Featuring a large bulbous head and eight smaller beads, the Anal Fever Vibrating Beads pack more than a powerful punch in the bedroom. Designed to deliver scintillating vibrating pulsations to your back passage, there is little surprise that this anal sex toy has made it into the carts and onto the wish lists of thousands of our customers in recent months.
Manufactured with a purple body-safe PVC material, the Anal Fever Beads are deliciously bendable and fabulously enticing with its easy to handle control unit - allowing you to turn up and down the vibrations, depending entirely on your mood. As soon as these anal beads are inserted into your rectum, slowly slip into a parallel universe of excitement, pleasure and just a smidgen of seduction. Achieve the best possible pleasure with a variety of rhythmic patterns - guaranteed to put couples or solo play firmly back on the map.

Using sex toys together

As a thirty something year old woman, perhaps a little too confident between the sheets, I decided to give the Anal Fever Vibrating Beads a bash last weekend, as my partner and i enjoyed a little time away from the stresses and strains of family life in the countryside. We regularly take sex toys with us on our adventures, as there’s no better time to unwind and relax and get more than a little intimate. At first, it was him doing all the pushing and I’d never even dream of suggesting using sex toys together. However, as the years have rolled on and I’ve become much more confident in myself and my body, the tables have turned and I cannot wait to see what he’s decided to bring along, whilst I slip into something a little less comfortable and a lot more sexy.

My first impressions of the Anal Beads were that they looked extremely enticing. I’m very much open to a little back door fun every once in a while and these didn’t look daunting in the slightest, unlike a lot of other anal toys I’ve seen in the past. So, after a little intimate touching and kissing, I found myself on all fours with my partner behind me applying plenty of lube carefully to each bead - before one by one and slowly slipping them in.

It was amazing

The first thing I'd note is that these beads were incredibly comfortable. Even the largest head didn’t feel too much at all and I was able to take it and instantly enjoy the deep probing that it provided. As the rest of the beads filled my passage, I couldn’t believe how exciting and thrilling each tweak and tug by my partner on the handle felt - it was amazing! Then, if things couldn’t get any better, he began to turn up the vibrations and mix up the pulsation patterns and in no time at all, I was in cloud nine. I very rarely scream when using sex toys (even my favourites) but with these, I couldn’t help myself. Maybe they were brought on by the bottle of champers we’d shared in the Jacuzzi beforehand - but who cares, I was enjoying my own special time with my man!

After we’d finished and got down to business, to say that I was thoroughly satisfied is an absolute understatement. I think I had the best nights sleep in months and these beads were nicely cleaned and packed away by my hubby - firmly claiming their place in the suitcase for the way home. It’s now Friday and we’ve used them twice already this week - so yes, I'm completely addicted!