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Are Health and Sex Related?

If this seems like an obvious question, you might be surprised to know that there are many people who fail to see the connection between their overall state of health and a healthy sex life. The sex organs are a part of the human body which work in conjunction with other systems to help your body function at its optimum best. Health and sex are just as related as nutrition and diet: it feeds certain emotional and psychological needs.
A person's attitude toward sex are shaped by many factors; their family, community and society at large. For years the topic of sex education in schools has been hotly debated, many people holding the perspective that sex education should be handled by parents. However in many cases the parents of the children have unhealthy attitudes towards sex themselves and are an able to give unbiased information.
In the past the topic of sex was handled strictly in terms of reproduction as a function of the human body that was necessary to perpetuate the human race. The idea of having sex purely for pleasurable reasons was frowned upon and discouraged.
However, today medical science has confirmed that there are numerous health benefits derived by the body from the act of sexual intercourse that go far beyond conception. Scientists have found in studying health and sex that sexual intercourse has the ability to; lower blood pressure, reduce stress, relieve headaches and provide a more emotionally stable frame of mind.
In addition the more active people are during the act of sexual intercourse, the more the muscles of the body are exercised, stretched and flexed which provides the internal organs the stimulation they need to function properly. The link between health and sex is important, but each individual to educate themselves on their personal preferences in the way they want to express themselves sexually.

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