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5 New and exciting placed to have sex

Shop OnlineAt the tender old age of 28, I feel it is now my duty to put together a list of brand new and exciting placed to have sex, in a bid to spice up love lives all over Britain. Whether you're in the early days of your relationship and want to make her see what she's signed up for, or looking to spice up a long term one, broaden your horizons and you'll both be left amazed.

In today's sex toy blog, it's time to discuss 5 brand new and exciting places to have sex. I'm not talking about the back of your car, taking her out to the end of your garden or having a fondle in the back row of an average to poor movie. Instead, set out your own James Bond scene and live the good life whilst she begs for more.

Wave After Wave

A good option if you live within driving distance from the sea, sex on a speed boat ads a new dimension to an already thrilling experience. Hire out a speed boat at your local marina and let her ride the waves of pleasure you're providing once out at sea. Out of sight, out of mind, she'll love the freedom on offer and will completely let loose.

You Spin Me Right Round

Having sex in a giant wheel may not have been explored before, but what better way to get some action whilst enjoying the city skyline? Remember to wear easy-access clothing and enter from behind whilst you both enjoy the romantic scenery.

Post-workout Cool Down

The gym on a Saturday or Sunday night provides a great place to have sex. I'm not talking about getting frisky on a treadmill. But, the showers, sauna, jacuzzi or massage room always provides new and exciting places to get her juices flowing and you a little extra pumped.

Can I catch a lift?

For most, the idea of sex in public is one that begs many a doubt - that's natural. However, stopping a lift mid-journey and having a bang offers the perfect balance between excitement and discretion. Thrust her up onto the rail and treat her like a dirty whore and soon she'll be left never doubting your masculinity.

You shouldn't be in here!

Whilst we're not going to condone breaking into your local bank or anything like that. Having sex somewhere you shouldn't be ads a huge slice of excitement and naughtiness to the occasion. Find somewhere, where you really shouldn't be and she'll love the fact that you're being mischievous. A hidden corner in a hotel, restaurant or theatre always ads enough spice to the occasion with the chance of getting caught making it oh so sexy!

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