toys available. These toys can range from the soft tickling stick type to the heavy metal bondage nipple clamps that inflict mild or severe pain. The severe type we will leave for others to talk about because these are specialised items that need proper explanations and safety procedures.

Nipple Sucker Pumps

Having the nipples and breasts squeezed and sucked for most women is a highly erotic sensation, for some men as well the sucking of their nipples can be a big turn on. The nipple suckers available are designed to suck the nipples to make the nipple harder and produce a very pleasurable experience. Nipple suckers can be particularly beneficial when your partner is away, or as an additional pleasure item as he looks after you down below.

Nipple Rings

These can be metal or plastic and can be spring loaded or have screw adjusters. Both types are usually adjustable so you can have them really tight to inflict a small amount of pleasure pain, or loose for a more comfortable fit. There are also vibrating versions available which tend to be more pleasurable because of the vibrations they provide. Nipple clamps must be used with care as if used forcibly they can cause damage as well as great pain.

Nipple Jewellery

Many years ago, the nipples had to be professionally pierced in order for jewellery to be worn on the nipples, however nowadays, there is no need for piercing as the type of nipple jewellery available has loops that simply fit over the nipple and are then tightened.

Nipple Creams and Oils

There are many types of cream and oil available for the nipples. Flavoured ones and those that give a warming feeling are the most popular ones. The flavoured type can be used by your partner to massage your breasts and your nipples then after some pleasurable rubbing in, it can be licked off to provide a very sensual and erotic feeling. The warming oil type is gently massaged into the breasts and nipples and after a few minutes, the warm feeling can be felt especially on the nipples, this can be particularly erotic for those women who have sensitive nipples, but care must be taken not to put too much oil on.

Penis Pumps

There has been plenty written about penis pumps, some good and some bad. It is a fact that vibrators give pleasure but the jury is out on penis pumps. Do they increase your size and girth? The answer from our point of view and our research is yes they do. We have had dozens of letters from customers who have used the pumps and developers with great success. Our other guide titled "The Penis" goes into greater detail about the effects produced by pumps. The one thing we must mention however is the myth that using a developer or pump will increase your penis by 4 inches or more, this is misleading and totally untrue. The developer will help to make your erection stronger and firmer, it can increase penis size minimally by around half an inch or so, but any claims it will enlarge your penis to double the length is totally untrue.

The principle behind developers is simple, you place your penis inside a tube which has a pump attached at one end and as you pump, the air inside the tube is expelled and this creates a vacuum, the blood vessels inside the penis expand which allows more blood flow and therefore your penis increases. Some would argue that this process produces only a temporary enlarging of the length and girth but not a permanent one. We would argue against this based on the number of customer letters we have on file which state they have had a more permanent increase. The developers and pumps can be very satisfying to use apart from the possible enlargement process, they can be used for achieving orgasm or as a prelude to sexual intercourse as the feeling they give whilst being used is extremely pleasurable. Erectile Dysfunction or impotency sufferers have tried using pumps with some success, although it would be foolish and untrue for us to claim its a cure, it certainly is not a cure it can however be a help. Even Doctors are now looking at developers and pumps as one possible help aid for patients, but it has to be stressed these developers and pumps wont work for everyone, the same as some pills wont always help a medical condition. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees with penis pumps and any company that gives guarantees should be avoided. The type of penis pumps available can be seen here

Realistic Vaginas

The realistic vaginas available are exactly that; realistic. In recent years, the introduction of modern technology has enabled manufacturers to mimic the vagina in such detail that on many models it really is difficult to tell from the real thing. The introduction of Cyberskin material on realistic pussies is so soft to touch when the penis is inserted, the feeling is just like the real thing. As with all sex toys there are different levels of realism. On the basic artificial vaginas, although the opening has the look of a vagina it very often doesn’t have the feel, the internal part of it is made from plastic and although for obvious reasons it is soft plastic, the feel lacks realism. When choosing an artificial vagina you really should consider the slightly more expensive models made from materials like cyberskin. These models apart from being more realistic in look and feel, will last you longer in the majority of cases, so better to pay a little extra to get better satisfaction. Another consideration to take into account when choosing your artificial vagina is size.

Some models have closed ends and can often be small in length, so if you are the average penis size of 6 inches most models will be long enough. However, if you are bigger than 6 inches in length, you should choose a model that is longer or has an open end, so that your penis will fit comfortably. You should always use lots and lots of lubricant when using any artificial vagina, put plenty of lubricant inside the false vagina and more on your erect penis. Never allow the lube to dry up during use as your penis could become sore or you may suffer friction burns. It is best to use a lubricant that is water soluble and non silicone, these lubricants tend to make it much easier for you to clean after use and will not harm the material. We recommend our Velvet Dream Cream lubricant for use with all artificial vaginas, Velvet Dream Cream wont harm the material and it will leave your skin feeling nice and smooth. There are many realistic vaginas available, many are very high tech, like the ones seen here

Strap Ons

There is a mis-conception that a strap-on penis is only for lesbians. Not so. Strap-ons have a variety of uses and are commonly used by men and women. Lets look at the different uses and types. All strap-ons attach to the body in mostly the same way. They usually attach around the waist like a belt, with straps coming from the waist down the front and returning under the crotch back up to the waist belt. The strap on dildo is attached at the front. To see a picture click here.
Some strap-ons are all-in-one, for example, latex pants with an attached dildo. These are useful to some people but for others are not a good idea because the wearer has his or her genitals covered up.

Strap-ons For Lesbian Use

Strap-ons are used by lesbians during play to simulate intercourse. The female attaches the strap-on to herself, using the harness supplied which ties around her waist and under her crotch. This gives the appearance she has a penis. On some strap-on models, the strap-on is 2 way, a penis pointing outward together with a penis pointing inwards. On these models the inward penis is inserted into her own vagina and gives her pleasure while she thrusts the outward pointing one into her partners vagina.

Strap-Ons For Impotency

The solid type of strap-on can be used by men who suffer impotency, loss of erection, erection difficulty, or what may be referred to medically as erectile dysfunction. It is worn the same way as described for lesbian use. The strap-on allows the man to satisfy his partner even though his own penis is flacid (soft). Although the man does not get satisfaction physically, it can give the mental satisfaction that he is still able to please his partner through his thrusting actions.

Clitoral Strap-Ons

Many manufacturers are now listening to the customer who has for many years requested clitoral strap-ons. These are very similar to the normal strap-on but in place of the outward pointing penis, there is an inward pointing stimulator that rests against the clitoris, usually the stimulator is a vibrating one. These items allow the woman to have both hands free to concentrate on their breasts or their partner.

Other Uses For Strap-on Penis

Some men love to be penetrated anally by their wife or girlfriend, strap-ons are ideal for this purpose. For those men who like to masturbate while penetrating their partner, a strap-on can do this too. A strap-on has the added benefit of allowing your hands freedom to do other things. So as you can see, strap-ons have a variety of uses for both him and her. It is all about experimenting to discover what you and your partner enjoy.

A Final Word On Strap-ons

The type of strap-on you choose is personal choice, but the one thing to remember is that you should discuss with your partner first before you buy. Whilst strap-ons can be fun, surprising your lover by walking into the bedroom with one attached to your body could cause them to freak out!! They can look quite frightening especially to someone who is not expecting it.

Vibrating Cock Rings

These are the more popular type of cock ring, the vibrating ones provide pleasure for him and if they are the type that has a clitoral ring or stimulator attached they provide fantastic pleasure for her too, here is one of our most popular vibrating cock rings: Popular Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating Eggs and Bullets

The choice of vibrating eggs and bullets is growing enormously due to popular demand. The vibrating eggs are shaped exactly as a boiled egg, some are for inserting into the vagina whilst others are used anally. When the egg is inserted into the vagina, the vibrations can be felt up the vagina and all the way down to the vaginal lips, some women even feel vibration up as far as their clitoris. Customers love the vibrating eggs they say it produces a lovely pleasurable and somewhat unique feeling inside the vagina and if a clitoral stimulator or vibrator is used in conjunction with the egg, the resulting orgasm is one to remember because it is so intense. You can see our range of vibrating love eggs and bullets here.

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