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How to choose and buy the right sex toys

When choosing sex toys, it is very important to determine which one would be suitable for your needs.  There are hundreds of available sex toys for men and women.  Some are ideal for anal sex while others are especially designed for vaginal stimulation. 

If you love clitoral stimulation, then clitoral vibrators would be suitable for you.  These types of vibrators can provide multiple vibration intensities for your clitoris.  Because of this, reaching your climax would be faster.  There are clitoral stimulators that have special rabbit ear designs.  The rabbit ears will vibrate and rotate.  This action will pleasure your clit until you get the orgasm you want. 

Anal sex toys on the other hand are designed for those who love anal penetration.  There are different kinds of adult toys for anal sex.  You can choose butt plugs, glass anal dildos, or anal beads.  One thing is for sure, these sex toys for anal penetration will be able to stimulate the sensitive nerves of your anus.  Some are specifically designed for stimulating the prostate.  That is why you can certainly get maximum pleasure from anal sex toys. 

There are also sex toys that can satisfy men.  These are sex dolls or love dolls.  Sex dolls have very tight vaginal openings to give extra stimulation for your penis.  Some of the most excellent love dolls are made from realistic cyber skin.  The vaginas of these sex toys will feel like the real thing.  Sex dolls therefore can be the perfect pleasure giver for you. 

Buy Sex Dolls For Triple Pleasure

Sex dolls are pleasure machines that are designed for men who want an always ready sex partner.  You can do anything with your sex doll and you can use it again and again until you get your satisfaction. 

If you are going to buy a sex doll, make sure that your inflatable pleasure giver has three orifices so you can use it in three different sexual styles.  Your sex doll therefore must have a tight vaginal and anal opening plus an open mouth so you can get a satisfying oral sex from it. 

It is also best to have a love doll that has firm breasts so you can squeeze and play with them while you are pleasuring yourself.  You should also find a sex doll with vibrating pussy and ass for extra stimulation during penetration. 

One of the best sex dolls for you is the Annie Teen love doll with delay spray.  This is a young looking sex doll with very tight vagina and anus.  Its mouth is also widely open so you can get a satisfying blow job from teeny Annie.  This love doll comes with a delay spray which you can use to prolong your sexual bout with it.  Most importantly, the Annie Teen sex doll has a vibrating vagina that can provide extra stimulation for your penis. 

You can also try the Cleopatra vibrating sex doll.  This exotic and highly versatile love doll has three tight pleasure openings.  Its tight vagina is fitted with vibrating bullet to give you maximum stimulation.  It has realistic hair and firm breast and inflates easily in just a matter of seconds.  You can certainly get great pleasure from this exotic love doll. 

Shop For Discount Adult Toys And Discover Anal Dildos

There are many varieties and designs of anal dildos.  There are the slim dildos, butt plugs, inflatable anal dong, and ribbed anal probe.  All of these products can provide great fun and pleasure during anal sex. 

But did you know that you can get double pleasure from an anal dildo especially if you use strap ons with internal anal dong. So while you are pleasuring your partner with the anal dong, you can also get your own anal satisfaction through the internally attached butt plug.  Such unique design of strap on anal dildos can heighten the excitement of anal sex.  You and your partner therefore can be completely satisfied after a night of anal sex. 

One of the best double purpose anal dildos you can use is the latex sheath anal dildo pants.  This is a highly durable set because of the pants is made from latex material.  The attached anal dong is hollow so you can insert your penis in it.  This will keep you hard until your partner gets complete satisfaction.  However, there is an attached internal dong on the pants designed to keep you satisfied while pleasuring your partner.  Both dildos are smooth, soft and easy to clean. 

You can also try the tie on penis anal dildo.  The attached dildos on this strap on have multi speed vibrations which could provide pleasurable sensation for you and your partner.   This strap on is very versatile and ideal for couple sex, lesbian, and gay sex.  The dildos are made from soft and smooth materials.  That is why you can easily penetrate your partner and yourself using this double purpose anal dildo

The Benefits of Using Strap On Sex Toys

A strap on is essentially dildos with a harness.  You can wear a strap on around your waist so you can use it hands free.  Because your hands are free, you can use them to stimulate other pleasure points of your partner.  Strap ons can also make the dildo extremely pleasurable.  Because you are wearing it around your waist, you can thrust the dildo deep in your partners vagina or anus to give them maximum pleasure. 

Some strap ons have a built in internal anal dong.  So while you are busy pleasuring your partner, you can also be stimulated by its anal dong.  Both you and your partner will have a very satisfying night of wild love if you use a strap on.

You can try using the flesh strap on penis.  This is a double dong strap on with external and internal dildo.  The external probe can be used on your partner while the internal dildo can provide great stimulation for you.  The dildo has a unique penis shaped design in flesh colour.  You can easily wear this strap on making it very convenient to use. 

You can also try the black strap on dildo which is also a double pleasure toy.  It has two dildos designed for vaginal and anal sex.  Its thin waist strap can be easily adjusted so you can wear it comfortably.  This strap on is very versatile and ideal for couple, lesbian, and gay sex. 

Strap ons are versatile sex toys, safe to use and can provide superior pleasure for you and for your partner.

Our Sex Toys Sale Will Keep You Happy

The bite of recession is probably hurting your budget.  But this should not mean that you forget your sexual needs and stop buying pleasurable sex toys.  What you can do is take advantage of our online sex toys sale

Sex toys on sale will keep you happy in times of economic hardship.  By grabbing the hottest sex toys on sale, you can own a complete set of sex toys at a very affordable price.  The pleasure that you can get from these sex toys will keep you level headed in these times of great economic pressures. 

When you buy sex toys at sale prices, it is best to choose a discount parcel that contains several kinds of sex toys.  This way, you can get full value for money and you will have new sex toys to use everyday.

However, you should remember that these sex toys on sale are fast moving products.  So once you find the right discount parcel, immediately grab it because the discount package could be gone the next day. 

As a good tip, you can grab the discount sex toys parcel 1 which contains a complete collection of different sex toys.  You can save by as much as 30 Pounds on this sex toys discount parcel.  You can have different kinds of vibrators, sex lubricants, sexy lingerie and other great sex toys from this discount parcel. 

If you love anal sex, then there is also the anal sex toys saver pack.  This package contains 3 great value anal dildos and vibrators plus extra anal lubricant for your sex toys.  You will be able to forget your troubles because of the pleasure you can get from these affordable sex toys.

Pack Your Sex Toys for a more Exciting Holiday

If you are going on holiday or a romantic getaway make it all the more memorable with some sex toys. Packing some sex toys when traveling on holiday is the surest way to find excitement in the bedroom once you retire at night. Pack your dildo in your suitcase and surprise your partner with an exciting night romping around in the hotel room. Some couples even make it into a challenge by making a point to be able to use a sex toy like a vibrator in all parts of the hotel room of all the countries they visit.

Of course when you pack your sex toys with you be sure that you also bring a tube (or two) of sex lubricants. There is a good reason for packing this apart from your standard sex toys. Being on holiday means lots of hours exploring the place so you will definitely need something to encourage stimulation as you take the adventure from the streets of Paris to the bedroom of The Ritz.

Before you play with your sex toy, try to indulge in a nice warm bath to soothe and relax your senses as well as your partner. Slip on your sexy lingerie and cover it with the terry cloth robe and grab your dildo as you lure your partner to the bedroom. Some people even go so far as to use several sex toys at one go, bringing with them a multitude of toys and engaging in sexual frolics all night long. Your holiday memories will be a lot more fun and exciting with the sex toys.

Cheap Vibrators that Provide Lavish Orgasms

If you think vibrators are expensive and you decide not to have one, then you are missing the pleasure you can get from vibrators.  There are cheap vibrators that can provide lavish orgasms.
That is why you should never miss your chance of owning excellent but affordable vibrators that can give maximum satisfaction for you.  The best thing is there are packaged offers that allow you to take two vibrators for the price of one.  Such offers are ideal today when everyone is suffering from a tight budget. 

There is no reason already why you cannot enjoy sexual pleasure from a vibrator even if you are on a tight budget.  The satisfaction you can get from these cheap vibrators will enable you to forget your troubles even for a little while. 

So what are you waiting for. You can grab the black and flesh bully boy vibrator offer while it is still available.  This vibrator set has two huge vibrators with multiple speed control.  Both vibrators have nodules at the base to give you a pleasurable clitoral stimulation. That is why you can experience multiple orgasms from these vibrators because of the erotic vibrations in your vagina and on your clitoris. 

There is also the twingo bingo vibrator if you want a unique vibrating dong that can stimulate your G spot and clitoris at the same time.  You can save by as much as 5 pounds from this vibrator.  This cheap vibrator has revolutionary design because of its rotating shaft, a vibrating tip, and two sets of clitoral stimulators. 

Top 3 Best Sex Toys for Couples

It is quite common for couples to lose interest in sex after years of being together.  This is sad because a healthy sex life can do wonders for your relationship. Here are the top 3 best sex toys that can keep your bed aflame with desire and passion.

First, there are the ever lovable and reliable g spot vibrators.  One of the main factors why your partner can lose interest in couple sex is her inability to reach orgasm.  This can make her irritable because of the unreleased sexual tensions.

To avoid leaving your partner hanging in limbo, use a G spot vibrator before you enter her.  G spot vibrators are specially designed to locate the most sensitive pleasure point of your partner.  So after pleasuring her with your proven foreplay techniques, you can start pleasuring her with the vibrator while you are kissing other parts of her body.  This will certainly bring new zest to your sex life. 

You can also use love eggs if you want to bring some naughtiness in your love nest.  Love eggs are vagina beads but these sex toys for women can provide good stimulating vibrations.  Your partner could have multiple orgasms even before you penetrate her.  Your partner will ask more from you once she experienced the pleasure of using love eggs. 

Lastly, if you have trouble keeping your erection, just use cock rings so you can completely satisfy your partner.  You can choose vibrating cock rings with clitoral stimulators so that you and your partner can enjoy a passionate couple sex.

Best Bondage Gear for Some Whipping Action

If you want to experience pain and pleasure during bondage sex, you should never forget to include a whip in your collection of bondage gear.  When you buy your first bondage gear equipment, the whip should always be on top of your priority list. 

Whipping is the most erotic part of bondage sex.  The bite of the whip can heighten the senses of your partner.  This will also increase the pleasure and sensitivity of your partners body.  That is why whipping is always a favorite activity during bondage sex.

There are many types of whips you can choose.  There are leather whips, rubber floggers and bull whips.  Simply choose a whip that will be suitable for your bondage sex fantasy.  You should also ask your bondage partner what type of whip would be best for your sexual fantasies.

If you want to try a basic whip, you should buy the studded mini whip.  This whip is made from genuine leather.  It has several soft leather strands and the handle is fully covered by leather also.  The handle is adorned with metal studs.  Attached on the handle is a metal chain which can serve as a hanging loop if you want to erotically strangle your partner.  This is one of the cheapest bondage gears you can find so you are assured that you can get good value for your money.

You can also try the multiple strands leather whip.  This is similar to the mini but it has numerous leather strands measuring 50 cm long.  It has an easy to grip red wooden handle so you can fully control your whipping actions.  This is a very durable whip and it can serve you for a very long time. 

The Advantage of Buying A Complete Vibrator Kit

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still enjoy the pleasure of using vibrators.  What you should buy is a complete vibrator kit or vibrator package.  A vibrator kit is usually cheaper and more practical than buying different kinds of vibrators and a vibrator kit gives you variety.

A typical vibrator kit will include different types of vibrators, accessories, and vibrator sleeves.  If you buy one kit, you will be able to enjoy a full range of vibrators.  Because of this, you can certainly save money from these vibrator kits.

A vibrator kit is also ideal for the choosy woman.  If you want different types of sex toys every time you pleasure yourself, then the vibrator kit is your best option.  Simply replace the sleeve of your vibrator and you will have a new vibrator to use.

The 12 piece vibrator kit is a typical example of a money saver kit.  This vibrator kit offers 12 different sex toys, including penis rings, vibrators, sleeves, love eggs and more in one compact vibrator kit.

You can also try the buzz bunny vibrator kit.  This kit also features four different kinds of attachments.  The attachments have specific uses.  You can choose a clit stimulator, a g spot locator or nipple stimulator.  This is a very versatile vibrator and very affordable too.  You can also control the intensity of the vibration through its multi speed control switch. 

The Wide Range of Sex Toys Available To Buy

The range of sex toys available to buy is immense. There is certainly a sex toy that will be suitable for every sexual need, whether you are a man or a woman. It is not difficult therefore to find sex toys today. The difficult part is how to find the right sex toy that can satisfy your personal preference.

To understand the different styles and varieties of sex toys, then you have to know their different functions and uses. First, there are sex toys for men. These sex toys are specially designed to satisfy men. So the most common sex toys in this category are sex dolls, fake pussy toys, hand masturbators, cock suckers and cock rings.

Second, there are also sex toys for women. In the past, the most popular sex toys for females are vibrators and dildos. Today however, there are vagina balls, clitoral stimulators, clit pumps, nipple rings and female stimulators and many more. It is really mind boggling to list all the available sex toys for women.

Third, there are anal sex toys for those who love anal sex. These are the ingeniously designed anal sex toys that can provide superior anal pleasure. There are small butt plugs, anal probes and other anal toys that can locate the prostate area.

Lastly, there are sex toys that are specifically manufactured for BDSM sex. These are bedroom bondage and fetish sex toys. This category of sex toys also includes fetish and bondage clothing as well as different kinds of restraints and other bondage gear.

Best Quality Mens Sex Toys Sale

Getting pleasure from sex toys for men need not be too expensive. You can buy quality made male masturbators from an online sex toys sale without busting your pockets.

It is not true that clearance sex toys are defective or made from inferior materials. You should not believe such tall tales. Sex toys sale is a marketing strategy so you can try these great sex toys, for a fraction of the original price, you will be able to get a completely satisfying male masturbator and other new sex toys for men. You can certainly get good value for your money if you take advantage of online sex toys sales.

One of the best bargain male masturbators you can get is the piston penis pump. This is a vibrating male masturbator with a very tight pussy. Just slide your penis inside and the piston penis pump will suck and engulf your penis just like a real vagina. The powerful vibrations will stimulate your penis so you can quickly get a satisfying climax. 

If you want to share the pleasurable experience you get from sex toys, then the hollow vibrating penis sleeve is a good choice. You can insert your penis inside this sex toy and it will start to vibrate to give you maximum pleasure. But at the same time, you can use its dildo like shaft as a strap on. Insert it into your partners pussy so you can also satisfy her. This sex toy provides great value for you and for your partner.

These discount sex toys with many other male sex toys, like fake pussy toys are fast selling products. Grab them while you can and enjoy the stimulating action of these male masturbators.

Compelling Reasons Why Sex Toys Are Good For You

You might be asking about the top reason why you should use sex toys. Well, using sex toys is a great way to have maximum sexual pleasure for very little effort. Sex toys for men and women are sex enhancers. They are specially designed to satisfy your sexual needs.

For example, if you are going to use sex toys for women such as vibrators, all you have to do is to locate your pleasure points and stimulate them. Just lie down on your bed or in the bath tub and let these vibrators perform wonders on you. In just a few minutes, you can have a most powerful orgasm that you never felt before. So, for very little effort, you are able to get maximum satisfaction from your sex toy.

Another compelling reason why you should use sex toys is you can get healthy benefits from them. Every time you have an orgasm, your brain releases substances that energize your body. These substances can make your skin glow. In effect, you will look younger and feel younger if you use sex toys.

Sex toys can also fulfill your sexual fantasy in the safest way possible. For example, if you like being penetrated in the anus, then simply use anal sex toys to pleasure your self. You will be able to choose different anal sex toys that are comfortable for you. This way, you will not worry about painful penetration. All you get is pure pleasure and fun.

These are the most compelling reasons why you should use sex toys. Sex toys can be your reliable partner in bed so there is no reason why you should not use them and every reason why sex toys are good to use whether single or in a relationship. 

What Is A Sex Toy

If someone asks you, what is a sex toy and how can it improve my sex life, what would you say. If you do not know the answer to that yourself, forge on ahead. Simply put, a sex toy is an object that makes your sex life more exciting. Sex toys can be made of a lot of materials from plastic, to jelly to rubber. It comes in many shapes and works to stimulate the male and female sexual organs as well as the surrounding area.

There are many different kinds of sex toys out on the market today, such as dildos, cock rings, sex dolls, vibrators and the like. All of these come in different forms, but they are all designed to titillate the senses, both physical and visual as well. People use sex toys by themselves, with a partner or even in groups of three or more.

Some people incorporate different kinds of sex toys at the same time. For example, a heterosexual couple may use a vibrator to stimulate the woman during foreplay, as well as a fake pussy toy for the man. A same sex partner may utilize two different kinds of sex toys that are both designed to stimulate the same kind of organs.

A girl to girl sex romp may get even more exciting when both partners use a rubber dildo and a clit pump so they can achieve pleasure at the same time. So the next time someone asks you what a sex toy is, you are armed and ready with your top notch answers.

How Sex Toys Can Help Couples

Sex toys can provide great help especially for older couples. It is not surprising that the older you get, the lower your libido can go. Worse, for men they can suffer from erection problems as they get older. But with the help of sex toys for men and women, you can keep a healthy and active sex life to make your partner happy and satisfied.

There are different techniques and sex toy products for couples who can benefit from sex toys. Here is a simple guide you can use to bring back passion into your sex life. First, you can buy your wife some sexy clothing such as G strings, thongs, and sexy lingerie.  In fact, you can buy her a complete set of sexy clothing and add some fetish clothes too. These sexy clothing garments can restore the confidence of your wife and at the same time you can get aroused by the new sexiness of your wife.

The next step you can do is to choose a sex toy that your wife will like. Most probably, your wife will like rabbit vibrators and vibrating dildos that can stimulate the clitoris.  There are many sex toys for women available today so you have plenty of choices. Cost is an important factor when buying any sex toy, visit our sex toys sale and save lots of money, our prices have always been low since 1985.

And now for the man it is time to buy your sex toys. You can use cock rings, a penis pump to help maintain your erection or one of the many strap ons available so you can give more pleasure to your woman. Cock rings can also keep your penis erect so you can perform in bed for a longer period.

Using Small Vibrators to Get the Pleasure You Want

When you think of vibrators, the first things that come to mind are dongs or dildos with a long shaft and wide body. Most vibrators are designed this way in order to give you maximum satisfaction. However, you must not underestimate the power of slim or small vibrators.  Because of cutting edge technologies used to manufacture these vibrators, they could be smaller, slimmer or thinner but they can still provide super vibration.  You will be able to have multiple orgasms using a small vibrator. 

The most popular small vibrators are bullet vibrators such as the ballistic slimline bullet vibrator.  If you want a ballistic orgasm, then this vibrator is your best choice.  It features a very cute slim bullet dong attached to an ergonomically designed hand controller. This slim but small bullet vibrator has dual speed function so you can choose whether you want high vibrating labia stimulation or easy clitoral stimulation.  This vibrator is battery efficient so you are assured that your sex toy will not die on you during solo sex play.

There is also the lady lambada jelly vibrator. This vibrator is a cutting edge sex toy because of the superior technology used to manufacture its internal spine.  You can bend this vibrator in any shape you want without damaging its structure.  It has a thin shaft at approximately 1.5 inches.  The lady lambada jelly vibrator has multiple speed function it can bring ecstatic pleasure every time you use it. 

These are durable vibrators you can use for many years. They also have easy to clean surfaces so you can ensure hygienic use of your vibrator.

Why Dildos Can Make You Look Younger

Apparently some medical experts say that dildos can make you look younger. The reason is because orgasm and ageing have a direct connection. The more you bring yourself to orgasm, the more chemicals your brain will release that will help keep your skin younger.

Because dildos can help you reach a powerful orgasm every time you use one, then you will certainly look younger, fresher, and blooming everyday. That is why dildos are more than just sex toys for women. They are your reliable solution for a better and happier sex life, according to medical opinion. Whether you agree or not, dildos most certainly are great fun and give fantastic sexual pleasure.
So if you are going to buy a dildo, why not choose a realistic dong that could give you the realistic feel of a real penis. The Cally 8 Inch Flesh Vibrating Dildo is one of the best products out there.  It looks like a real penis, shaped perfectly, and has realistic skin that will stimulate you all the way to a powerful orgasm. The Cally 8 Inch Flesh Vibrating Dildo has been proven to work and has helped a lot of women experience the orgasm they have never felt before.  It has multi speed control, smooth but stiff enough just like a real penis, and has a suction pump at the base. This makes this realistic dildo extremely versatile because you can stick it on any smooth surface and start grinding your way to pleasure. 

The 12 Inch Jelly Dildo on the other hand is a powerful vibrator in itself. It is a perfect choice if you really want deeper penetration. It has realistic veins, realistic penis head, and skin like surface.  It is a standard dildo that you can use anytime you want. You can even stuff it in your bag and take the dong with you wherever you go.

Sex Toys Update - Must Have Anal Sex Toys

Those who have been venturing into the backdoor territory for quite some time now may already be familiar with the existing anal sex toys in the market. However,if you are itching to try something new, there is quite a selection of new anal sex toys that you can try. Here are a few example anal toys for those who are looking for some anal stimulation and pleasure.

First, there is the all in one anal affair vibrator kit.  The kit contains a waterproof anal vibe, a penis sleeve, a beaded anal cord with retraction handle, an anal plug with a suction base and a long vibe bullet. Enjoy all of the contents of the kit which are made of a blue jelly material for your utmost anal pleasure. If an entire anal kit seems a bit too much for you, try the basic pink jelly anal vibrator which is made of a soft, jelly like material.

For something that will send you right up to cloud nine, check out the wireless vibrating anal beads.  When pulled out during orgasm, the bead shapes will turn your great time in bed to something that is unforgettably mind blowing. Finally, there is the anal drops medium plug.  Butt plugs in general are designed to give you a fuller feeling in the anus with or without penetration.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner in the world of anal sex toys, you can put this exciting line of new anal sex toys to good use, so check them out now.

Save On Bulk Condoms And Sex Toys

Nobody can resist a good bargain and sex toys are no different. Magic Moments always have lots of bargain sex toys available as well as bargains on condoms. And whether you are in a relationship or not, it pays to always be prepared, so have plenty of stock of condoms in your bathroom or bedroom. Condoms today can be bought in bulk and these bulk condoms are available in every type, size, flavour and colour imaginable. 
Apart from the fact that it does pay to stock up on condoms so that you can indulge in safe sex anytime, it also makes sense to buy them in bulk so that you can get the best value for your money. At, you can discreetly purchase bulk condoms, and there are dozens of varieties to choose from.
For example, if you are looking for some flavoured delights, you can either purchase bulk fruit condoms or bulk chocolate condoms. Also, there are condoms to help with premature ejaculation, these bulk delay condoms have a desensitizing agent inside to help  make the penis head less sensitive so you can last longer during sex. Similarly, there are also lots of bargains on sex toys too all of which can be purchased at great money saving prices.
Another good tip is to use condoms to cover your sex toys like vibrators and dildos, a condom over a vibrator or dildo can help mask some of the plastic aromas some sex toys give off. Whether you are looking for ribbed, flavoured, coloured, large, lubricated, natural or even penis extender condoms and vibrating condoms, is your one stop shop for all the condom types that you need. And the bonus is that the bulk discount will get you a great deal when you purchase online. So you will have great, safe sex while getting the best value for your money at the same time.

Sex Enhancers - Help Prolong And Delay Ejaculation

Men can have difficulty in controlling their ejaculation especially if they become too aroused.  Many premature ejaculation problems are also caused by an over sensitive penis shaft. And once you have ejaculated your erection will disappear very quickly. Sex enhancers are a type of sex toy that can help.

If you are faced with these problems, simply use all natural sex enhancers.  These will help in delaying your ejaculation and will keep your penis harder. You can satisfy your partner and bring her to full orgasm because of these sex enhancers, many of these include male delay cream and delay condoms

When choosing any type of sex enhancer it is important to consider ease of use and convenience.  You must be able to easily apply or spray the sex enhancer on your penis.  In this way, it will not unduly hinder foreplay and will not distract you from the sex act.

You can also use specially made condoms that have ejaculation delay agents.  Delay condoms are also ideal if you do not want your partner to get pregnant. 

Sex enhancers must be odourless and colourless. These products must also be non greasy. These aspects are important so that the sex enhancer will not become too conspicuous which could be a source of distraction during lovemaking. 

If you want a complete line of safe and approved sex enhancer products, then go to the Magic Moments web site. Its online shop will be able to provide you with effective and non conspicuous sex enhancers.  By using sex enhancers, you will not leave your partner hanging in the air anymore.  You can give her a most satisfying orgasm which will help to strengthen your relationship.

Sex Toys Are Good For Your Sexual Health

There is definitely no doubt that the sex act is one of the most pleasurable experiences and aspects in adult life.  However, just like any other aspect in your life, there is a need for you to take your sexual health into consideration.

In fact, it should be one of your main priorities. Take the typical condom as an example.  If you dont use them during intercourse, you might end up with an unwanted pregnancy or worse, you could acquire a sexually transmitted disease.  This is the main reason why it always pays to be careful when it comes to your sexual health.

This is not to say that you should not enjoy the sexual act. Take a look at some of the sexual health products that will keep your sexual health in tip top shape, while at the same time keeping your utmost pleasure during the sexual act.

Sex Toy Cleaner after every use, it is important to disinfect your sex toys collection with a sex toy cleaner that will keep them safe and clean the next time that they are used. 
Sex Enhancers both men and women will benefit from sex enhancer creams that will up the ante in the pleasure that you are feeling during the sex act.

Female Orgasm whether you are having multiple or zero orgasms, these female orgasm creams are bound to send you right to the roof. Female shaving kits are made to trim the pubic hair for hygienic purposes, as well as to provide a different sensation for your vagina. 

Why Sex Toys Can Boost Up A Boring Sex Life

Fabulous sex is different from ordinary sex. What does that mean. Sex toys are getting more and more popular because lovers these days are not afraid to try them out.  Using sex toys before and during sex can add a new dimension to how much pleasure both you and your partner can enjoy. Fabulous sex is what sex toys can give.

The greatest thing you could do to enhance your sex life is to have more fun with new positions and by introducing some new sex toys into your bedroom fun. If you are a man and afraid that introducing sex toys to your partner might scare her off, dont fear, many women want to try out sex toys with their partner but it is the women who normally is afraid to suggest it to her man for fear of being accused of her partner not satisfying her enough. The more creative you are, the better. The bolder you are, the more sensational sex can be.

Sex toys can often boost a boring mundane sex life, trying out and introducing a sex toy will heighten the pleasure for both of you. And sex toys doesnt just mean a vibrator or dildo there are hundreds of other sex toys for women as there are hundreds of other male sex toys too. If you are new to sex toys the best way to get variety from the new sex toys available is to buy a sex toys parcel, these parcels not only save you money but they give you a variety of sex toys to experiment with.

Another good piece of advice for first time sex toy users is to take a look at the many vibrator kits on offer, these kits like the 12 piece vibrator kit offer variety, choice and give you and your partner a chance to try out a number of different sex toys at the same time. These kits often include a cock ring to help hold his erection, a vibrator for stimulating her vagina and a clitoral stimulator for giving pleasure to the clitoris.
With so many different sex toys available, once you are used to using them you can progress on to the more specialised ones.

Penis Enlargers - A Great Sex Toy For Men

When it comes to sex and the penis, performance matters more than penis size. A penis enlarger can make a big difference to increase penis size. Nevertheless, size still does matter. Whoever said that it doesnt is mistaken. However, this doesnt mean that a woman only wants to be with a man whose penis is as huge as a typical male porn star. Usually, she will be content to be with a man who has a penis of average size but a man who knows how to use his penis.

Unfortunately, there are men who are born with a small penis with a size that falls below the average. Such a man will be able to find a woman who will accept his size just the way it is, but not without more patience and perseverance than the usual. Also, his choice of women is limited compared to that of a man who has a bigger penis. One helpful sex toy to make your penis bigger is the Silicone penis extender condom.

But a man not gifted enough in the penis department should not be disheartened. Magic Moments offers hope in the form of new penis enlargers. These items, when used regularly, will make the penis larger, or at least appear bigger. For the man who is self conscious about his size, these items are sure to boost not only his penis, but also his confidence.

Of course, there are many ways to please a woman aside from having a large penis. Using sex toys during intercourse makes sex interesting. A man with a small penis can wear a cock ring to increase the stimulation on the womans pleasure points. He can also use a strap on to increase size to make his partner more aroused than ever.

Handcuffs -The Sex Toy Thats Bound To Please

There is absolutely no telling what is it exactly that will turn your partner on, especially if you have not been together for a very long time. But if you want to introduce some mild bondage gear into your sexual relationship, the best way to start is with the help of handcuffs, these restraints are a type of sex toy that many couples absolutely love.

This is actually a type of restraint that will allow your partner to give you ultimate control in your lovemaking. That loss of control is a huge turn on for a lot of people, and it is one of the best ways to add some variety and spice into your sexual relationship. So what are the best handcuffs or restraints which you can use to have a head start in some bonding session with your partner. Here are a few ideas.

First, this is my personal favourite, pink handcuffs. They are metal handcuffs with an imitation pink fur for added comfort, and it comes with a couple of keys. The first time that I used this with my honey, it literally blew his socks off.

Another cute and naughty restraint to try is furry handcuffs or, if you love doing it in the dark, check out some glow in the dark handcuffs, these restraints are different from the normal as the material the handcuffs are made from features a glow in the dark coating.

Whether you and your partner have been together for one week, one month or one year, these naughty and fun handcuffs will be a huge turn on that will add that much needed spice to your bedroom antics.

Small Vibrators are BIG on Pleasure

According to a popular saying, diamonds are a girls best friend. Whoever came up with that quote obviously did not have the chance to experience firsthand what a good vibrator can do.

After all, diamonds look pretty, but can the delight of receiving jewellery compare to the orgasm offered by a small rabbit vibrator for example. No, it does not. At the end of the day, even the most bejeweled woman would crave for carnal gratification. Sexual partners would usually do the trick, but there is no denying that there are times when self pleasure does a better job, or else the demand for sex toys would not be as high as it is.

Of all sex toys for women the most popular is the vibrator, which come in all shapes and sizes. Some women prefer huge vibrators, ones with ribbings, dots, and other stimulating features that are added to maximize the pleasure. On the other hand, there are women who prefer getting just the basic in the form of a plain and simple small vibrator.

But why would a woman want a small vibrator when she can get more pleasure from a big vibrator or huge dildo. In this case, size does not matter. A woman may prefer to use a vibrator not for penetration, but for clitoral stimulation. Even when she wants to use a vibrator for penetration, she may find the bigger ones uncomfortable and maybe even painful.

Best Selling Sex Toys 2008

Another year over and its time to reveal the best selling sex toys of 2008. It will come as no surprise to most women that yet again the rabbit vibrator claims top spot as the most popular sex toy for women. These fantastic vibrators yet again fulfill the sexual needs of women who want clitoral and vagina stimulation and pleasure.
In the male sex toys category, penis pumps and penis enlargers continue to outsell other sex toys for men like sex dolls but most surprising of all for popular sex toys sales in 2008 for men is the huge increase in popularity for fake pussy toys. These male sex toys include realistic vaginas, male masturbators shaped like a real vagina and artificial pussies. Men must be realising that when a real women is not available these fake pussy toys make a great alternative.
Condom sales increased in 2008 mainly in part due to the huge advertising and marketing campaign by the UK Government promoting the safe sex message, a trend likely to continue throughout 2009.
Sexy clothing in particular sexy lingerie has been high on shopping lists too with sales increasing most probably as a result of the credit crunch making more couples stay in for a cosy night of sexy fun instead of nipping out for a meal.
Most surprising of all in the best selling sex toys of 2008 is the massive increase in sales of anal sex toys, in particular the boost in sales of anal vibrators. As men and women continue to be more open about their sexual preferences, it appears more adults are discovering the delight and pleasure that anal play can give either together with a partner or solo. The once taboo subject of anal sex obviously is now a thing of the past especially if the massive increase of anal sex toys is anything to go by.
2009 looks set to continue to break all records for sales of sex toys and with plenty of new sex toys due out in 2009 its looking like a sex filled year of pleasure for all of us.
Happy New Year!

Increase Your Sex Toys Pleasure With Dongs and Double Dongs

Sexual satisfaction can be easily achieved with a little help. Lucky for most, this kind of help is not limited to those who are in a heterosexual relationship. With using dongs even lesbians can achieve the highest level of orgasm that they can ever realize. Simply put, a dong is almost the same as a dildo in terms of its look and feel as well as purpose. Many females use dongs for masturbation and also share with a sexual partner.

A lot of dongs available in the market today have the double ended design, like the Double Ended Dildo Mini Penis and are therefore referred to as the double dong. Usually resembling the shape of a male penis, these dongs are veined just like a real penis. The contours on the shaft are smooth and may come in sizes that are larger than your standard dildo.
The popular version of these dongs, called the double dong or double dildo, possesses the shape of a cock on both ends so that female sexual partners may experience sexual stimulation at the same time.
Of course, this adult toy may also be used for other purposes such as the insertion into the ass should the individual prefer a bit of rear sexual stimulation. One such famous type of dong is Lee Roys black long dong. This impressive design is actually fashioned after a famous pornstar. Yet another type, called the long dong black kong, is also based on a very popular porn film star.
When it comes to dongs and dildos size is usually the primary consideration when choosing the perfect one. Of course, with so much variety available in the market today you will have an exciting time choosing the dong of your choice.

Keep Sex Toys Safe With Sex toy Cleaner

Using sex toys are great for fun filled sex. But you must ensure your sex toys are clean and safe before each use. A sex toy cleaner will ensure safety and cleanliness everytime you use your sex toy.

You could use different cleaning agents for your sex toys, but this is not advisable because many cleaners can damage sex toys and using detergent or soap can cause irritation to your genitals.  Using an approved and tested sex toy cleaner is by far your best option.  Sex toys cleaners are proven by experts as the most effective in fighting bacteria and moulds.

When you use sex toys, your body fluids will be left on its surface.  Naturally the sex toy will become moist.  It will attract dust and small particles found in the air.  Moisture and dirt are rich grounds for bacteria to multiply instantly.  Moisture can also promote the growth of moulds on your gadget.

As bacteria multiply, simply washing your sex toy with soap and water is not enough.  You may have removed the dirt but the bacteria will still be there even if you submerge your toy in warm water.  So, if you use a bacteria laden sex toy, you are running the risk of attracting diseases and infection.

That is why using an expert certified sex toys cleaner is very important.  This will keep your sex toy clean and bacteria free.  You can also effectively avoid developing an infection or bacteria borne disease.  Proper hygiene therefore will allow you to continue nightly fun and satisfying sex using your sex toys.

By purchasing a sex toys cleaner, you are protecting yourself from possible sexual infections. 

Sex Toys Review - Finger Vibrators

There is no doubt that sex toys have come a long way. From the first ever steam powered automatic vibrator produced in the late 1860s, there is now an abundance of types, colours and shapes of sex toys that you can choose from. Over the years, sex toy manufacturers have become more and more creative in inventing new sex toys which are bound to tickle the fancy of men and women.

If you are looking for a literally handy device which you can use as a vaginal or clitoral stimulator, there is no better sex toy to have than a finger vibrator. These sex toys are specialized in a sense because instead of holding the vibrator in the palm of your hand, finger vibrators can be attached over the fingers, or they fit over your fingers.

This way, the vagina and the clitoris can be easily stimulated. These finger vibrators can not only be used down there, but you can also use them to stimulate the nipples too. If you are looking for a cute sex toy which will still send you to bouts of multiple orgasms, try the new finger dolphin small vibrator. As the name implies, the Finger Dolphin small vibe is shaped like a dolphin. You can easily slip your finger onto the ring right before using the toy.

Another finger vibrator worth considering is the rabbit finger vibrator it slips over the finger and with the traditional bunny ears found on most rabbit vibrators its ideal for clitoral stimulation.

Indulge Your Pleasure With A Black Dildo

You may be wondering what it is about a black dildo that makes them a growing trend in the sex toys industry. It can either be the colour, the variety, the uniqueness of black dildos, or just the idea that you are trying out something new sexually.
But whether you are indulging in a black dildo fetish or if you just want to try something fresh when it comes to dildos in the sex toys that you are using, black dildos are as good a sex toy as any to buy. If you are in the mood to indulge your porn star sexual fantasy, you can try the Homer Black Dildo this black dildo is modeled after porn star Homer J. Wells.  This perfectly shaped, realistic looking dildo is intricately detailed, up to every vein and ridge. It is the perfect sex toy to indulge in your sexual fantasies.
Or, you can also try the morpheus dreamer vibrating black dildo. Have a combination of that in and out action with a stimulating vibration of up to three speeds. The Morpheus Dreamer Vibrating Black Dildo also has a suction cup base which you can place on the wall or on the chair so that you can free up the rest of your body for all the sensory pleasure that you can handle.

Discover The Delight Of A Remote Control Vibrator

With so many remote control devices now available, its hardly surprising that vibrators are now part of the remote control revolution. Remote control vibrators are enjoying good sales mainly due to women wanting something different in vibrators.
Why are remote control vibrators so popular. Women who buy this kind of vibrator often use it with their partners. The idea that someone else controls the pace and power is pleasurable in itself for many people, especially those with secret fantasies of being dominated over. For women who wish to use remote control vibrators in a bondage situation, nothing ups the ante more than wearing something like a remote control egg inside the vagina, whilst being restrained with some bondage gear.
Aside from bondage purposes, remote control vibrators are perfect vehicles for surprises. There are women who enjoy donning their vibrators under normal clothes, waiting for their lovers to slowly tease them in public without anyone suspecting a thing. A wireless remote control love egg is ideal for this purpose.
Men, on the other hand, enjoy seeing their wives or girlfriends get all worked up in a place where they should not be getting sexually excited. The idea that two people share a forbidden sexual secret that no one else is privy to is another sexual fantasy which remote control vibrators have no problem fulfilling.

Give Your Lover a Pleasant Shock with New Anal Sex Toys

Couples who have not yet dared to tread and discover anal play, anal pleasures and anal fun will be glad to know that there are a lot of new anal sex toys to help them get started. These days, no matter what your sexual orientation is, you can definitely join in on the fun as you discover an entire world of backdoor pleasures to behold.

Now, here are a few fun and undoubtedly sexy anal sex toys that you can start with. First, there is the vibrating pleasure wand. This tapered pleasure probe allows you to choose from four different functionalities. You can either have the anal sex toy pulsate, vibrate or escalate the pleasure! It has a ribbed, textured and multi-faceted body to heighten your anal fun play.

Next up, bring out as much lubricant as you feel like using when you are in the mood for some anal pleasure with the bendable suction cup dildo. It is also called the Sassy Bendi pliable butt plug, which has a suction cup dildo base to keep your hands free for doing other things.

At the end of the day, it does not matter whether you consider the bum to be un-chartered or familiar territory. The spice in your sex life can be added with experimentation, so go ahead and give your lover a pleasant shock with these fun anal sex toys.

Sex Toy Review Top 2 Berman Sex Toys

It is sex toys review time and now is as good a chance as any for me to share with you two of my favorite sex toys which are both from Dr. Laura Bermans Intimate Accessories line.  Dr. Berman is an expert in womens sex toys who also oversees a sex centre in Chicago.
First of all there is the Berman Centre Paris Ribbed g spot spotter. This is a dual purpose G spot vibrator which is made of Velvet cote.  Again, I would not rank something as my favorite sex toy if I havent tried it myself. You would not believe how soft this Velvet cote material is.  Aside from targeting your ticklish spots down there, the Paris Ribbed G spot Spotter also stimulates the g spot, the way I like it. You will definitely go over the moon with this ribbed, 7 inch long vibrator.
Next, as I travel a fair bit I like to keep a little something in my travel bag for those special moments, Im talking about the Berman Centre mimi vibrating micro bullet. This vibrating micro bullet is only two and a half inches long and a half an inch wide, so it is really discreet. Use the micro bullet vibe on your clit, vagina or even on the nipples for the utmost stimulation. It works so good for me.
The Mimi Vibrating Micro Bullet costs only £12.50 while the Paris Ribbed G Spot Spotter is only £13.99. These are two really fabulous, highly recommended sex toys for you when you want in on some solo or dual action and because they are designed by a woman for women this is good enough reason to buy one of each.

Fun Vibrators to Add Laughter to Your Bedroom Antics

If you are one of those couples who have been thinking about introducing vibrators in your relationship like a fun vibrator for example, but you are reticent because you think that your partner will think ill of you, it is time to have a different outlook. Today, more and more couples are turning to sex toys to add spice, fun and a sense of adventurism to their bedroom antics.
Basically, as long as you are open to your partner about the reason why you want to introduce a vibrator or sex toys into your love play, there will be a different dimension to your relationship as a couple.
Remember that vibrators and sex toys naturally feel good, they make sex a heck of a lot more fun, they can bring you stronger orgasms and your sex life will generally be better overall. Instead of the serious looking dildos, these fun vibrators will bring laughter while providing sexual pleasure at the same time. For example, the rubber lover vibrator is unique in such a way that it has a moving foreskin. You can literally play with the moving skin on the shaft, while getting the clitoral and vaginal stimulation that you need at the same time.
Fun vibrators are just that, fun. They look different, feel different but whilst they provide the necessary pleasure expected from a sex toy or vibrator, they give the added humour too.

Be His Sexual Slave for a Night with the Help of Anal Vibrators

Have you ever tried having a slave night with your partner. If you want to sizzle things up in the bedroom, what you can do is make up these theme nights where you and your lover will get to act out roles with each other.

You will not believe how easily it is to slip into character in the bedroom and to start getting in the spirit of things, you can agree to be your partners slave for one night.  And to heat things up further, you can indulge in some backdoor action, with the help of anal vibrators.

Rather than just using your finger to stimulate your partners anus, you can use an anal vibrator instead. Those hundred of nerve endings on that part of your or your partners body will be ultra stimulated that you will wonder why you have not even tried using anal vibes before!

If you want to experience full anal action, you can try getting the anal passion vibrator set  The full anal kit includes vibrators, anal fingers, anal butt plugs and a soft anal plug on a suction cup base. Now, if you want to start with something simple, you can try the organics anal vibrator instead.  This powerful and ultra slim vibrator is 8 inches of anal perfection!

No matter which type of anal sex toys it is that you are looking for, you will definitely find one that will suit your and you partners fancy, so check out the collection of anal and other sex toys at 

Shop for the toys that you want, agree to be his sexual slave for a night and you can rest assured that your lover will eagerly look forward to the next time that you will spend together!

Where to Find Great Deals on Condoms

From the minute that you were old enough to get the birds and the bees lecture from your parents, you were probably bombarded with how you should always use a condom.  And the warnings that you received are not useless either because condoms save lives.

Condoms do not just help prevent unwanted pregnancy or teenage pregnancy. It is also your number one protection against sexually transmitted disease.  No matter how well you think you know your partner, he or she may have an STD which may not show up until a year or so from now and the same thing will apply to you as well. So its always better to be safe than sorry.

Now, instead of considering the use of condoms as a chore, why not consider it to be something fun, which is the whole point of having sex anyway.  With condoms, there are different sizes, flavours and even colours that you can get, which just adds fun to your steamy sessions in bed.

So where exactly can you find great deals on condoms. Why dont you check out the UK online sex toy shop at Magic Moments.  Here, you can get a great price for a whole range of condoms including bulk condoms where you save even more. The good thing about buying condoms in bulk is that you will not only enjoy great discounts, but you will also have an endless supply that you can use in case of emergencies.

Finally, if you are looking for a different dose of fun, you can try a penis extender condom which will instantly add inches to your penis size padded, dotted, vibrating and silicone penis extender condoms are also available.  Check them out now at Magic Moments.

Whats The Real Deal With Penis Enlargers

Whether or not you live by the mantra that size matters, spicing up your sex life takes work from you and your partner.  For example, if you feel that your partner in bed is not really sexually satisfied with the size of your penis, should you resort to using penis enlargers or penis extenders.

First, lets take a look at the difference between a penis extender and penis enlarger. Penis extenders are like dildos ,the only difference is that they are hollow and are meant to be worn over the penis. This way, there will be an actual extension of your penis size. On the other hand, these sex toys for men usually include a vacuum penis pump which you need to insert your penis into, so that blood flow in the area will increase, making your penis look and feel bigger.
So the million dollar question is, do penis enlargers work. Actually, it depends on the individual.  For some men, using pumps is enough to increase the blood flow and enlarge their penis size, while for others, a different type of penis stimulator is needed.

If you want to try this type of sex toy, check out the selection of new penis enlargers from Magic Moments. Once you find out that penis enlargers do the work in increasing the length or girth of your penis, you can easily give your partner a mind blowing, toe curling orgasm that she is not bound to forget anytime soon.

A Myriad Of Vibrator Types To Choose From

Did you know that automatic vibrators were first invented around late 1860. Back then, boiling water and steam was used to power the vibrator, what a fuss, luckily vibrators have moved on a fair bit since then.

Fortunately, our technology has come a long way since those days, vibrators of all shapes, sizes and colours have become naughty, battery operated devices which you can use to provide that buzzing sensation during sex. Whether you are looking forward to having some battery operated company during the night or if you are using them for some fun love play between you and your partner, vibrators are definitely worth it. 

Lets take a look at two of the most popular vibrators available today. Firstly, there is the rabbit vibrator.  This sex toy, which is also known as jack rabbit or plain rabbit vibrator has one big and one small shaft which aims to stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris at the same time. If you are looking for double the does of pleasure, this is definitely the type of vibrator that you should have, its not called the queen of sex toys for nothing.

Second, you can try the fun vibrator range, as the name implies, these vibrators are designed with fun in mind, they include bright vibrate colours in a variety of materials and shapes to give you something different in vibrator fun.

The other types of vibrator that you can choose from include the bullet vibrator, black vibrator, clitoral vibrator, finger vibrator, g spot, jelly, large and small vibrators or try something different, especially if oral sex is one of your passions a tongue vibrator. The selection of vibrators is practically endless, so happy buzzing.

Lifelike Sexual Pleasure with Silicone Sex Toys

If you and your partner have not even tried introducing sex toys in your relationship, you are definitely missing out a lot. Some couples or individuals are hesitant to use sex toys, like a vibrator or dildo either because they feel intimidated with it, or they are just plain embarrassed by the thought of introducing these naughty little gadgets and items in the bedroom.

However, you should know that using sex toys provide a lot of benefits to couples and individuals who use them. Sex toys feel naturally good, they add spice and fun to your sex life and they just make sex so much better. Now, if you are looking for some lifelike sexual pleasure, there is no better thing to have than a collection of silicone sex toys.

One particular collection that you need to look at is the new silicone sex toys. The Sparky Silicone Vibrator is made from 100% silicone so its great to use while showering or bathing.  Also, the unique shape and the penis head of this silicone sex toy is bound to send you to cloud 9 it also measures 6.5 inches long, so you wont be lacking in the length department.

To sum it all up, the advantage of silicone sex toys over other types of sex toys is that they are made from latex or rubber silicone which provides a lifelike and realistic feel to the sex toy of your choice.

The Pleasure Of Strap Ons And Strap On Dildos

Strap ons are actually a type of sex toy that usually strap on around the waist with a harness with a dildo attached to the end of the strap on. Depending on the type of strap ons you buy, you will experience a myriad of sensations before, during and even after penetration.

So lets look at the different types of strap ons. First, there is the hollow strap on dildo where the penis can be inserted while the dildo provides an extra dose of pleasure for a woman during intercourse. Then we have the solid strap on which is like the typical dildo, except the dildo is attached to a harness, these strap ons are preferred mainly by gay and lesbian couples to provide penetration.
A vibrating strap on comes in both hollow and solid versions and gives extra sensation and pleasure with the vibrator action. The popularity of strap ons is increasing on a month by month basis, which is why so many new strap ons are becoming available to buy.

Choosing A Dildo - Discover The Pleasure Different Dildos Can Give

Some would argue one dildo is the same as another dildo, but thats not true. Whilst most dildos perform the same thing, to provide sexual pleasure for men and women there are many different dildos that can produce different sensations and serve a different purpose.
A strap on dildo often referred to as lesbian strap ons is not only for use by lesbians, men who have erection problems can also use the hollow strap on variety to provide pleasure for their partner. There are many other types of dildo too, the dildo vibrator for example, these versions include a vibrator, something which is not normally found on most dildos.
Size is important with any dildo you buy, a huge dildo for example might be too uncomfortable, a small one could be no good for stimulation if big is the type of dildo you need or are used to. Whilst most men and women know how to use a dildo, if you experiment you can discover new ways of using dildos to get more pleasure.
Glass dildos are becoming very popular possibly because these dildo types can be heated or coooled down in the fridge to give a different sensation when being used. Many of the dildos available to buy are realistic in every detail to a cock, many are replicas of top pornstar studs and include detail like veins seen on a real cock, these add to the realism when using your dildo, either alone or with a partner.
Also, lets not forget for those who like anal sex, there are anal dildos too, these are normally slim dildos because the anus is delicate and too large a dildo can be painful, these dildos also come in strap on anal dildo variety too.
Hopefully, the above information on dildos will dispel the thought that all dildos are the same, clearly, thats not the case!

Women Sex Toys Update - Pussy Pump Fantastic Clitoris Stimulation

A pussy pump or sometimes referred to as a clit pump provides vagina and clitoris stimulation, these type of women sex toys are becoming more popular as more women seek out new ways to get sexual pleasure.
Pussy pumps work on a vacuum pump method where a dome with a pump is placed over the vagina and clitoris, by squeezing the pump the air is expelled from the dome and the vagina is sucked. Many women find this a very pleasureable experience, the sucking sensation on the vagina lips and clitoris will often give her an orgasm.
There are different types of pussy pump, some cover the whole of the vagina, others are solely for use on the clitoris, these are clit pumps. Many women like these clit and pussy pumps because of the different sensations they produce compared to other clitoral stimulators.

Vibrator Review - What Type Of Vibrators Are Available

Many men and women think a vibrator is just a vibrating sex toy and vibrators are all the same, you may be surprised to learn just how many different vibrator types there are.
The most popular type is the rabbit vibrator, millions of women have one or more of these although many wont admit to it. If a small or micro size vibrator is preferred as a vibrating sex toy then a bullet vibrator could well be a good choice for you.
Clitoris stimulation is by far the best way for a woman to reach orgasm, playing with the clitoris either by using the fingers or your partners tongue will more often that not in most women give her an orgasm. There is however, a clitoral vibrator that can be used, these vibrators are shaped to produce intense stimulation for the clit.
The g spot is often referred to as a hot spot in women, stimulation of the g spot can often make a women have an orgasm that is so intense she will squirt or ejaculate from the vagina. Finding the g spot is difficult in most women but a g spot vibrator will make finding this hot spot much easier.
When deciding to buy a vibrator many women think that they have to have a solid hard plastic vibe, because this is the only type available, this can put many women off.  A jelly vibrator however, is soft, flexible and resembles a real cock in many ways, its easy to insert and the vibration produced from most jelly vibrators will give a different sensation to that of a hard plastic vibrator.
One of the many complaints by women regarding vibrators is the noise they make, if you need a quiet sex toy because other people are in the house then choosing a silent vibrator is your best option. These vibrator models are so quiet you can have fun without anybody hearing a thing except your scream when you orgasm.
Want to have fun in the bath or shower with a sex toy, you can, but instead of using a traditional vibrator which could ruin your vibe if water gets inside, choose a waterproof vibrator these vibrators are designed to safely be used where water is present like the bath or shower.
So there you have a taste of just some of the different vibrators available, there are many others to choose from, so the next time somebody says a vibrator is a vibrator you can prove not all vibrators are the same.

Anal Toys News - Discover The Pleasure Of Anal Beads

One of the most popular types of anal toy, are anal beads, these anal sex toys are a string of beads either attached by string or plastic thread and are inserted into the ass to increase anal stimulation during sex or foreplay. Users of anal beads which are both men and women say that the feeling experienced when the beads are pulled out at the time of orgasm is amazing.
With so many different anal sex toys to choose from, anal beads make a good choice if anal pleasure is something you want. Unlike other anal toys, like a butt plug for example, these round beads produce a stimulation on the anus opening and the pleasure that is experienced is caused mainly because of the sensitive nerve endings in the anal opening.
There are lots of anal beads to buy, waterproof, Chinese, Thai, triple and vibrating anal beads are some of the different types. Another popular way of using anal beads is to use them with a vibrator or dildo, many lesbian lovers use anal beads in conjunction with a double dildo this gives vaginal and anal stimulation for both.

Sexy Lingerie - The Perfect Christmas Gift For Ladies They Love Lingerie

With Christmas fast approaching it is always difficult for men and women to choose a gift that will excite and delight, sexy lingerie is always a great gift for men to buy their partner. One of the main problems for men buying sexy lingerie is the embarrassment of walking into a lingerie shop and walking out with sexy underwear!
Our sexy lingerie will not only give excitement for your lady this Christmas we will save you the embarrassment of shopping. A sexy baby doll, some naughty thongs, wicked stockings and suspenders are just a few of the gift ideas to buy your lady this Christmas.
We have a huge range of sexy lingerie with all different sizes including a range of plus size lingerie available too. A sexy corset or bustier, a playsuit, bodystocking, sexy dress, panties, bras the gift ideas just keep on coming, with so many sexy lingerie items available you are spoilt for choice. Add in some new sex toys and this Christmas could be the best ever.
Make this a Christmas to remember buy your lady some sexy lingerie or if you are a lady reading this why not treat yourself to excite the man in your life!

Sex Toys Update - A Butt Plug Gives Extra Anal Stimulation

When anal stimulation is part of your sex play, a butt plug is a favourite choice of anal sex toy for many couples because butt plugs give deeper stimulation than most other anal toys.
The variety of butt plugs to choose from is huge and includes inflatable, vibrating, remote control and glass types. An inflatable butt plug gives you the benefit of inflating to the size you want, small to extra large is possible using the pump. Vibrating butt plugs have a vibrator action to add to your anal pleasure and with multiple speed control you can start the vibrations slow and increase to full power as you approach orgasm.
Glass butt plugs are one of the new anal sex toys recently introduced onto the market, a glass butt plug is smooth made from safety glass and because of its ultra smooth design these plugs produce a different sensation to other butt plugs. Remember also that any type of butt plug you use must be used with safety and care in mind, butt plugs are designed especially for anal play, using normal sex toys like a dildo for example for anal penetration could result in these dildos being sucked into the anus.
It is recommended that you use a good quality anal lube for use with butt plugs this will make insertion easier and your anal sex play will be more enjoyable.

The Bullet Vibrator Is One Of The Most Popular Vibrators

If you have wondered what one of the most popular types of vibrator are, a rabbit vibrator will always come near to the top but a bullet vibrator comes a close second. The silver bullet is an example. For those who dont know what bullet vibrators are, they are a type of sex toy that are pointed just like the bullet from a gun.
These mini vibrators known as bullets are micro in size which makes them easy to hold but the major benefit of this type of vibrator is the power and direct stimulation they give. Unlike most vibrators which spread the vibrator power over a larger area, these sex toy versions ensure all the power is directed straight to the bullet tip, making the vibrator ideal for nipple and clitoris stimulation.
Bullet vibrators are a relatively new sex toy but their popularity has increased enormously over the years mainly because of the power and size. These mini bullet vibes can be put in your handbag or purse for on the go masturbation whenever and wherever you want it. As bullet vibrators are wireless or remote control having a bullet on hand makes them popular and easy to use.

Discover Sex Toys Pleasure With A G Spot Vibrator

A great deal has been written about the g spot, the main question asked is does it really exist well, ask any women who has used a g spot vibrator or dildo and she will tell you it does exist and when the vibrator finds your g spot its like an explosion that takes place when she reaches orgasm. Because the g spot is in a hard to find place inside the vagina, the unique shape of g spot vibrators can find it much easier. Also, the g spot in a female needs lots of stimulation, something that a finger or normal dildo could find difficult.

G spot vibrators have a curved end with a special tip very often this tip is either flattened or pointed and the vibrator motor sends the power direct to the tip reaching the g spot to produce the stimulation required. A g spot vibrator or often referred to as a dildo will produce an amazing orgasm that most women will tell you cannot be compared to a clitoral orgasm. Manufacturers have listened to companies like ourselves and are now producing more g spot vibrators within the vibrator range as the popularity of these sex toys has increased emmensely.

The new sex toys now available in g spot style gives every female a huge choice, from small to large there is a g spot vibrator of a size or material to satisfy every womens needs.

Male Sex Toys Review - Fake Pussy Toys Next BestThing To Real Sex

When shopping for male sex toys, you should consider fake pussy toys as these are the type of male sex toy that are as close to real sex as you can get. A fake pussy used for male masturbation will provide fantastic pleasure for men.
There are lots of male sex toys to choose from including a sex doll range, a collection of penis stimulators, the popular penis pump and also cock rings amongst other sex toys for boys. By far the most popular type of male sex toy however is the fake pussy. These fake pussy toys are now so realistic in detail and look many are difficult to tell from sex with a real woman.
Modern technology has improved these fake pussy toys to the point where the variety available is huge, many are made in cyberskin or magic flesh, like the Cyber Clone Vagina these versions are fake pussies using a special material which has a texture that feels like real skin. In use these sex toys for men will have you thinking you are fucking a real woman.
Our guide to fake pussy toys gives more advice and help on how to use a fake pussy, also take a read of our male sex toys guide for helpful tips and hints on getting the best from sex toys for men.

Sex Toys Review - The Rabbit Vibrator Most Popular Dildo

It may not come as much of a surprise that the rabbit vibrator is still one of the most popular sex toys probably due to the fact that rabbit vibrators give deep vagina penetration with the rotating beads and the bunny ears give great clitoris stimulation all at the same time.
So what new vibrators are available to buy, many women are raving about the waver rabbit, this rampent sex toy based on the rabbit vibrator style has gone one further in pleasure with a rippling shaft that has a wave motion, the bunny ears are still there for the clit but now with a wave motion that moves up and down the rabbit vibrator its something that has to be experienced.
The mini rabbit is a new addition to the rabbit toy range, a mini version of a rabbit vibrator that is compact but still produces enough power on the bunny ears for great clitoral stimulation, the pink rabbit is moving up the ranks in popularity, its bright vibrant colour with its powerful vibrator action is becoming a favourite amongst rabbit vibrators.
Our rabbit vibrator guide gives some great tips on how to get the best from rabbit vibrators.

Try An Enema As Part Of Your Sex Toys Fun

Usually an enema would be associated with some medical proceedure, however enemas can also be done as part of sex toys fun especially if anal sex is to happen. There are lots of enema equipment kits available and these are inexpensive and can add greatly to the excitement leading up to sex.
Using a douche supplied by these enema kits is very simple, they are comfortable and safe to use and once the anus has been cleaned through using an enema kit, your ass fun can begin. A home enema kit is very handy to have around and whilst some kits come with douche bag, others are self contained using just a bulb enema with plastic nozzle.

Chocolate Body Spread Causes Adult Health Scare

A large well known party plan and adult novelties shop chain has had to withdraw from sale their chocolate body paint because the chocolate spread is contaminated with extremely high levels of a chemical called melamine.
We sell a chocolate and strawberry body pen set which is from a different supplier but as a precaution and as a responsible sex toys and adult novelties supplier we immediately removed the item from sale contacted our supplier to get confirmation that our body pen set was safe, the pleasing news is that we have had verbal confirmation our chocolate and strawberry body pen set is NOT affected and is therefore safe, its now available again from us.

The chocolate and strawberry pens gives you the thrill of writing sexy messages on your lovers body then licking it off, a tasty treat and an artistic way to tell your lover how you feel about them.

Party Gift Or Inflatable Sex Pleasure - A Blow Up Sex Doll Is Fun

An inflatable blow up sex doll is used for a number of reasons today, many years ago they were used mainly as a joke item for stag and hen parties, nowadays, although blow up sex dolls are still bought for this reason, the increase in technology has led to a more sophisticated blow up doll range which are used by men and women for simulated sex.
These sex dolls are of the highest quality with realistic face, hair and skin made from a material called cyberskin that looks and feels like real skin. A doll like the Virtual Girl Sex Doll from Hustler is almost a perfect replica of a real women, with painted fingernails solid head, a soft pussy and tight ass that is difficult to tell from a real women.
Apart from the realistic sex dolls like the Virtual Girl, there are of course less expensive blow up dolls to choose from and these dolls are available in many positions and types including the sitting sally sex doll, Juicy Lucy Chinese Doll and even a fat sex doll for those who love sex with fat women. So when you need an inflatable doll as a gift for the next stag or hen party or a sex doll for a cosy intimate night in you know where to cum.
For more detailed information on sex dolls take a look at our helpful sex dolls guide.

Vibrator Massager Update - New Vibrators Hit The Spot

When a new vibrator or massager is launched lots of tests are carried out and users of vibrators are given the sex toy and a review is written, based on these massager reviews from the testers it is then decided whether to offer the sex toys to customers to buy. The same principle applies to all new vibrators and massagers.
So what is new in vibrators and massagers. Lets look first at the Tickle Teaser Vibrator shaped like a toothbrush it has an angled head to reach all those intimate places and gives out direct vibration like a bullet vibrator. The latest in rabbit vibrators has arrived, aptly named the Horny Rabbit Vibe it has all the usual bunny ears, rotating beads features but also includes 5 vibrator functions.
If a remote vibrator takes your fancy check out the new Micro Dolphin Remote Vibrator its a firm favourite in the USA and now available here in the UK, its wireless has a unique clit tickler for clitoris stimulation and is easy to hold during use to give direct vibration to where you want it.

Dildo Update - Enjoy The Pleasures Of A Double Dildo

A double dildo has many uses and its not just for lesbian sex. Whilst double dildos have mainly been used by lesbians to give each other pleasure, today more couples are trying out a double dildo. Men in recent times have discovered that a dildo in their ass can have very satisfying pleasures.
Many couples will use a double dildo to increase their sexual excitement, one end of the dildo is used by the female in her vagina, while the other dildo is in her partners ass, as they rock back and forth, both enjoy the pleasures.
Double dildos are available in many types, the Double Ended Dildo Mini Penis for example is for solo use by a woman, its curved shape allows the dildos to go into the vagina and ass at the same time. A double ended dildo has the benefit of giving double pleasure to both the vagina and ass at the same time, where a normal dildo can only be used for giving pleasure to one of the orifices.
With a huge range of colours and sizes available in double dildos you have a wide variety to choose so there is sure to be one that appeals.

Sex Toys Update - An Anal Dildo Gives Deep Penetrating Pleasure

There are lots of anal toys to choose from including beads, butt plugs and vibrators but for many men, women and couples an anal dildo is their preferred choice. These dildos are designed to give deep penetrating pleasure for the ass. Despite common opinion Its not only gay men that enjoy anal dildos, many women and heterosexual males enjoy the feeling of a dildo in the ass.
Anal dildos come in a variety of sizes and styles, a huge anal dildo may be your choice or perhaps if a big size is enough to make your eyes water, then a mini dildo version might be more suitable. If you are of lesbian tendency there is also an anal dildo for you too.
Adults who use dildos in their ass will tell you the feeling and satisfaction of this anal sex toy type is deep and very pleasureable apart from the naughty aspect associated with anal foreplay and sex, these anal dildos take pleasure one step further.
With any anal dildo use it is recommended that you use an anal lube to ensure safety and comfort.

Bondage Restraints Update - Handcuffs Lock In Some Great Sex Fun

Handcuffs are great fun even if serious bondage is not your game, many men women and couples are taking part in mild fetish and bondage fun games and discovering the thrill of handcuffing is a major turn on for both of you. Safety and trust are two of the main rules with any type of handcuff sex, you neeed to be able to trust your partner completely.
With so many different types of handcuff available you dont have to rely on the handcuffs with keys type because now you have a choice of hand cuffs including furry, velcro fastening versions, buckle and padded. The main problem with old style steel handcuffs was the pain factor, they become uncomfortable if put on too tight also if the keys become misplaced you have a big proble. Its good news therefore that the velcro fastener type give better comfort and can be released quickly. You may like to look at the Japanese Silk Rope Handcuffs these are new version of cuffs that are bright, comfortable and versatile for ankles, wrist and hands.
If you have always been curious about handcuff sex but have had reservations about safety, there is no need to worry because there are many handcuffs to choose from that are both comfortable and safe to dismiss your fears.

Vibrator Update - Buy The Correct Massager And Enjoy Sex Toys Fun

Buying the right vibrator will give you a massager that makes your sex toys fun more enjoyable. Vibrators are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours but massagers also come in different types of textures too. You can choose to have a solid hard vibrator or a soft texture type like a dildo vibrator depending on your mood.
A rabbit vibrator is the most popular type of vibrators often referred to as massagers, these models have bunny ears that act as a massager for the clitoris, which is one reason why rabbit vibrators are often the best choice of vibrator for many women.
You may like to consider buying a remote vibrator as these have no wires to get in the way whilst you are having your bedroom fun. Remote vibrators also have the benefit of more advanced vibrator units making them usually more powerful than a normal vibrator or massager. Although a remote vibrator may sound difficult to use they are very easy to operate and as a massager sex toy very effective too.
For more help on vibrator use read our sex toys guide to vibrators.

Sex Toys Review - Anal Dildo Gives Back Door Fun To Thousands

Its official more and more adults who use sex toys are turning to an anal dildo to get extra pleasure during sex. How times have changed, 20 years ago the mere mention of anal sex or using anal dildos would be frowned upon and would be a closely guarded secret for those who enjoyed anal dildo sex. Nowadays, although it would be wrong to say its the topic of conversation over the dinner table, it is widely and openly discussed with friends.
Its hardly surprising therefore to learn that more manufacturers of new sex toys are turning their attention to creating more and more new anal dildos. Even the porn stars are cashing in on the popularity, take Vivian Schmitt the popular porn star queen, she has released the Vivian Schmitt Anal Swirl Dildo complete with a swirl shaft its one of a range of sex toys in her collection. Then of course there is the anal strap on dildo range to consider like the black anal strap on dildo which comes complete with a harness and 3 interchangeable dildos that are guaranteed to give some great back door action.
There is a vast choice to buy when looking for an anal dildo and size is not a problem either, a huge anal dildo or a small one the choice is yours and theres one for everyone including a lesbian anal dildo too. For more information on anal dildos and anal toys take a look at our guide to anal sex toys.

A Strap On Gives Fantastic Sex Toys Pleasure

When you shop to buy a strap on whether its a strap on dildo or one of the many other strap ons available make sure you buy the right size strap on. Many men and women make the mistake of buying a strapon that is too big for their partner.
The old saying is that size matters and in the case of strapons it does. The choice of new strap ons is vast and so too are the sizes available. Many men make the mistake of buying a huge strap on dildo to satisfy their own fantasy of seeing their partner take a massive dildo. Dont make this mistake. If you are looking to purchase a strap on to use on your partner, choose one with a dildo that is the same or near to your own penis size, your partner is used to your penis size so it will be comfortable for them. Obviously this rule doesnt apply if your partner is wanting something bigger.
When buying a strap on you can choose a solid strap on dildo harness or perhaps a vibrating strap on might suit better as this gives vibration for your partner too. Strap ons are not restricted to vaginal use, there are many anal dildo strap ons like the Tie On Penis Anal Dildo which is great for providing anal pleasure. Alternatively if variety is required then you may decide to buy a mixed set of strap ons like the 3 piece coloured strap on dildo which has 3 dildos with a harness so you can try out 3 different dildos with different textures.
Our sex toys guide to strap ons gives great help and advice on choosing the right strap on for you.

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With thousands of sex toys available you are sure to find a sex toy that meets you and your partners needs. Our sex toys sale offers huge discount on a massive range of sextoys including sex toys for men, women, gay and lesbian at our online shop. Hundreds of vibrators and dildos, dozens of sex dolls and if anal sex toys excite your passion we have dozens of those too.
Sex toys are what Magic Moments are known for since 1985, we have always offered a huge range of discount sex toys for men and women at cheap prices. New sex toys are added to our huge range on a regular basis, so bookmark our site to ensure you know where to find cheap sex toys when you need them.
With low prices and superb customer service our discreet fast delivery is second to none and as regular Magic Moments customers have discovered we offer free sex toys and gifts to regular shoppers at our online sex toys shop in the UK. Why not join the millions of customers who have had the Magic Moments experience.

Shopping For A Cock Ring Can Help Your Male Erection

A cock ring has many different benefits not only for men but women too, cock rings are one of the most under-rated sex toys because many men dont know how to use a cock ring. The principle and benefits of a cockring are to help increase and hold the mans erection, holding his erection in place longer which leads to increased satisfaction for the woman. You may like to consider a vibrating cock ring when you shop for cock rings because these versions have an attached vibrator that gives vibrating pleasure to your cock and they can provide vibration to her clitoris at the same time.
Cockrings are available in all styles and designs including, latex, metal and silicone and the majority of cock rings do have adjustable straps. Whatever type of cockring you buy most explain how to wear a cock ring with full instructions included. One of the common questions asked is do cock rings work, the answer to this is simple. Yes.  They provide the man the ability to hold his erection longer which will give enhanced satisfaction for you and your partner too.
If you want to know more about cock rings visit our cock rings information page.

Shop For And Buy A Discount Vibrator Or Dildo The Best Sex Toy

Ask any woman to vote for her best type of sex toy and its very likely a vibrator or dildo will come near the top of the list. Getting her to name her favourite best vibrator is more difficult because there are so many vibrators and dildos to choose from.
Its a fair bet that a rabbit vibrator would come near top choice for best sex toy and a remote vibrator dildo would be in the running too. Vibrators are fantastic sex toys for giving stimulation and pleasure they are so versatile you can use them internally in the vagina and for stimulation of the clitoris too, a clit vibrator is great for clitoral stimulation. Most women who enjoy internal vaginal pleasure using a vibrator prefer to buy a vibrator dildo, as these are usually penis shape and are more realistic to a real cock.
A dildo or vibrator with multiple speed control is your best option when you buy this type of sex toy, you have the benefit of changing the speed of vibration when it suits you and if you dont want vibration whilst you use your dildo vibrator you simply turn it off.
We have plenty of special offer discount new vibrator and dildo deals at the moment, its a great time to buy your vibrator now and save money. We have lots of special offer discounts on dildos too.

Buy A Sex Doll At Discount From Sex Toys Discount Sale

Finding a sex doll at a good price is important especially nowadays with money being so tight, but not only do you want a cheap sex doll price you need a real doll of good quality. Shopping for sex dolls is fun but choosing a blow up doll from the hundreds available can often be difficult. We have made your inflatable sex doll shopping easier, you can choose your new sex doll by selecting your price range and we have lots of love dolls reviews too.
Many of the quality sex dolls are modelled on porn stars today, its like having real sex with your favourite porn star, one of the latest dolls is the Jana Cova Sex Doll modelled on Jana, this doll is a perfect replica. If the girl next door type love doll appeals to you theres the Eva Desperate Housewife Sex Doll or perhaps you prefer an oriental doll in which case the Anime Japanese Sex Doll will satisfy your needs.
Be sure when choosing your love doll for some real doll sex to stock up on personal lubricant a good quality lube will give greater satisfaction.

Anal Beads The Popular Sex Toy For Anal Play And Stimulation

The popularity of anal beads has increased over the years to the point where men, women and couples who enjoy anal play ensure that anal beads are part of their sex toy collection. These wonderful sex toys contain a number of beads attached to either string or a plastic shaft, most anal beads contain at least 6 beads of the same size or on some models the beads graduate in size from small to large.
The beads are inserted into the anus using anal lubricant and as your orgasm approaches you pull each anal bead out one at a time to experience exciting sensations on the anal opening. Anal beads are such a popular sex toy because when a man or woman is about to orgasm the anal opening goes into spasm as the muscles inside the anus contract, the beads add extra sensations leading to better satisfaction.
You can increase the intensity of your anal pleasure with vibrating anal beads this type of model sends vibrations to each bead

Shopping To Buy A Discount Glass Dildo Can Be Fun

When the need arises for a hard dildo, there is nothing better than a glass dildo. Made from solid safety glass these dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes including beautiful coloured sculptured styles too. They come in small, big and huge dildo sizes and as well as being used for vaginal stimulation, there are dildos in butt plug styles for anal use too.

Being smooth a glass dildo has the benefit of being easy to insert, easy to clean and they produce a different feeling to that of a traditional dildo. Spiral dildos are one of the most popular types of glass dildo as these have a spiral twist up the shaft and produce unique stimulation as they slip in and out of the vagina. With glass dildos being so smooth and cool to touch they can give you a different pleasure sensation, well worth a try for all dildo lovers.

How To Get Better Female Orgasms

The female orgasm is a wonderful experience that defies a general description. But beyond the pleasure of the experience, there are some wonderful health benefits. Enjoying a better female orgasm is possible when you address the needs of your body, mind and spirit. Here are some of the actions you can take to get your share of pleasure.
As a woman your body has special nutritional needs to support your feminine mystique that are specific to the sex glands. There are many holistic formulas that supply your body with the elements it needs to support your libido. You may have heard the saying sex begins in the mind and if this is true, it is just as important to feed your brain chemistry which controls the support of your sex glands. Remember your imagination is the home of all your delicious erotic fantasies.
By now the value of exercise both physical and mental is generally well accepted, but what about emotional exercise. Creative activities like sewing, dancing and painting are great ways to balance your emotions which is very important to sexual activity. Meditation and self massage are very simple to do and can be done alone or with a partner. These activities help to relax the body and mind plus provide clarity to the emotions. Set aside 30 minutes as your own private time, sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Focus on taking slow, deep cleansing breaths and let your thoughts pass unattended.
Self massage of your body using massage oils, particularly the head, feet and hands can relieve work tension from your muscles. Placement art, like feng shui can be used to create a home environment that is in sync with your personality and lifestyle. Adjusting your daily routine with these activities to maintain a sexy, healthy body are the keys to enjoying better female orgasms everyday.

Buy Strap Ons At Discount Get Double Pleasure

Strap ons are one of the most popular sex toys for lesbian lovers, but a strap on is also ideal for men and women sex too, it can take your lovemaking to a new level. The fascination for men to discover what it feels like to have a strap on used on them anally is increasing. With a huge range of strap on dildos available, choosing one that suits you or your partner is easy and now strap ons are cheaper than ever at our discount strap on sex shop sale.
Most models of these sex toys are realistic in detail to a penis and have a strap on harness dildo attached to fit around the waist. Solid and hollow strap ons are available, so too are anal dildo versions. If a vibrating version is your preference, no problem, lots of vibrating strap ons in various sizes and colours can be found in our sale.
Hollow strap ons are preferred and recommended for men with erectile dysfunction, these versions allow the penis to fit inside allowing the man to pleasure his partner. Within our new strap ons collection is a rabbit vibrator an ideal choice for lesbian sex. Discover the delights and benefits of strap ons now and save money too.
For more help and advice see our strap ons guide

A Pussy Shaver Gives Good Hygiene For Oral Sex

An important aspect of great sex relations is self confidence, this not only means your physical appearance from a distance but up close and personal too. Physical hygiene plays an important role on how much pleasure you get. Intimate shaving is great in contributing to satisfying oral sex it can be great fun too using a pussy or bikini shaver to trim up those intimate parts.
Many would question that it is clinical but viewed from a different angle it can be made part of foreplay which adds to the excitement. There are a number of intimate shaving products available that include shaving oils and creams, personal shavers and intimate wipes designed to give you an irritation free shave.
When you have the appropriate intimate items and you are ready for your lover to perform the shave, set the mood by filling the bath with warm water, light the scented candles turn on some relaxing romantic music and unwind. The warm water will heat the hair follicles making your shave comfortable. Step out the bath sit on a comfortable stool, trim the long hairs carefully with scissors then apply a generous amount of cream or shaving foam over the area to be shaved.
Ensure the blades in your personal shaver are new to stop any rash building. Using one hand to protect the sensitive area of the genitals and keep the skin taut. Make sure you shave away from the clitoris or penis and use long smooth strokes do not shave over the same area twice as this can cause shaver burn. Once your shave is complete you could cover your partners genitals in a lube like Lick It Strawberry Sex Lubricant there is nothing more exciting than seeing the smooth bare skin around your partners genitals ready for some oral sex action.

Take A Joy Ride Buy New Sex Toys For Women At Discount

Its so easy to enjoy yourself when you have an assortment of new sex toys for women to choose from and we have so many you can buy at massive discounts. Sex toys are available to fit all physical comfort levels to help you reach your height of passion easily. Plus most of these love toys can be used in several different positions allowing you to have hands free pleasure. Remote control vibrators allow you to have your fun while you are on the move.

There has been some controversy about the materials used in the manufacture of sex toys recently that has brought those made with safety glass to the forefront. Glass dildos are safe, easy to sanitize and are designed to be visually and physically stimulating. What else is new. Have you tried the vagina or clit sucker. Just like the name implies, these little love toys work overtime to bring you the orgasms you seek. The vibrating vagina pump covers the labia and the clitoris, applying the amount of suction you need to get release. The clit sucker focuses on massaging your pleasure pearl until you are completely satisfied. For a different type of stimulation soft vaginal balls are sensual and erotically delightful because of the sensations they produce from the movement of your body. This is one of the most discreet sex toys you can own, completely silent and undetectable.

The all time favourite rabbit vibrator is still drawing attention with some fabulous new designs. For the woman who likes to take their sex toys with them discreetly, the compact bullet vibrator has eight different pleasure power settings. The new sex toys for women are designed to support an active sex life and total physical satisfaction whenever and wherever you want it.

Shopping For Sexual Health Products Is Fun And Rewarding

The papers and media today are full of stories about how sexual health has changed and is constantly changing. Not a day goes by when we are not being told to lose weight, keep fit and stay healthy. Your sexual health is affected by what you eat, the exercise you do and being healthy and physically fit is sexy. Seeing toned muscles or voluptuous curves make our hearts beat a little faster. Some sexual health products are nutritional providing your body with the special chemical your sex glands need to be toned and ready for action. They support your libido and sexual performance from the inside out.

But even when you exercise and eat properly for your body type, your sexual attraction power can always use a little extra support. Pheromones are the chemical agents your body naturally produce that attract the opposite sex through their sense of smell. Now you can pump up your sexual volume anytime you feel the need. Using female or male pheromone sprays will have your own personal Cupid working overtime.

On the other hand, there are also products that work through direct application, such as delay creams for men or climax creams for women, which enhance the sensitivity of the penis or clitoris to help you enjoy longer performance times and heightened sensations of pleasure. These products can resolve the problem of premature ejaculation or difficulty in achieving orgasm.

Sex toys are great adult playtime accessories but these intimate products need more than just batteries to work at their best, they also need regularly cleaning to avoid irritation. Using a sex toy cleaner is best to ensure the elimination of bacteria that can inhibit your enjoyment.

There are many different aspects to maintaining your sexual health from a mental, physical and emotional level. The more you know about yourself, what turns you on and what doesnt, the easier it is to choose the sexual health products that will provide you with the support you need to satisfy your desires and be a better lover.

Shop For Fun And Pleasure And Buy Discount Realistic Dildos

When romance is on the menu and sexual feelings run high, sex toys and especially a realistic dildo are great for adding to the excitement. Realistic Dildos are like a mans penis in every detail, even the testicles and skin tone are there, its little wonder they are called realistic. If we are to believe that sex starts in the mind, the visual images we get are important so a realistic dildo that looks and feels like the real thing is ideal for stimulating the mind.

As dildos are one of the most popular sex toys you can buy a dildo of any shape, size, colour and material. If you include the suction cup dildo that sticks to most flat surfaces you start to understand why dildos are probably the most versatile sex toy. Dildos are great for different positions too, being flexible they bend to whatever shape or position you want. With so many dildos available to buy its hardly surprising that dildos in all shapes are not difficult to find, take as an example the Fist Realistic Dildo, yes a realistic moulded fist for those who are into fisting. If size is important and of course it is, you can choose from a huge dildo right down to a small dildo and sizes in between.

Dildos are used by both men and women for masturbation purposes, either alone or together and using a strap on dildo can be both exciting and rewarding. These sex toys are effective to stimulate your partner and help them experience the fantasy orgasm they have been longing for. Sexual fantasies are at their best when they become pleasurable realities. With the visual impact of a real penis plus the vibrating feeling inside your vagina, having more than one orgasm is highly possible. Whether you like your cocks thick or slim, you can have what your heart desires using realistic dildos.

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When you shop at our discount sex toys sale shop you will save money. Buy in confidence from a sex shop with 25 years experience in adult toys, vibrators, dildos and sex dolls. Save now on some of the latest sex toys including the new Waver Rabbit Vibrator which is the latest new rabbit vibrator with a rippling and waving shaft for extra vaginal stimulation.
In the male sex toys range, check out the new Penis Sucker For Men a penis stimulator for great male masturbation that gives as near to a real blow job as possible. If you want a good quality strap on complete with vibrator and ejaculation then take a look at the Orgasmatron Ejaculating Vibrating Strap On its one of the latest strapons and is fantastic value for money.
For the latest up to date information on adult toys visit our Whats New In Sex Toys page.

Buy At Discount A Glass Or Rubber Dildo From Adult Toys Shop

We have a fantastic range of glass dildos, rubber and jelly dildos at big discount from our adult toys shop. A huge selection at low prices including the Diamond Dazzler Glass Dildo and a big 12 inch jelly dildo with cheap dildo prices since 1985 Magic Moments is the UKs best online sex shop for low sex toys prices. Take a look at our new dildo range too and save.
For helpful advice and information on dildos see our sex toys guide on dildos

Masturbation Pleasure Male Sex Toys Sex Shop Discount Now On

There are so many sex toys for men choosing a male sex toy can be daunting but thats why we are here to help make shopping for a masturbation toy easier. You may decide you want a sex doll these realistic life like female partners can provide great sex satisfaction without the hassle of relationship issues. Many of the high quality sex dolls now available like the Hustler Virtual Girl Sex Doll are so realistic they could easily be mistaken for a real woman.
A fake vagina can be a great male sex toy for pleasure, these artificial vaginas are very realistic in look and those made in cyberskin material feel like the real thing too. A penis pump can help enlarge your penis as well as giving masturbation pleasure too.
Sex toys for men have improved greatly in recent years and some of the new sex toys for men have some innovative technology used that makes these sex toys realistic and pleasureable to use for masturbation purposes.
For more information see our sex toys for men guide

Adult Pleasure Stores Discount On Anal Sex Toys Buy Now

Anal sex toys provide a great deal of anal stimulation and with so many anal toys available the choice is huge we have some fantastic discount offers on anal toys in our anal sale. Anal beads are a popular choice of sex toy, these beads when inserted into the anus can be withdrawn one at a time at the point of oragsm for a mind blowing effect.
Butt plugs are by far the most popular anal sex toy, followed by an anal vibrator or dildo. All provide fantastic anal stimulation and pleasure. Its very important that before any anal play happens that the anus is clean and thats where enema equipment plays its part. An enema syringe is ideal, its safe, easy to use and will ensure some great anal fun.
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Shopping For Adult Pleasure Dongs Buy Discount Pleasure Toys Now

We have some great offers on dongs at the moment, there are dozens to choose from. The new spiral dong is a great stimulation sex toy that has a spiral twist design up the shaft to give great vaginal pleasure. Take a look too at the Stretch Strap On Latex Dong this strap on dong allows your penis to be inserted and as the dong is a large size it gives you a bigger penis in seconds.
The hooked on jelly dong is a fantastic sex toy made in jelly that has graduated beads up the shaft its ideal for both vaginal and anal use, can be used by men too who enjoy anal play. This dong is flexible to reach all your intimate parts.
If black excites you, the Leroys Black Long Dildo is a monster dong with testicles in a realistic detail, it looks and feels just like real black cock with balls. Measuring in at an impressive 9 inches long its sure to satisfy your demands.
For those who want a dong thats not too big, try the Little Willy Wonder Mini Dong made from clear jelly its 4 inches in length and is vibrating too, a bullet vibrator comes with it to turn it into a vibrating dong or the vibrator can be used on its own for clitoral and nipple stimulation.
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Real Pleasure From Sex Dolls

Opinions are mixed on sex dolls some would claim they encourage sex offences, however, most would agree that a sex doll is a great substitute for those who dont have sex with a partner. The one sure thing is that sex dolls are not just for men, women use them too and sex toy manufacturers have started to make more sex dolls for women.
Many years ago, sex dolls were crude in their manufacture, the faces were ghastly the material hard and the vagina and anus on these sex dolls were so basic it was like inserting your penis into a flabby balloon. Things have changed and have they changed. New technology has bought about a massive range of new sex dolls that are now so life like it is difficult to tell from a real woman. The vaginas are made from cyberskin material which is a replication of real skin, the faces on these real sex dolls are now acceptable most can be found with a solid head instead of an inflatable mess.
Prices on sex dolls are now lower than they were many years ago and the quality has increased dramatically to the point where most are very realistic when compared to real women. Sex dolls come in a variety of positions kneeling, bending and sitting sex doll versions and now many dolls have moving limbs for extra realism. If your passion is for a fat sex doll or a teen love doll these are catered for too.
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Beginners Guide To Vibrators And Dildos

Choosing a vibrator for the first time can be exciting but also daunting, there are so many thousands of vibrators available so although the range is huge, making the right choice of vibe is the difficult part. Before you embark on your sexual journey to beginners sex toys for a vibrator you need to decide on what type of stimulation you want.
Penetration could be important for you, so do you choose a vibrator or dildo there is a difference. Most dildos are shaped like a real penis, some vibrate others dont. Many vibrators are solid giving a hard feel during penetration but for some women these are not realistic enough and are too hard. Other vibrators are penis shaped and most are multiple speed. Vibrators come in small, big and huge size and like dildos, they come in a variety of materials including plastic, jelly, silicone and wood too. When buying your first dildo or vibrator our advice is to buy one that matches close to the size of your partners penis, you can also always go bigger in the future. Many men and women make the mistake of buying a vibrator dildo for the first time that is too big, this can be a turn off rather than a turn on for the woman.
Clit vibrators produce stimulation direct to the clitoris, so if clitoral stimulation is important to you, this type of sex toy is ideal. A clit vibrator gives strong vibration and makes youcum hard.
Of course the most popular sex toy is a rabbit vibrator so thats why weve saved the best until last. More rabbit vibrators than any other sex toy are sold in the UK, made famous by Sex In The City, the rabbit does it big time for most women. Choosing from the huge range of rabbit vibrators is the difficult bit. There are the basic models with internal beads and bunny ears like the Rabbit Pearl but then there is also the more sophisticated rabbits with oscillation and seven speeds of rotation and now rabbit vibrators have wave motion like seen on the Waver Rabbit Vibrator.
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New Adult Sex Toys A Real Pleasure Boost

Lets face it a new adult sex toy is often what is needed to boost our sex life but not only does it give us a kick it often leads us to discover new pleasures for our body. With so many new adult sex toys being released what seems like on a daily basis, whilst the sex toy range is there making the choice of which new adult toy to choose can be daunting.  Our personal sex preferences differ from person to person, a new dildo or vibrator may not be our preference, perhaps your taste is bondage toys or the more specialised electro stimulation toys whatever your taste the adult sex toys market caters for it.

Trying a new adult sex toy is an extremely pleasureable experience but it can also unlock some hidden inhibitions, quite often a new adult sex toy will produce an orgasm in a woman that previously she couldnt achieve, equally some new toys produce multiple orgasms, a clit vibrator is ideal for giving clitoral stimulation leading to multiple orgasms. An anal toy may not float your boat but if you enjoy anal sex play some of the new butt plugs just released are worth looking at. In particular the small curved plug vibrator offers safe anal stimulation and vibration at a great price.

For the men, stimulation of the penis is an important factor a new adult toy that takes care of his pleasure needs is the Blue Boy Penis Stimulator if the thought of several tongues flicking over your penis head excites you, this penis stimulator is a must for any male sex toy collection. The jelly material stimulates the head of the penis passing vibrations all around the tip.  Sex toys for couples can give any marriage or partnership a real boost, with the credit crunch having a big effect on all of us this sex toys parcel is something to cheer about you get an assortment of adult sex toys for him and her at well under half normal price.  Forget the doom and gloom cheer yourself up and get these new adult sex toys.

Double Pleasure Huge Satisfaction From New Dildos

No doubt you have discovered the pleasure of a dildo, be it a huge dildo or a double ended one. We all know how dildos produce exciting orgasms but one misconception about double ended dildos is that many men and women think they are only used only by a lesbian. One such new dildo is a unisex sex toy ideal for both men and men both dildos can be used at the same time to give double ended pleasure. The Vibrating balloon inflatable dildo not only is a double pleasure tool it is flexible in size so either you or your partner can inflate the dildo to the size that is comfortable for you. It is vibrating too, that is a bonus.

An ejaculating dildo perhaps on first thought is a novelty but on closer inspection the Cumshot Ejaculating Dildo is more than a gadget, it adds to the realism of a cumshot when a man is not present. This new dildo is perfect for solo masturbation sessions giving you the realistic view of a real penis shooting its cream, you can fill the dildo with any liquid and watch it squirt just when you want it. If suction cup dildos are more your thing, a new dildo just arrived is the Plug-N-Ride Dildo a smooth dildo shaft for easy gliding into your vagina, it has a realistic penis head and being a suction cup dildo it will stick to any flat surface allowing you to ride the dildo to a screaming orgasm with both hands free for you to stimulate the rest of your body.

Huge dildos are popular because they fill you up completely, a new huge dildo now available is the Big Boss Large Dildo with a massive girth it has realistic veins, testicles and penis head that is just waiting to enter a wet vagina that needs deep penetration. And for those of you who enjoy double the pleasure from vaginal stimulation and the anus too take a look at Mandys Total Satisfaction Dildo uniquely curved like a horseshoe the double ended dildo satisfies both your holes at the same time.

New Sex Toys Try Something Different

No matter how many different sex toys you may have tried in the past, it would be difficult to keep pace with the rapid development of the new sex toy products being made available on a monthly basis. With literally hundreds of new sex toys and erotic items being launched every year keeping up is difficult.
New technology is now responsible for an abundance of exciting sex toys now available. So if you are in the mood for a new sex toy finding one or two is easy but deciding which of these new sex toys to try is the difficult bit. For men the Robotic Mouth Male Masturbator provides a realistic sucking action to give him an unbelievably exciting oral sex experience that so many men love. The Crystal Vibrating Vagina is a new realistic vagina made from clear see through jelly, in use you can watch your penis pump in and out to make your masturbation session even more pleasurable.
For women, the range of new sex toys is even bigger, for solo masturbation the Inflatable Vibrating Love Chair is a dream for solo sex pleasure. A dildo sits proudly on the chair giving you endless bouncing pleasure for you to enjoy endless bouncing blissful orgasms. The Lust Bunny Rabbit Vibrator is a new addition to the rabbit vibrators range. Featuring a strong veined penis shaft and powerful vibrations to the shaft and bunny ears in the current credit crunch its at a great value price too. 
For those who are looking for something completely different in the new sex toys lineup, the Professional Pole Dancing Kit could be just what you need, an easy to install kit to give your man a striptease routine he will never forget. A great idea for some fun exciting foreplay.

A Remote Control Vibrator Unleashes Your Orgasm

You can never have enough orgasms according to most sex therapists, however many women are not having any at all. Recently I read a letter from a woman who doesnt know what an orgasm feels like. I responded to her with the suggestion to take a look at remote control vibrators because they operate in a way that she would be able to totally relax and tune into what she was feeling.

For many women there is no one type of orgasm, but everybody agrees that the rush of excitement and release of tension an orgasm provides is hard to compare any other type of experience. Some identify it with the thrill of riding a swing so high that you felt like a bird, others say it feels more like a rollercoaster ride. Once your sex glands get stimulated, the main thing that can affect your orgasm more than physical excitement is your mental attitude.

There are a lot of different opinions which influence the way we behave sexually, some women dont experience orgasms because of these attitudes toward sex. If your childhood training was focused on sex in a way that generated fear or disgust then this is the key to unlocking your true sexual fulfilment potential. Choosing a wireless remote control vibrator can unlock this potential.

Sex toys can be very much like therapy for women and men who have repressed sexual desires. There are as many different ways to have sex as there are people, you have the right to choose the sexual activities you enjoy. If you use your comfort zone as a guide when you select sex toys you will be able to focus on the powerful sensations of physical excitement. The hands free operation of a remote control vibrator is an excellent way to masturbate and fantasise while you use your hands to stimulate other areas of your body at the same time.

A Man Wearing A Cock Ring Delivers Multiple Orgasms

Any sexually experienced woman will tell you that a man who can maintain his erection and knows what to do with it for an extended lovemaking session is worth his weight in gold.   While some men generally accept that women are slower to arouse and satisfy, the techniques of ejaculation control and the many different ways to satisfy a woman sexually are not so common. The men who are in the know about how to please a woman physically use cock rings to maintain their erections and delay ejaculation until the moment is right.
Most men consider the point of ejaculation their climax but there are some who believe that the orgasm is the sensation a man experiences directly before he ejaculates. Learning to differentiate between these two experiences is the key to controlling ejaculation which causes the erection to subside.  Sexual intercourse is much more than just a physical exercise it also requires mental concentration and emotional receptiveness.

When a man achieves an erection and then slips on a cock ring with a built in clitoral stimulator, it assists him to delay his own orgasm and eventual release in order to provide the stimulation his partner needs in order to feel thoroughly satisfied.  How long a man can delay his orgasm and ejaculation depends on his general state of health, and the erotic setting for the love encounter.  The overwhelming sexual excitement of a new experience, the first time with a partner can sometimes make this task much more challenging.
Besides using cock rings there are exercises a man can perform to enhance his sexual prowess, many of them will enlarge and lengthen the penis.  If these exercises are done on a regular basis at least three times a week it will become easier to not only identify the point of orgasm but also to enjoy it without ejaculating.

Discount Sex Toys Save Money And Turn You On

When you enjoy being sexually active and like to use sex toys to make it more exciting, you can find some real gems if you search for discount sex toys, these sex toys are high quality items but at a lower price. Most people have more sexual fantasies than toys they can afford, but when a sex shop has a sale and offers discounts you can save a great deal of money.

If you like to try new sexual experiences, part of the excitement of using sex toys is that they excite the imagination,use them with your partner or on your own in privacy. Sharing your fantasies with your partner is a great way to develop a real intimate understanding of what turns them on. And they help you to overcome the limitations of being human. Sex toys can perform when you need time to recharge your batteries but you want to maintain the romantic mood.

Fulfilling your sexual fantasies and the desires that come with them is especially important to keep a positive outlook in your relationship and life in general. But satisfaction is the key, nothing is more frustrating than having sex that is little more than physical contact. Action speaks louder than words and many times its easier to show your partner what you want sexually than to explain it to them. This can be especially true for women and men who are exploring new desires such as bisexuality, dominance, submission or bondage styles.
Whenever you go shopping for accessories for your love life, be sure to browse for discount sex toys to see what is on offer. These items include dildos, vibrator, bondage restraints, penis stimulators, love eggs, strap-on dildos and sexy underwear that can help partners vary their sex routines by assuming the male or female role to act out their desire for sexual control or servitude.

Tongue Vibrators Add The Sizzle To Oral Sex

If you want to send a wake up call to your lover about your desire for oral sex, a good way to send the message is with a tongue vibrator. Your sexual desire for more oral stimulation will be satisfied and your lover will have a better sense of how to turn you on for intense lovemaking. With proper attention to intimate hygiene oral and anal sex can be wildly exciting. If you are feeling that your partner is hesitant to give you the oral attention you need, you can invite them to share an intimate bath session with you. Your private water playtime can include intimate shaving, douching and enemas to refresh your body and eliminate embarrassment, alternatively tongue vibrators provide an exciting substitute.

Men also enjoy the sensation of tongue vibrators on the head of their penis, down the shaft, their testicles and anal region. Designed to feel exactly like a human tongue, the soft material licks at whatever speed and intensity you desire. Plus this is an exciting way to stimulate the nipples, earlobes, spine and buttocks. Some of these lovely sex toys can be attached to the tongue without piercing or used on the fingers and toes which can be an incredibly erotic experience.

Sex toys not only help you fulfil fantasies they can also inspire them. Using this type of vibrator provides you with more sexual pleasure options. if you enjoy kissing your partner can oblige you while the tongue vibrator works its magic on your clitoris, anus and vagina. A popular model is the Lick It Tongue Vibrator a small tongue protrudes from a mouth and gives off strong vibrations to simulate oral sex.
Excite your lover by masturbating with this sex toy or you can give your partner an unexpected oral thrill by using a tongue vibrator on his nipples, balls or anus when he is on top. For individuals with an oral fixation, tongue vibrators can be the sex toy that satisfies you and your partner like no other.

Waterproof Dildo Vibrators Make Bathtime Sexy

The luxury of a relaxing bath is one of lifes simple pleasures that can improve the quality of your intimate relationships because when you are relaxed you are more receptive to sexual pleasure. You can make the most of this time in the tub or shower using waterproof dildos and vibrators to experience a different way to enjoy erotic stimulation alone or with your partner.

Of course this is not the only place you can use these sex toys, pack it in your bag for your next pool or beach outing and you have a fun way to tease your partner all the way to sexual satisfaction under water. Sex on the beach can be even more erotic using this waterproof toy. Waves of passion start to rise every time you let your imagination run wild and let yourself become fully indulged in pleasure.

For some people with hectic schedules, their bath time is their primary private time so why not make it a truly relaxing break with a waterproof vibrator dildo. All too often our other activities limit the amount of time we have to express physical love for ourselves and our partners slipping into the shower with your lover and massaging their erogenous zones lovingly can renew the twinkle in their eye as they go through their day.

Waterproof vibrators are a great way to spark exciting intimacy on a lazy afternoon. Fill up the tub with bubble bath, light a few scented candles for atmosphere, turn on your favourite music and invite your partner for some good clean fun. You can even add a few fun toys like a yellow rubber ducky to create a light mood. Once they are comfortably immersed in the warm water you can bring a sigh or delight to their lips when you let the vibrator work its magic, a waterproof bullet vibrator is ideal as it is small, powerful and easy to hold and use.

Rabbit Vibrators for Quick Vibrator Sex Relief

There are many different types sex toys available to pleasure women and men, yet one of the newest models on the market, rabbit vibrators have quickly become the favourite for many. A rabbit vibrator has one of the widest ranges of styles of all vibrators providing you with the ability to choose one for whatever erotic mood you want to enjoy. Some of the features that make this model of vibrator so exciting are its oscillating tip, rotating movement and clitoris teasing bunny ears.
Without a doubt, your body will have more than enough stimulation to move you from sexually excited to ecstatically satisfied. Rabbit vibrators display the power of technology in the realm of physical stimulation that goes beyond what the human body can achieve. If you are craving a way to enjoy multiple sexual stimulations rabbit vibrators are in a category all their own. By using the different power speeds with the features not only will you experience complete satisfaction, your orgasms can be different each time. When you are alone and sexually aroused playing with a vibrator can give you the freedom to express a different side of your sexual personality.
One of the most popular models is the Rotating Rabbit Pearl Vibrator a good value vibrator with rotating beads inthe shaft and the exciting ears so common on rabbit vibrators. Exploring your body with rabbit vibrators is an ideal way to rev up your love motor for some heavy duty romance with your partner. Foreplay benefits greatly from using sex toys and can inspire sexual confidence to try a new style of sex.
If you have more in mind than just changing positions, when you and your partner are feeling in a kinky mood, whip out the wrist and ankle restraints and put your sex toys to the test. Your intimate playtime is when you can let go of your inhibitions and let the pleasure of the experience take you to a new level of sexual enjoyment.

Live Out Your Fantasy With Dildo Vibrators

A really exciting sexual fantasy can have you on the edge of your seat with desire, anticipating your next romantic interlude with your lover. But sometimes, your desire is so intense that you want it now, you just cannot wait for your partner. If this has ever happened to you, a dildo vibrator could be just the sex toy to satisfy your need for excitement with their realistic shape and feel. When one orgasm is not enough this great sex toy has the staying power some men only dream of and they are available to pleasure your body whenever you are in the mood for physical satisfaction, dildo vibrators are made for multiple orgasms.

Vibrators help to keep sexual relationships interesting and fun, they allow you to explore your fantasies as well as those of your partner it can be a real turn on watching a vibrator bring your lover to climax. Discovering new ways to use sex toys in your foreplay sets the scene for a real love session can make each time with your lover more interesting than the last. When it comes to variety being the spice of life, sex could be the number one way we enjoy it. And the selection of sex toys like dildo vibrators, cock rings, nipple clamps and sexy lingerie assures you that the word boredom will not be a part of your love vocabulary.

For hands free enjoyment there are dildo vibrators with a suction cup dildo base that let you enjoy a sensuous pleasure ride to a mind-blowing orgasm. Free your imagination and explore those secret fantasies you have always wanted to experience. Choose the sex toy that gives you the type of visual and physical stimulation you desire, dildo vibrators with curved heads to reach that elusive G spot, teasing effects to tickle the clitoris and the inside of the vagina or anus.

Guarantee An Intense Orgasm With A Clitoral Vibrator

If you have been using the same vibrator for a while and the experience has lost its charm, it may be time to recharge your sex life with a new sex toy to use in your erotic adventure. Clitoral vibrators can be an interesting way to explore your orgasmic response and are truly amazing in the way they work by tickling, sucking and teasing your love pearl.  Although a clitoral vibrator is focused on arousing the passionate nerve centre of the clitoris, there are several designs that will also stimulate the vagina and anal region as well.
Masturbation is a self love activity that has been used to provide sexual release for men and women for centuries. Using a vibrator enhances the experience because you can adjust the speed and power of the sex toy in a way that the human body cannot duplicate which makes this experience intensely satisfying.

These vibrators are particularly useful to women who have a very small clitoris that may not receive enough stimulation from other models. Using this sex toy during foreplay can increase your level of satisfaction during intercourse. Because they are specially contoured for this area of the body, you can enjoy the maximum amount of stimulation possible to guarantee that you will sail off into erotic bliss.

When you are in the mood to captivate the sexual interest of your lover, it can be a revealing experience to try different types of sex toys with a clitoral vibrator to see which combination brings the most pleasure. Adding adult role playing costumes, sex lubricants and enhancers are just a few of the ways you can ensure your passions will increase and be more than enjoyable. Clitoral vibrators are the sex toys to use when you want to give this sensitive erogenous zone a little extra attention.

A Jelly Vibrator Gives Sensuous Vibrations

If you like a sex toy made with realistic feeling material then a jelly vibrator could be for you. Everyone has their preferences, but the soft bendable quality of jelly vibrators is unbeatable for reaching your secret sweet spots. The key to using sex toys for pleasure is to be comfortable and relaxed. For some women and men, the idea of a solid vibrator is not as stimulating to the senses because it feels artificial and too hard.

There are some vibrators that are designed to the detail of a human penis that makes masturbation and foreplay more visually stimulating and satisfying. For those who prefer a little something extra, the G spot jelly vibrator has a specially curved head to gently massage this orgasm producing area inside the vagina.
Using vibrators as part of an erotic massage is a great way to relax your partner when you want to make your private time special. But whether you like to use vibrators alone or with a partner, you can discover some sensual techniques to stimulate your entire body gently on areas that are very sensitive and powerfully inside the anus or vagina to create the tension-relieving orgasm you desire.

The double ended jelly vibrator is designed to stimulate both of these erotic zones at the same time to maximize your pleasure. With the adjustable speed controls, its easy for you to set the pace of the excitement for just the right amount of stimulation when and where you want it.  And the wet, slippery feel of the material adds to the erotic feeling that makes lovemaking so delicious.

Jelly vibrators are available in many different styles that can create some memorable moments of delight, but there are others that are designed realistically as well. A good assortment of vibrators in your sex toy chest can provide hours of adult sexual entertainment for you whenever you are in the mood to enjoy some physical stimulation.

A Penis Pump Can Do Wonders

For those who know what a penis pump is, using one can do wonders for your sex life. If you dont have a clue what a penis pump does, here is a whistlestop guide. Penis pumps work on a vacuum basis, the penis is made up of erectile tissue and blood vessels and just like a bodybuilder works with weights and exercise to tone up the body, penis pumps do the same for his prized possession.

The flacid penis is inserted into the penis tube, the pump is then squeezed which expels the air in the tube to create a vacuum, the result being your penis enjoys a sucking sensation and starts to become erect. Continuous use of a penis pump helps to enlarge the blood vessels, allowing more bloodflow, more blood entering the penis helps to enlarge its normal size. The erectile tissue is toned giving a stronger erection. Although this is not a comprehensive guide to penis pumps it does give a general guide. You can read more on penis pumps in our sex toys guide penis enlarger.

There are a huge range of penis pumps available to buy, including a vibrating penis pump like the Racing Penis Pump Enlarger which vibrates during use for added pleasure. Many of the pumps now have a trigger handle instead of a bulb to squeeze, the X-Factor Penis Enlarger is an example, these trigger handle pumps make pumping easier.
A penis pump is an ideal sex toy for any man who wants to increase his potency, better his endurance and have the stamina to last longer during sex.

Butt Plugs Can Enhance Your Foreplay Fun

The origins of a butt plug are not that well documented, since butt is American slang for bum or ass it could be assumed the butt plug is to be credited to the Americans, but we stand to be corrected on that! Butt plugs sound quite horrid, but then ass plug is equally unpleasant until that is you have experienced using one! Most users of these plugs love them especially the vibrating butt plug versions. There is a beginners butt plug available for those who wish to try one.

A butt plug provides stimulation to the anus, used by men and women they provide pleasure during sex because the anus with all the sensitive nerve endings gives excitement and joy when touched, even more so, when an object is inserted and moved in and out. Many would argue that any form of anal play is un-natural, whilst we all are entitled to our opinions and beliefs, they say, dont knock unless you`ve tried it.

There are different types available including an inflatable butt plug that increases in size once inside the anus. Other varieties include slim, fat, ribbed and there are ass plugs in different materials from soft jelly to hard glass butt plugs. The rippled style of plug is one of the more popular as the rippled effect gives more stimulation. Obviously hygiene is of the utmost importance, so too is safety.
Most plugs are designed with a T Bar on the base, this stops the plug from being sucked into the anus, something which must be avoided or an embarrassing trip to casualty will be neccesary. For those who think this has never happened, it has many times, but not with butt plugs as these are safe to use unlike other objects that people stick up their bum and cant get out!

Another aspect relating to butt plugs that should be considered is lubrication. The anus unlike the vagina is not self lubricating and since the anus has delicate linings, care should always be taken and inserting of any type of butt plug is usually best with plenty of anal lubricant. Bum fun or anal play is a great way of enhancing your foreplay, although it doesnt appeal to everybody, for those who have used butt plugs its naughty clean safe fun that can often increase the pleasure of sex.

Discover That Elusive Spot With A G-Spot Vibrator

Suprisingly very few women have their g spot stimulated, but then, considering its no surprise to learn most men and women dont know where the g spot is, it`s no wonder this major hot spot on a woman goes untouched and un-noticed. A g-spot vibrator can change all this. The g-spot does exist despite many claiming its fictitious, the problem is finding it. Because It`s so well hidden up inside the vagina, it takes time, exploration, a good man or women to know where to find it. In the absence of a good man or woman, enter g-spot vibrators to do all the hard work for you!

The specially curved tip on a g-spot vibrator will help find the g-spot without too much searching. The curve of the vibrator will also give you and your partner a clue where the g-spot is located, approximately 2 inches up inside the vagina and then back towards the front of the body. When stimulated this hot spot produces a feeling like nothing else, many claim the feeling starts with the women feeling like she wants to urinate, ignore those feelings and carry on with the stimulation. Once past this stage, the increase in pleasure becomes very intense and continued stimulation brings on the most enjoyable orgasm a women can experience, far superior to a clitoral orgasm and in some instances some women are known to ejaculate a clear liquid often in a powerful squirt.
Some g-spot vibrators like the Pinky G-Spot vibrator not only have the specially curved tip, they also contain a textured surface, which has stimulating nodules to add to the pleasure. They come in many different sizes, materials and colours too.

Many women find the use of a g-spot vibrator is much easier than using fingers alone, the vibrator produces intense vibration against the g-spot, very often it is the intensity in addition to continuous stimulation that is required to get the g-spot orgasm to happen. The curiosity factor alone is often enough reason for buying and trying a g-spot vibrator, the rewards once you discover your g-spot is well worth the exploration, not to mention the fun that can be had too!

Reviving Your Sex Drive

Many times during our lives, men and women can lose their sex drive, in the majority of instances its only temporary but action needs to be taken to stop it becoming permanent. So how can you revive your sex drive? Some new sex toys can play an important role. Massage with proper massage oils is good too, helping you both to relax and relieve stress. There can be many reasons for loss of sex drive, these include stress, age, insecurity, smoking, drinking and diet are some of the more common reasons.
A counsellor trained in this topic can help, but self help is important too. Making love is often an important aspect of any relationship, it makes you both feel good, helps you to relax and generally improves your overall standard of life. But when the sex drive disappears thats when problems can arise.
For men the lack of sex drive might be attributable to the loss of erection or erection difficulties, there are self help products available like penis pumps that can help restore the erection. These erection devices are not a substitute for professional help, but any type of erection enhancer can give much needed self help.
For women the lack of sex drive could be helped by the use of a vibrator or other type of sex toy, the excitement of seeing your partner use a vibrator or sex toy can often get back your sex drive back to normal. If vaginal dryness is part of the problem with lack of sex drive, a personal lubricant should be considered to help with sexual intercourse and masturbation.

A Vibrator Is The Perfect Key To Unlock An Orgasm

A vibrator can satisfy many moods and serve many different purposes. Statistics show that 4 out of every 10 women cannot achieve orgasm, many of these women have never tried a vibrator because of morals, embarrassment or beliefs. What most of these women dont know is that a vibrator could produce their first orgasm, fact.
With so many different vibrators available, the choice is so extensive you could be hard pressed to make a choice. A rabbit vibrator is one of the most popular types because they have a clitoral stimulator to give pleasure to the vagina and clit simultaneously. Remote control vibrators are becoming a firm favourite too, as these can be worn inside the panties for a thrill wherever you go.
Finger vibrators have the benefit of being small but powerful and allow direct stimulation to the clitoris and nipples. A strap on vibrator can give pleasure and orgasms for both of you. You have a huge choice of vibrator materials, jelly, latex, rubber, soft, hard, smooth, textured, waterproof for use in the shower, the choice is vast and there is bound to be a vibrator to suit your needs.
Vibrators come in single speed these produce a constant buzz and vibration and can be used on all parts of the body. Multiple speed vibrators give more versatility because you can change the speed, starting with a gentle low hum and once your passion increases, the vibrator speed can be set to high to produce a mind blowing orgasm with such intensity your feet might not touch the floor!
Why not discover the delight a vibrator can give, use one with your lover and take your loving to new heights.

Clean Sex Fun With Enema Equipment

Douching the vagina and anus is becoming a popular way to ensure the best hygiene is in place before any sexual activity. All types of enema equipment is available for this purpose. With anal sex increasing in popularity, the need to ensure cleanliness is paramount and sex toy manufacturers are making more equipment available to cope with the need.
Performing an enema with enema equipment is simple and safe, it will ensure any waste residue is removed and also will expel any excess air within the bowels to ensure no embarrassment for either of you.
Sometimes a bath or shower is not always adequate to ensure cleanliness especially if any anal activity is likely to take place or if menstruation has just finished.
Enema equipment like the rectal syringe enema set provides all the equipment to give a safe satisfying enema for the anus. If you want to clean the vagina and anus, the enema syringe does the job. There are also enema sets manufactured for travelling purposes, they can easily be packed for holidays or overnight stays.

Crotchless Panties Add Variety And Spice

Sex in the nude is exciting and fun, you can both see each others bodies in their full glory, but it can be just as exciting if not more erotic if certain parts of the body are hidden with sexy clothing, not being able to see something makes the imagination go into overdrive, crotchless panties can do the job wonderfully!
A crotchless panty is sexy and provocative, they cover the intimate part but leave enough to the imagination to drive any man wild with desire. These crotchless panties have another benefit too, easy access when the moment of passion gets to the point for lovemaking, the feel for a man of some sexy panties against his groin as his penis is inside is a big turn on for him.
Crotchless panties are available in many fabrics, latex, leather, lacy and silk are a few of the options open to you. These panties feel comfortable to wear, look sexy and provide the naughtyness to enhance your love making pleasure!

Increased Penis Power And Enlargement

For many years stories about penis size have been exagerated to the point where if you are a male with a penis size under 10 inches you are abnormal. These myths are normally generated by penis enlargement sites who are simply just after selling a product and getting your money!
Ignore the myths and look at the facts. In recent studies average penis length when flacid is 3 inches and erect is between 5 and 6 inches. For those who are happy to be average stop worrying. Those men who would like to be a bit larger than average can choose a penis enlarger. With many penis enlargement products available, most pills and potions dont work because to enlarge the penis it requires exercise and muscle tissue increase, the same principle used by a bodybuilder.
Penis enlargers give the penis a workout, they build muscle, increase blood flow to the penis and tone up your prized asset over a period of time to give a larger penis and better performance. Dont expect overnight miracles, penis enlargement takes time, requires regular sessions on a daily basis but unlike most bodybuilders who endure the sweat and pain in the gym, your penis enlargement sessions are exciting, fun and rewarding.

Condoms - Get Protection Enjoy The Pleasure

You probably know that condoms provide protection against sexually transmitted disease and give assurance against unwanted pregnancy, but did you know condoms can be pleasureable despite the wide spread belief they are passion killers.
There are now so many different types of condoms, long gone are the days of basic rubber condoms. Take for example the Secura Sex Fun Mixed Condoms an exciting mixture of assorted condoms that have stimulating ribs, mixed flavours and different colours.
Condoms are not just latex coverings, they now come in many formats, penis extender condoms, vibrating and condom penis rings are just some of the types available. The penis extender condom gives added extra inches on your penis size, enough to put a smile on your lovers face. With most condoms lubrication comes as standard, but if more lubrication is required do ensure a water based sex lube is used as some oil lubricants can damage condoms.
So forget about condoms being passion killers, there is a whole new world out there for you to enjoy some condom fun!

Whats The Point Of A Bullet Vibrator

The point of a bullet vibrator is - the point! Most of these exciting sex toys known as bullet vibrators have a pointed end, just like a bullet shape. The reason? Simple, they provide direct stimulation to the exact spot you want on your body. We`ve all been in the mood at sometime when one orgasm is not enough, a bullet vibrator is the ideal sex toy choice when multiple orgasms are on the menu.
Unlike your traditional or classic vibrator that spread the vibrations over a larger area, a bullet vibrator with its pointed shape allows for direct stimulation, its a great small sex toy for the clit or nipples when used on its own, its even better if you use a bullet vibrator with another sex toy either alone or with your lover. Its micro size means the awesome power it generates can be directed to all your hot spots.
Many bullet vibrators are now available including a remote control bullet vibrator there are large sizes and also twin bullets for both you and your partner, some are textured, many smooth and others are ribbed. With such a vast range of colours also available, there is a bullet vibrator suitable for every taste to enhance your lovemaking or masturbation pleasure. And for those who are looking for the power of a bullet with descretion, take a look at the make up compact bullet vibrator its disguised as a compact to put in your purse or hand bag for girls who want vibrations on the go!

Fulfill Your Fantasy With A Sex Doll

Most sexually active adults have sexual fantasies, whether they admit them or not is the issue. What goes on behind closed doors is your business, so it is little wonder why so many fantasies are acted out, many of these involve sex dolls. And before you start thinking that its only men who use sex dolls - its not, many women are using dolls too for their sexual pleasure and gratification.
Men and women can get an enormous amount of pleasure from the many sex dolls now on sale. For a male, female sex dolls can satisfy his desires without any complaints, no headaches, no constant demands, no complaining. He can choose the position he wants and he can control how long the doll is used. For women, there is no problem waiting for an erection to happen, no premature ejaculation on his part, her sex doll has an instant erection that is permanent and can be used for as long as she wants giving her orgasm after orgasm. Although many would say these inanimate objects are not as good as the real thing, a sex doll for men or women can be a good substitute. This is especially true when you explore the many realistic life-like sex dolls in male and female form that are now available.
Fantasies can be acted out easily with a sex doll because the doll has no inhibitions like a human may have. Many dolls are available, a black love doll, Chinese sex doll, dolls modelled on pornstars like the Jenna Jameson positions sex doll and even a Fat sex doll can be purchased if your fantasy is making love to a fat girl.
Satisfy your fantasy and grab yourself some sex doll fun.

Discreet Pleasure From A Silent Vibrator

Its a well known fact that a vibrator sex toy can reduce stress. You know the scenario, a long hard day at work, cooking, cleaning, kids doing your head in, we have all been there. There is nothing better than to relax, unwind and get out your favourite vibrator, dildo or sex toy and have some personal pleasure. But with people in the house, its often a problem keeping the noise down from your sex toy! Quite often this fact alone will put you off from having a quiet session with your vibrator.
Choose a silent vibrator one that is ultra quiet and this problem will never exist. There are so many sex toy vibrators now available that purr instead of buzz, your secret will never be known and nobody will ever know you are pleasuring yourself even if the family are in the next room! Take for example the classic silent night quiet vibrator with a ribbed shaft, nice long length and very powerful, very quiet vibration. Its an ideal choice for those moments when silence is golden.
Modern technology in quiet vibrators has advanced so far, that now you can buy a strap on vibrator that can be worn outside wherever you go. Vibrating panties contain a vibrator that sits against your clitoris using the handy remote control you simply switch it on and off whenever the mood takes you. So the next time you slip your panties on ready for a day at work, be daring and choose a vibrating pantie like the knicker tickler vibrating panties the smile on your face will puzzle your colleagues but only you will know the secret!

Anal Sex Toys - You Love Or Hate Them

The bum, derriere, rear or ass whatever terminology you wish to use for this part of the human body, it has for many years attracted a great deal of attention for men and women alike. So, where do anal sex toys fit in where the bum is concerned? Avoiding the crude answer to this question, perceptions about anal sex toys are mixed. Many hold the view that any type of sex toy for the bum area is a no-go. Any type of anal play for some is a non-starter. However, for a very large number of men and women anal play and the use of anal sex toys conjures up an exciting and pleasureable thought.
The anus is an area full of nerve endings and pleasure zones and provided cleanliness is observed and undertaken before an activity takes place the use of an anal sex toy can give exciting results. With the range of bum fun toys increasing all the time, manufacturers are striving to release new anal sex toys as fast as possible to keep up with demand. Apart from the traditional vibrator, dildo and butt plug there are many other types of sex toy for anal use now available including enema equipment, anal lubricant and anal dildo pants too.
Although an anal sex toy may not be for you, often the curiosity factor alone is enough for somebody to try one out, as they say, dont knock it until youve tried it.

Male Sex Toys - Now The Boys Are Having Fun Too

For many years women have been having their fun with sex toys, either alone or with their partner, now, recent studies have shown that more and more males are having their own sex toys fun too. And its not just with sex dolls. Sales of sex toys for men are increasing on a month by month basis.
The rise, pardon the pun is attributable to the huge range of the more popular mens sex toys now being manufactured. Think of an erection enhancer, a male anal toy, cock ring, a realistic life-like vagina or a penis pump and you havn`t even scratched the surface. With modern technology, these devices are now being made to replicate the female form, most are made from human like materials to resemble human skin and genitals. Take for example the cyber clone realistic vagina and ass its a perfect replica of a real vagina and anus in a material that is so soft and human like it really does feel like the real thing. Unfortunately it cant moan and groan, but it wont complain of a headache!
Its about time the boys had their toys to equal what the girls have had for years!

Sex Toys Ban Rejected

In a world where everybody seems to want to ban everything, at least some good news on sex toys has happened. In Austin Texas, USA the Federal Appeals Court has turned down an attempt to ban the sale and marketing of sex toys. The court ruled that any prohibition would violate Texan`s rights. For once, common sense rules!  Sex toys are a perfectly healthy, normal type of fun toy to help adults have pleasure, why on earth would anybody want to ban them.  They dont cause harm, they dont pollute the enviroment, they provide satisfaction.
There are too many people out there in this world who have nothing better to do than dream up ridiculous reasons for wanting to ban anything and everything. Will happiness, pleasure and satisfaction soon be on the agenda for a ban!

Your Sex Toy - The Cleaner The Better

Keeping your sex toy clean is most important, the cleaner it is, the less likely you are to get one of the many infections that can be contracted from sex toys. There are plenty of anti-bacterial sex toys cleaners, this sex toy cleaner is one of the best. It contains a safe anti-bacterial agent that wont damage your sex toy and wont cause irritation to your intimate parts.
You could of course use soap and water to clean your sex toy after use, but some soaps can cause irritation to the vagina or anus, water alone wont kill off any bacteria. It is especially important that any anal sex toys are cleaned after use with a sex toy cleaner, as the anus does contain bacteria which is harmless in the anus, but if transferred to the vagina on a sex toy it could cause a nasty infection.
You should always clean your sex toys after use, keep them in a clean safe place ready for next time use. Never share sex toys with anyone else, if you do, always ensure you use a sex toy cleaner before using them on yourself.

More Fascinating Sex Toy Facts

Our thirst for knowledge concerning sex continues to grow on a daily basis, they say, the more you learn the better at sex you become! Whilst this may be true take a break from the sex classroom for a moment and ponder over some more fascinating sex facts!

Its long been a bone of contention(excuse the pun) about what the average penis size is. Wild claims have said, 7 or 8 inches is average for a todger, but those who are less endowed will be encouraged by the latest results that say the average penis size when erect is 5 inches and 3 inches when soft. If average is not for you, you could always get a penis enlarger.

Many women hate the thought of a man coming in her mouth, latest research shows that semen contains calcium and zinc, two of the main ingredients to fight tooth decay! So fellas the next time you are on the pull, check out her teeth, if she has no fillings chances are she swallows!

If you are considering moving to the USA and you love sex toys, dont go to Alabama or Missisippi you could get arrested for buying sex toys, in those states sales of sex toys are illegal.

Although recent studies show more women than men fantasise about being tied up during bondage sex games, the same study has shown that more men than women actually enjoy being tied up and having bondage gear and toys used on them.

In central Australia there is the Walibri tribe, when men in this tribe greet each other instead of shaking hands, they shake each others penis!

The next time you eat Kellog`s cornflakes, consider this, Dr Kellog apparently invented cornflakes in the hope that it would reduce masturbation, is that why most of us have our cornflakes with the white stuff?

Fascinating Sex Facts

We all love a titter, so how about some fascinating sex facts?

Before the 2006 Football World Cup sales of vibrators and sex toys increased by more than 60%. So it wasnt just the guys who who got their pleasure, seems like the ladies scored too!

The British and Americans are amongst the highest users of sex toys, but amazingly the Taiwanese people are the highest users with almost 50% of them using sex toys.

Around the world almost a quarter of the population who have sex have used a vibrator or sex toy either alone or with their partner.

Did you know the official average globally of people having sex is calculated at 103 sex sessions per year, thats sex around twice a week. But in Greece its higher, they have sex on average 138 times per year, must be all those Greek Sex Gods everywhere!

Sexual Intercourse is performed on average 120 million times a day across the world, that means for every minute that passes, another 83,333 people have just had sex!

In India to purchase a condom its expensive, so its hardly surprising to learn that its cheaper to have sex with a prostitute in India than it is to buy a condom.

The next time you refer to someone as a pig, you might like to spare a thought for those creatures, because a pig`s orgasm is said to last for over 30 minutes! Oh I wish I was a pig!

Big Brother Kat Lollipop Sex

Big Brother housemate Kat loves a "lollipop" so she says, but apparently she didnt mean sucking and licking the sweet on a stick. The naughty revelation came about while fellow contestant Rachel, a former Miss Wales and now a trainee teacher, spoke with other housemates about oral sex. Kat, full name Kathreya was totally confused when the term blow job was mentioned so she forced Rachel to explain to which Kat responded "Ah a lollipop".
Kat continued with more revelations following sexy housemate Sara`s love of her rabbit, Kat enquired, "What is rabbit?" Sara responded, "It`s my rabbit vibrator " to which Kat answered, "Oh I love that!"
Having cleared that confusion up, Kat then left the other housemates confused by stating she loves "carousel" the group was afraid to ask and assumed that this was some other specialised sex act. Earlier in the current series, Kat told the other housemates that she rates herself 10 out 10 in the bedroom. We reckon the normally straight laced Kat has some wicked stories to tell, let`s hear them all Kat!!

Womens Institute Members Look At Sex Toys

Two members of the Womens Institute in Hampshire paid a visit to Amsterdam, visited a brothel and looked at sex toys! Hardly the normal thing you would expect from WI members, making jam, knitting and crafts are the normal associated with the institute, so sex toys and brothels caused some giggles but could easily have landed them in hot water.

Fear not. The visit was arranged because Grandmother Jean Johnson, 62, and her friend Shirley Landells, 73, members of the Hampshire WI, have suggested that brothels be legalised following the murder of some sex workers in Ipswich in 2006. Steve Wright of Ipswich was found guilty of the murders and is now serving life in prison. They did the tour as part of a Channel 4 documentary due to be screened on Sunday August 3rd.
During their tour, they were introduced to some shop window call girls in Amsterdam, visited the famous Bunny Ranch in the Nevada desert and saw for themselves a Boutique Brothel in New Zealand. Their ultimate aim is to get brothels legalised in the UK. Could be a fascinating documentary, especially since Mrs Johnson who when inspecting a sadomachism shop remarked, "That is absolutely disgusting"

Recycled Sex Toys - Your Safety

Youve probably noticed the rise in the number of sex toys shops and online sex toy sellers offering you the opportunity to recycle your old sex toys. It works like this, send them your old sex toy and get a 10% discount on your future order. They claim they will dispose of your sex toy in an enviromentally safe way. The clever marketing disguise of offering 10% is appealing and the "enviromental issue" is plausible too BUT call us cynical if you like, but we`ve learn`t of something thats more sinister than you could imagine.
Many of these sex toy firms are cleaning these toys up and selling them again. Yes, selling used sex toys, how disgusting is that?  Would you want a sex toy thats already been used? Of course not, but this is the risk you could run with some of these sex toy sites that are doing this `so called` enviromentally friendly scheme.
It`s a clever under handed way of them getting cheap sex toys that can be sold again to unsuspecting customers for huge profit, putting them at massive risk of infection.
We`ve been in this industry for over 20 years and have seen dozens of scams over the years, looks probable this could be another one. Our advice is stay clear of buying from these firms because you only have their `word` they destroy the toys they receive. The mere thought of this practice happening is a complete disgrace.

No Condoms In Porn Movies

Have you noticed that in the majority of porn films that condoms are rarely seen? Whats the reason for this? Well, believe it or not the producers of these films say that sales would decrease dramatically at the site of a condom. Absolute crap.
So its ok to compromise the safety of these performers then, for the sake of money? Its a diabolical disgrace that these performers are forced to be put at huge risk of HIV aids and the increasing rise of sexually transmitted diseases. The safe sex message being heavily promoted by the UK Government is blatently being ignored by the porn industry who have a duty to promote safe sex.
Producers claim that most of their actors and actresses are happy to use no protection during filming. Again complete crap. These performers are often given ultimatums, either do the film bareback or we will get someone else for the part. There are plenty of others queuing up for a chance to get into the porn industry. Is that giving them a choice? No it is not. It`s a gun to their head and when £500 or so is likely to be lost, its a risk that many up and coming pornstars are prepared to take.
Some would argue that the performers have the choice to refuse, very true, nobody is forcing them to go ahead with it. But, any male or female who desperately wants to get into the porn industry in the hope they can become a huge porn star knows that if they refuse to appear in a condom free film, its the end of a career thats not even started. So its blackmail pure and simple. With the UK Government currently spending millions on promoting safe sex because of the huge rise in sexually transmitted diseases, its a disgrace that these porn directors and producers insist on making films without the use of condoms to protect the performers. The excuse that sales would decline if condoms were shown is laughable if it wasnt such a serious issue.
Diary Of A Porn Star features a day by day account of a female up and coming pornstar, it makes interesting reading!
Why should these performers be forced to risk their health?
Should the Government introduce a law that all porn films must use condoms?
Should the BBFC(these are the people who give out the certificates for every film) insist on condoms in films before a certificate is issued?
Its a hotly debated issue and no doubt you have your views and comments so let us know.

Sex Toys Health - Part 1

Can Sex Toys Be Dangerous?
The short answer to this is no, if used sensibly and with care they are not dangerous, on the contrary they are very exciting and beneficial. However, as with any object in the wrong hands they could be dangerous if abused. Sex Toys have enormous benefits to your health and well being apart from giving immense pleasure usually leading to male or female orgasm, they can also be a big help in many sexual problems. The menopause, impotency, lack of sexual desire, failure to orgasm and vaginal dryness are some sexual health problems that can be helped by using sex toys.
Take for example, the failure to orgasm problem in females, this is something that millions of women find a problem. Not being able to orgasm for a women is very frustrating, the causes can be for a variety of reasons but a sex toy like a vibrating dildo or a rabbit vibrator can help and often end this disappointment. Vaginal dryness is another common problem that can be alleviated by sex toys and vaginal creams and sex lubes.
For men who suffer erectile dysfunction or impotency, sex toys can be a great help. Penis pumps, enlargement devices and cock rings are the types of sex toys that can help men with sex conditions of this type.
Sex toys are normal and healthy, using a sex toy can bring lots of pleasure. Reaching orgasm is good as part of your daily overall health and well being, apart from relieving stress, sex toys that produce orgasms give the user a heightened awareness of their own body and its functions. Being in-tune with your own body can help you with relationships too. An example of this is masturbation using sex toys, by exploring your own body with a sex toy you learn which parts of your body feel good to touch, these discoveries can then be given to your partner for them to use on you to give both of you sexual pleasure.
Sex toys are safe not dangerous so go and enjoy! Our sex toys and sex tips guide gives lots more helpful information for your sex toys health.

Celebrities Who Use Sex Toys

So many celebrities use sex toys, no surpises there, but one celebrity shocked a USA TV show when she told viewers she bought one for her daughter, which other celebrities openly admit to using sex toys? You would be surprised!!
Comedian Whoopi Goldberg has admitted she once bought a vibrator for her daughter. Appearing on Friday's edition of US talk show The View, Goldberg said she made the purchase years ago for Alexandrea "because she wanted one".
Britney Spears uses them, although given her current predicament its probably best she stayed away from them for the time being.
Jordan, the UK model wants heated sex toys to make them more realistic......
Madonna was photographed leaving a UK sexshop with a carrier bag full of sex toys in 2007 and Oscar-winner Halle Berry is a huge fan of sex toys. She admits to frequently visiting The Pleasure Chest (a specialist store which sells vibrators and sexy underwear) to fulfill her needs.
Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria once revealed that some of the best sex she had ever experienced was with a sex toy. "I own two...I have the Rabbit vibrator one, and I give that as a gift all the time. It's the best gift to give - an orgasm". Eva`s co-star Teri Hatcher is also partial to a little sex toy self gratification. When questioned about her relationship status Teri said, "To be honest, I don't know what I want a male for. I have some fabulous electronics to use instead. And any woman who tells you she doesn't is lying"
And Spice Girls Emma Bunton despite being engaged to be married it seems Baby Spice Emma doesn't need a man to spice up her life! She once admitted that she often pleasures herself with a vibrator given to her by fellow Spice Girl Mel B. That's girl power for you!
So, all the celebs love sex toys and guess what folks, many celebrities buy their sex toys from Magic Moments , these include....sorry we cant go there, we love our celebrity sex toy buyers and we dont want to embarrass them.

Magic Moments Launches New 2008 Sex Toys Catalogue

Magic Moments, the UK`s leading sex toys company since 1985 has launched its new adult sex toy catalogue for 2008. Crammed full of the latest new sex toys its free to all Over 18`s now. Get your free sex toys catalogue here

Jordan Wants Hot Sex Toys

Jordan has said that she would like somebody to invent heated sex toys to make them feel more lifelike. The glamour model has claimed she doesn't enjoy the coldness of bedroom instruments such as vibrators.

She told Cosmopolitan: "Sex toys aren't exactly like real life, are they?

They're as cold as anything. They should make them heated, bring out a new heated range. The I'm A Celebrity... star has previously revealed that she uses masks with husband Peter Andre to spice up their sex life, and that she would consider defecating in front of him as a sex act.
Advice to Jordan from "Jordan you need to buy one of our glass dildos warm them up to your hearts content and enjoy, give us bell Katie and we will stick one in the post for you darling"

Crazy Sex Toys Stories 2008

Doctors at the Baptist Hospital for sexual dysfunction, Tennessee USA  report a sharp increase in the number of reports of sex toys suffering from sexual dysfunction.

The disease has apparently morphed or has become genetically mutated and has jumped from humans to sex toys and machines.

The solution to the growing problem of shrinkage appears to be a synthetic form of Viagra and Cialis mixed together with a fast hardening combination of epoxy and powdered iron.

One unexpected but beneficial side effect is that a dildo can now double as a magnetic compass.

Users of these dildos are warned not to allow their use in close proximity to a computer as the magnetic field generated by the enhanced device may interfere with the computer's ability to operate. The Federal Aviation Administration is conducting a study in order to determine whether or not aircraft safety might be impaired by the presence or use of these devices aboard aircraft. (re-produced from and totally fictional)

Sex Toy Cigarette Lighter Fury

A new sex toy called the Rabbit Travel Vibe that works when plugged into a car cigarette lighter has caused a major storm with motoring organisations. The makers claim the sex toy is "Ideal for long car journeys" but the RAC warned that it is "dangerous and a distraction for motorists"
A female spokesperson for the RAC added "Its lethal and should not be used whilst driving" er, comments like that we reckon will ensure millions of drivers will rush out and buy one!

Boy George Sex Toys Appearance

Ageing British Pop star Boy George, real name George O`Dowd has been ordered to stand trial for alleged false imprisonment following a claim by a Norwegian man that handcuffs were used on him and he was chained to a bed and threatened with a range of sex toys. Following his recent court appearance, Boy George was ordered to return to court next February. If convicted he could face a life term in prison. Did he really want to hurt him?

Sex Toys Sales Hotting Up For Christmas

Sales of sex toys are starting to boom, its looking like thousands of couples are set to have a very naughty Christmas this year! Magic Moments sex toys sales are up a staggering 30% on normal. Most popular sex toys being bought at present are rabbit vibrators, cock rings, sex lubes and selected anal sex toys.
Sexy lingerie obviously is selling extremely well, especially the plus size lingerie for larger ladies. Its all adding up to an exciting Xmas for thousands of sexy singles and couples.

Gemma Atkinson And Her Gold Vibrator Sex Toy

Im A Celebrity Get Me Outa Here beauty, Gemma Atkinson had a gold vibrator she nicknamed, Victor. Thats the claim made by Gemma's former lover Karl Benion. Could it be one of our gold vibrators, maybe Gemma got it from Magic Moments! Even if she didnt she sure had some magic moments with it according to Karl.
Karl claims Gemma was wild in bed and their antics in a lift and on a balcony after they met on holiday in Majorca was electrifying.

Candy Bra Causes Problem In Norway

A large sex toys store in Norway has fallen foul of food laws. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority whose job it is to ensure health and food safety made an unannounced visit to the store and found items like candy bras, chocolate body paint and a candy knickers violated food safety labelling. Apparently any product containing food in Norway has to be labelled with a special Norwegian label. Havn`t those Food Safety guys got something better to do?

Condom Kills A Man

An inquest in Eastbourne, East Sussex has ruled a verdict of misadventure on a man who accidentally killed himself by putting a condom over his head. Gary Ashbrook, 31 from Newhaven was found naked on his bed, with empty cans of laughing gas and a latex condom over his head.
Ashbrooks close friend, Michael Young told the court that his pal did the bizarre sex act to get sexual gratification, sadly, the condom games ended in tragedy.

Boy George Sex Toys Claim

More details are emerging on the alleged false imprisonment charge facing the ex Culture Club singer, Boy George. It is alleged that George grabbed and restrained 28 year old Auden Carlsen at his flat on April 28.
Carlsen has claimed that he met Boy George on an online chat site and agreed to pose for erotic photographs, during the photo shoot he alleges that handcuffs were used on him by an unnamed man, followed by the use of other bondage sex toys used by Boy George and the unnamed man. George is due to appear back in court on November 22nd.

Weird And Bizarre Sex Laws

Here at Magic Moments we`ve always thought some of the laws in the UK are ridiculous, but, we should think ourselves lucky in comparison to some other countries laws especially where sex is concerned. We`ve browsed the internet and found some totally bizarre laws regarding sex. The world is a weird place!
INDONESIA: If you are caught masturbating you get decapitated! No male sex toys for Indonesian men then, poor sods!
WASHINGTON, DC USA: Its illegal to have sex in any position other than missionary.
WASHINGTON STATE, USA: Its against the law to have sex with a virgin, even on their wedding day.
CARLSBAD, NEW MEXICO: Couples cant engage in any sexual act in their vehicle, unless the vehicle has curtains.
CONNORSVILLE,WISCONSIN,USA: Its against the law for a man to fire a gun while his female partner is having an orgasm. (That brings a new meaning to a man shooting!)
NEVADA, USA: Its illegal to have sex without using condoms.
LIVERPPOL, UK: Saleswomen in Liverpool are by law allowed to be topless...woo hoo lets all go to Liverpool, NO! wait. Its only legal in tropical fish stores!
CALI, COLUMBIA: A woman can only have sex with her husband, ok so wheres the problem in that? Well, the first time she has sex, the law states her mother has to be present to witness the act! Now that is a problem!

Your Help Needed On New Male Sex Toy

A firm who is attempting to invent the worlds first robotic male sex toy needs your help.
Rubbot we believe is based in the USA and their quest is to bring you guys a revolutionary male sex toy that they claim will be unique, cool looking, hands free and very effective. The male sex toy is still in its testing stage so they need your help to develope it further. Weve taken a peek and well lets just say, "The jury is out on this one" we think it will take a lot of beating to equal the Robo Suck. See what you think here.

More Weird & Wacky Sex Stories

Did you know sex toys in India are unlawful? An interesting court case this year arose in India involving a vibrating condom. The Indian court was asked to rule if it was a contraceptive or a sex toy. As the condoms contain a battery operated device the prosecution claimed it was a sex toy, the manufacturer stated its a contraceptive as it was a product to promote sexual health. Nobody seems to know what the out-CUM was!

Weird And Wacky Sex Stories

Heres some light hearted humour, some true stories about sex from around the world.
Spare a thought for this poor Brazilian woman who failed to sue her partner for not providing her with an orgasm. The 31 year old Brazilian in 2005 tried suing her 38 yrear old partner claiming that once he had orgasmed she was left wanting, she claimed he failed in his duty to provide her with an orgasm. The case started well but then finished as an anti-climax when the court dismissed the case.
A man from Massachusetts, USA, tried suing his partner in an appeals court for a "dangerous sexual technique". The long term lovers one morning engaged in consenting intercourse and during their amorous ramblings, the female without the mans consent changed her position and snapped his penis! Ouch! The man tried to claim her sexual conduct was reckless, but the court ruled otherwise stating it was merely "negligent" conduct which was not actionable. Had she been found guilty of "reckless conduct" she could have faced a STIFF penalty!

Todays Sex Toys And Lingerie Humour

A wife decided she needed to spice up her sex life. So, she went into a sex shop and came home with some crotchless knickers. She puts them on and waits for her husband to come home. He arrives home and when greeted by his wife, she lifts up her skirt and shows him her new panties, "You want some of this darling?" she says, he replies, "No way if thats what its done to your underwear!"

Fake Pussy In A Beer Can Is A Huge Success

The thought of a fake pussy in a beer can must conjure up some quite bizarre thoughts,but according to Magic Moments customers its a huge success. Juicy Lucy`s Portable Can Masturbator is discreet, very tight and as a male masturbator it does the job! You get double masturbation pleasure, the best of both, tight inviting vaginal lips and a juicy tight squeeze anus all in one discreet masturbation sex toy. Amazing low price too!

Amber Plug Glass Dildo Is A Winner

The new Amber Plug Glass Dildo has become a firm favourite with Magic Moments customers for some great bum fun! The glass dildo shaped like a normal butt plug is made from hygienic, hypoallergenic glass. Easy to insert and can be heated or chilled for greater anal satisfaction. The Amber Plug Glass Dildo is also at an amazing low price!

More Men Using Condoms

The amount of men visiting contraception clinics, formerly known as Family Panning Clinics to get latex condoms has risen by over 20% in the past year. The report from the Family Planning Association revealed that the increase was mainly down to the rise in 16 to 17 year olds visiting to get their condoms, up from 20,000 to 30,000.
A spokesperson from the FPA said, "The campaign aimed at men in the last few years appears to have worked". Although there has been an increase in men visiting the clinics, women still account for the majority of visitors to the clinics, numbering over 1 million visits per year. Get your cheap condoms here

Paris Hilton Sex Shop Tantrum

Paris Hilton on a recent visit to Toronto, Canada alledgedly went into a rage when she spotted posters in a sex shop promoting her infamous sex tape. It is alleged she stormed into the sex store and demanded that the posters be removed immediately, she threatened to sue the store for using her image in a porn store. The slightly embarrassing twist in the story is that everything was captured on the in-store CCTV. The store owners are apparently in deep negotiations with lots of US TV shows to sell the footage! Offers from the TV networks so far have alledgedly reached $50,000.

Who Uses Vibrators An Independent Survey

Often surveys published about who uses vibrators are conducted by firms who have a vested interest in selling them. So its refreshing to find an independent survey all about vibrators and sex toys. Who use them most, men or women. What the most popular colour of vibrator is and other fascinating facts about vibrators. Some of the results you may find surprising. Full vibrator survey.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Tells You How To Be Very Naughty

If you are a single girl, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson says being a sexy, naughty girl is the best fun you could ever have. Among other things, Tara gives her tips on wearing open crotch hosiery like suspender tights! and sexy stockings. Learn how to become an official member of the naughty club!

Barmaid Fined For Boob Crushing

A barmaid from the Premier Hotel just outside Perth in Western Australia has been fined £400 for exposing her huge breasts and squashing beer cans between them. Luana De Favari, pleaded guilty in court to two counts of showing her bare breasts to customers at the hotel, on one of the occasions its alleged she decided to do a party piece by crushing two beer cans in between her breasts. We could have saved her £400, if she had used our breast developer and enlarger kit
Apparently its an offence and in breach of hotel licensing laws said police, so what was the offence? showing her tits? or crushing the beer cans? The mind boggles! But at least the punters got an eye full.

Help With Impotency

Impotency is a very common problem affecting millions of men every year. Studies reveal that erectile dysfunction can be a temporary or permanent condition, for those men with temporary erection loss there are many products now available that can help.
The type of erection products available include erection enhancers,cock rings,penis enlargers and penis creams. Men no longer have to suffer with impotency so dont suffer in silence any longer, you can find help. Apart from the many erection devices and products that may help, there are also some very good sites offering impotency help. For more information try any one of these sites that give detailed information about erectile dysfunction, impotency,erection problems and erection difficulty. You should always consult your GP before taking or using any erection enhancers or products.

Some Amazing Free Offers Get A Free Rabbit Vibrator

Weve just introduced some amazing free offers with your next order. Its so simple to get your freebies. Place any order and get an exciting mystery free gift. If you spend over £15 we will also include a classic lady finger vibrator absolutely free!
Theres more... If you spend over £25 we will give you an exciting mystery free gift plus a Classic Lady Finger vibrator AND some Liquid Silk sex lube totally free. But thats not all, we will also include a mini rabbit vibrator with all these other free gifts if you spend over £40 and you will get free delivery aswell. These exciting free offers are too good to miss, but hurry, we may not be able to give these freebies forever, get ordering now before its too late. Full details

A New Idea - Ask Your Boss For Some Foreplay

Dont panic! Its not what you think!. Apparently, coal miners in Australia are being given foreplay techniques free of charge as part of their job! In a coal pit north of Sydney, miners are being taught by their employers about foreplay, the menopause and other sex related issues in an effort to boost productivity.
According to latest reports its working so well, the firm are going to expand the trial to other pits. The thinking behind this new scheme is that if the men improve their sex life at home through these lessons, they will be happier at work and that will lead to increased productivity. We are not convinced that this would work in the UK, but it might be fun asking your boss for some foreplay? Full details

Is It Safe To Share My Sex Toys

The general answer on whether sharing your sex toys with another person is safe is no. However, this needs more clarification. Sex toys such as vibrators and dildos can carry infections including bacteria, it is not known how long bacteria can survive on a sex toy so that is why its best not to use a sex toy if it has been used by someone else, especially if they have a sexually transmitted disease(STD) Better to be safe than sorry.
There are a number of ways you can help protect yourself from the dangers of used sex toys, also, the following suggestions are worth taking note of for your own collection of sex toys even if you dont share them with anybody else.
Sex Toy Cleaner
There are many antibacterial sex toy cleaners now available, using a sex toy cleaner after each use can help to keep your sex toys clean and free from any bacteria building up.
Condoms On Sex Toys
Another good suggestion for safety is to put a new condom over your dildo or vibrator before use, after use the condom can be thrown away leaving your dildo or vibrator in a clean safe condition ready for use next time.
Washing Sex Toys
It is good practice to wash your sex toys after every use, taking care not to get any water into the battery compartments, never immerse a sex toy into water it will render it useless, unless it is a waterproof vibrator Dont use strong perfumed soap as this could cause irritation the next time you use your sex toy.
See more sex toy cleaning tips here

How To Boost Your Sex Life

According to latest research only 63% of British couples make love once a week, a fairly low figure, more alarming is that only 33% of these British couples feel they get enough sex. So where is it going wrong for British couples in the sex stakes?
The continuing pressures and fast pace of life put on us by the media, the additional work forced on people by their employers possibly has something to do with why many couples today find less time for lovemaking or intimacy.
Here 3 couples talk about their relationships and how they keep the spark going in their love life. From kissing to massage oils, sexy lingerie to sex toys naughty texts through to sensual touching you could find some great ideas to boost up your sex life.

Beginners Guide To Sex Toys

Any first time experience can be a daunting one, especially if it involves sex! Thats why we have written a comprehensive guide to buying sex toys for the first time, a beginners guide if you like.
With so many sex toys available today, making the right choice can be difficult, choosing the colour is perhaps easy but what about the texture? What about the features available on a sex toy that suit your needs? Should you choose a big or small vibrator? How do you decide which one out of the many thousands of sex toys to choose from will give you the pleasure you want?
These questions and dozens of others are answered in our guide to sex toys. Change your life today, get the pleasure you deserve and browse our sex toys guide tips or let us do the hard work for you with our recommendations for beginners sex toys

A Comical View On Sex Toys

Weve always tried giving different views on sex toys to make things more interesting and fun, so when we spotted this blog about sex toys, we had to make mention of it. In places the following sex toys blog is hilarious, if you enjoy ridiculous reviews of sex toys with a good deal of humour and some other bits thrown in you will love this American comedienne, Jennifer Dziura.Full details

If I Get An Erection I Could Die

Normally the problem for many men is they cant get an erection, they search around to find erection enhancers and sex toys for men to help get an erection, in this case, spare a thought for a man who hopes he DOESNT get an erection, because it could kill him!
Brian W, (identity withheld to save embarrassment) a 28 year old man from Lincoln has suffered a life of misery, he has to take libido suppressing bromide every two hours to stop him from getting an erection. Any type of penis stimulator could spell disaster for him. Brian has never had a girlfriend because the fear of getting excited could kill him.
Brian has a congenital heart defect and blood rushing to his penis could bring on a fatal heart attack. Brian who lives with his parents, hopes that in time a cure can be found for his condition. We hope so too Brian.

Breastfeeding Smell Could Increase Your Sexual Desire

The smells and odours given off by breastfeeding women could increase sexual desire in other women, thats the claim being made by fertility specialists from the University Of Chicago. Scientists who conducted a survey stated that pads worn by breastfeeding women that were sniffed by other women found a 24% increase in sexual desire compared to other women who sniffed fresh pads.
The theory is that the breastfeeding pads contained an odour which acts as an aphrodisiac adding to the much discussed theory that human pheromones do have a big impact on our sexual behaviour.

Sex Gel On Condoms To Help Combat HIV

An experimental sexual personal lubricant that helps block many sexually transmitted diseases(STIs) including HIV and herpes has been developed by Australian researchers. The sex gel is to be coated onto condoms. Vivagel, is a vaginal microbicide that when tested in animal and human studies was found to prevent genital herpes, HIV and other STIs.
Vivagel is a joint venture between Australian based Starpharma and condom manufacturer Durex. Research also discovered that Vivagel could be a successful contraceptive. The gel coated condoms is still in clinical trials and should be available around September 2008. Full details

Female Ejaculation - Fact Or Fiction

The subject of female ejaculation has often been debated but never been solved. The mere thought of a female ejaculating like a man meets with mixed opinions. Some advocate it doesnt exist, others say it happens to only a select few women and most say show me a women who does ejaculate then I will believe it.
Whatever your thoughts or opinions you cannot alter the facts that it DOES exist. Female ejaculation is also known as squirting or gushing. A clear fluid squirts or gushes from the vagina, in some women the force of the fluid that is ejaculated can be likened to a stream of pee. Many have argued that female ejaculation is just that, the female having a pee.
However, laboratory tests on the fluid have discovered the fluid from a female ejaculation had no urine within it. Exactly where the fluid comes from is debatable, some researchers claim it is produced by the Skene`s gland, the paraurethral ducts and/or the urethra at the time of orgasm.
As female ejaculation does exist, it raises the question by females, How can I experience a female ejaculation? To answer this we first need to know what causes a female to ejaculate. There is no confusion on this, it is stimulation and more stimulation that produces the ejaculation. So, the stimulation of what clitoris, vaginal lips or both or is it something else inside the vagina that can lead to the ejaculation.
Research suggests that it is inside the vagina, to be precise, approximately 2 inches inside on the upper wall of the vagina there is a `spongey` lump about the size of a small pea, referred to as the female g-spot. Those who experience female ejaculation say that stimulation of this spongey spot in a firm manner produces an extremely high state of arousal leading to the ejaculation. At first, the stimulating of the spongey spot feels somewhat uncomfortable and makes the female feel as though she wants to urinate, many will give up at this point for fear of peeing themselves.
However, those who continue past this point ignoring the feeling of peeing then experience the pee feeling subside to be replaced by a feeling of high pleasure with the pleasure intensifying at a rapid rate as the stimulation continues until eventually an orgasm of dramatic proportions is experienced, the orgasm is nothing like a normal orgasm from for example, a clitoral orgasm, it is said to be of epic proportions resulting in a clear fluid shooting or squirting out of the vagina.
Many of those females who have experienced a female ejaculation use their fingers, most have however, found that since the introduction of g-spot sex toys, these toys are more comfortable to use than fingers as the g-spot sex toys are easy to insert and find the spot with the added benefit that they vibrate. In our quest to get the nations females to experience female ejaculation using sex toys, take a look at our huge range of g-spot toys here

Straight Men Do Like It Up Their Bum!

If recent studies and research is anything to go by, it appears more and more straight men like taking it up their bum. Its nothing new for straight men to enjoy having their wife or girlfriends finger inserted into their bum during sex, thats been going on for years, but now it seems straight men want more. The launch of a new sex toy product appears to confirm this, the vibrating strap-on for men has been designed and released to satisfy mans desire to have a more realistic object into his rear instead of a finger. The new strap-on is a jelly dildo inside a harness that a female partner can wear and act out the thrusting motions in a doggy position on her man! Full details and picture

Is This Art Or An Excuse For Pornography?

In recent years many erotic art exhibitions have met with critiscm and provoked heated debates over whether it is erotic art or simply masqueraded as pornography. A rather risque exhibition at the Barbican, London is set to escalate this debate.
Seduced - Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now features works over a period of 2000 years and includes many famous artists intimate offerings from Michelangelo and Rembrandt among others. The collection has taken some 5 years to assemble, the Barbican`s head of art, Kate Bush, (surely not the singer? we wondered where Kate had gone!) defends any critiscm of pornography by stating, " It's not about porn. It's a thoughtful exhibition, a celebration of what connects all human beings across time and cultures" er sorry Kate that doesnt convince us its not an excuse for showing some porn, you need to try harder!
Martin Kemp one of the curators of the show says it has taught him, "how similar we are in terms of images of sex and joy, but also about the unease in the representation of this private act" sorry Martin, we are still not convinced. Come on guys, why not just say "We`ve put together some really horny art pieces all about porn for you to come along and enjoy" but that of course would upset the arty farties wouldnt it? Full story and pictures

Sex Toys Changing The World

We discovered this fascinating story about how sex toys have changed the world, the innovative new sex toys now available may have changed your sex life for the better, let us know, we always love your sex toys stories.
Email your stories about sex toys here. If we use your story on our site, we will send you a £20 voucher so you can choose any sex toys of your choice, ABSOLUTELY FREE! Go on what are you waiting for? Free sex toys? you dont get an offer like that everyday! Full story..

Phthalate Free Sex Toys

Recent press articles have focused on sex toys that are phthalate free according to some so called `experts` sex toys that contain phthalates could be harmful. There is currently no evidence that this is true, phthalates have been used in many popular products for over 80 years without problems. However, Magic Moments understand that some customers may be concerned, so we have added a range of phthalate free sex toys which can be seen here...

Give Your Erection A Knight To Remember!

You can save £5.00 for a limited time only on our Knight Erection Developer. The Knight is a popular penis developer to help make your penis stronger, longer and firmer. Simple to use the Knight penis developer not only helps give stronger erections it also has the benefit of being a type of strap on penis. You place your penis inside, squeeze the hand pump and all the air in the tube gets forced out, squeezing your penis and due to the vacuum created inside your penis will grow! The Knight can then be used as a dildo to make love to your partner, with your penis inside enjoying the pleasure too!

This offer is limited, while stocks last! So hurry dont miss out, order the Knight Erection Developer now and save £5.00 on the normal price.

Sex Toys - Now Part Of Everyday Life

There is no getting away from the fact that sex toys are no longer the taboo products they were some 25 years ago. With television, radio and the enormous amount of sex shops around the UK, the awareness of sex toys in the media and on the high street is probably at its highest level ever. Its hardly surprising therefore that recent studies on spending on sex toys and sex related products has risen by over 40% in the last 5 years.
Whilst it is difficult to give accurate UK annual sales from sex toys, many sex industry personel claim it runs into several billion pounds! It appears now that men and women are far happier talking about and using sex toys on a regular basis without fear of embarrassment. Gone are the days of blacked out windows in sex shops (although a few still exist), most shops selling sex toys and sex aids are now modern brightly lit establishments with a welcoming look. The huge explosion of online sex toys shopping sites has also boosted awareness too.

Lack Of Female Orgasm Is It A Genes Thing?

London researchers have come up with a theory that the problem why many women cant orgasm is in their genes. A recent study of 4,000 women aged 19 to 83, half of whom were identical twins, the other half non-identical twins revealed through DNA testing that the lack of certain genes could affect the inability to orgasm.
In other studies we have carried out here at Magic Moments we discovered that many women who couldnt orgasm were able to do so with the aid of certain sex toys like clitoral stimulators so does that make this research flawed? Read the Full story and make up your own mind!

Inflatable Penis Dong That Throbs Is Launched

The Inflatable penis has always been a popular sex toy choice for many male sex toys and female sex toys lovers, but the range has been limited, especially where a vibrating inflatable penis or dong is concerned. The throbbing inflatable penis dong has changed that. The launch of this exciting new inflatable sex toy that increases in size when inserted in the vagina or anus will have sex toy lovers squirming with pleasure. More...

Successful Rabbit Vibrator Gives Birth To Baby Rabbit Vibrator

With rabbit vibrators being the most popular sex toy with women, its hardly surprising that a baby rabbit vibrator is now available! The Baby Bunny vibrating bullet has the traditional rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation but is discreet enough to slip in your bag so you can have orgasms on the move! See the Baby Bunny here


Nigella Lawson Talks About Sex And Bedroom Antics

Sexy TV cook, Nigella Lawson has for the first time revealed some sexy revelations about what she gets up to in the bedroom! For years sexy Nigella has teased her male audiences with her tight fitting clothes and erotic finger gestures as she wickedly licks her fingers whilst cooking up some hot stuff!
Her candid revelations were given during an interview for mens mag, Esquire. Among some of Nigella`s naughty mutterings she said she preferred hairy men, loved stockings suspenders, high heels and talked about her thoughts on chocolate in the bedroom! We were also hoping there was a mention of her favourite sex toys too!

Kate Lawler Has Sex Toys Problem

Big Brother 3 winner Kate Lawler is being pestered by friends to get the latest sex toys ever since she signed up with a high street sex shop chain.
The gorgeous Kate signed up last year as the face of lingerie for the Ann Summers group. Kate says she is amazed at the range of sex toys available. Well Kate you should take a look at the sex toys available at Magic Moments and once youve done that, give me a call and I will happily deliver personally some of your favourites!

Beat The Postal Strike!

Worried about delays receiving your Sex Toys because of the postal strike?
No worries! Order before noon and we'll offer you the chance to upgrade to a next day courier delivery at the checkout.
Our courier delivery service is completely unaffected by the current postal dispute.
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Look at the shipping options and proceed through the checkout process. For next day delivery remember to tick the next day delivery box.

New Sex Toys Documentary Released

If you ever wondered where sex toys and vibrators originated from, and would like to discover why sex toys are not just for pleasure but they have a political link too, the new documentary Passion And Power - The Technology Of Orgasm could provide the answers.
The film charts the history of the first vibrators and delves into the on going concerns as to why some countries continue to ban their sale and use. Fortunately, here in the UK sex toys, vibrators and dildos are still available so go grab yours before UK law changes! Full story

Britney Spears Sex Tape And Sex Toys Exposed

Britney Spears is at the centre of a new sex controversy involving a sex tape that is being offered to the highest bidder by an unnamed 28 year old. The mystery man claims the sex tape shows Britney doing explicit sex acts and using sex toys with the 28 year old hulk following her recent holiday to Hawaii. Britney was unaware she was being filmed.
The sex tape alledgedly features "extremely raunchy scenes" and if the tape was ever to get on the internet it could cause meltdown.

Magic Moments Offers Portable Male Masturbation Sex Toys

Magic Moments sex toys launched today the Juicy Lucy's Portable Can Masturbator, a cleverly designed sex toy discreetly hidden inside a beer can!

The male masturbator can be taken anywhere and when the top is removed a luscious looking pair of vaginal lips awaits you.

Possible Jail Sentence For Scottish Sex Shop Owner

A 60 year old businessman who has until recently been running an unlicensed sex shop could face jail after he was charged with possession and supply of R18 videos and DVD`s.
John Baigrie of Aberdeen has several previous convictions for the same offences and despite repeated warnings that R18 material can only be sold in licensed sex shops, Baigrie flouted the law and continued to sell them.
His latest court appearance has come about following a test purchase by undercover trading standards officers. Baigrie`s solicitor said in court "my client has done no physical harm to the public", Sherrif Douglas Cuisine responded "No physical harm to the public? he runs a sex shop without a licence and sticks two fingers up to the authorities". Sherrif Cuisine warned Baigrie that he may be jailed.

Sex Toys Banned In USA State

Spare a thought for those poor folk in the USA state of Alabama where sex toys sales are banned. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to overturn the law following a challenge from a sex toys shop owner.
The 9 year old law banning the sale of sex toys is an unconstitutional intrusion into the privacy of the bedroom claimed Sherri Williams who filed the appeal to have the ban lifted.
Sherri is the owner of a sex shop called Pleasures Stores and plans to appeal the decision, saying, "They are gonna have to prise this vibrator from my cold dead hand, I refuse to give up the fight".

Woman Evicted For Noisy Sex

A German woman has been evicted from her house following complaints from neighbours that she was too noisy during sex.
Alenka Schmidt, 34, from Nuremberg was shocked when she received her eviction notice but conceded that on odd occasions during sex she was a little loud.
We think this is a classic need for a vibrating sex toy that is whisper quiet and a ball gag to go with it! Before your next tenancy Alenka give us a buzz and we will try and help out!

TV Commentators Caught Out By Wang King!

Tennis fans roared with laughter after two TV commentators unwittingly called out Wang-King several times during a tennis match. The gaff came about during a tennis match between Yeu-Tzuoo Wang and Phillip King at the Thai Open.
During lots of long rallies, the commentators had little choice in pronouncing both surnames one after the other, a fan watching on TV said, "It was hilarious". The laughter continued when another fan pointed out, the gaff was appropriate because it was after all, in BANGKOK! It puts a whole new spin on "New Balls Please" Full story

Sex Swap Builder Praises Sex Toys

A teenager has discovered that her builder boyfriend was once a girl.
Alice Tattersall age 19, discovered the secret past of boyfriend Danny Richardson, age 22, who has had the £25,000 pound sex swap operation on the NHS.
Alice is delighted however, she said, "He is all man and I love him to bits, he's funny, very sexy, in fact a fantastic bloke and we have a lovely fulfilling sex life too!" Danny who is pleased with his transformation added, "We still make love and thats thanks to sex toys."

How Much Do You Know About Sex Toys? Take The Sex Toys Quiz

Here is a fun way to test out your knowledge of sex toys, its fun and you could learn some sex toys techniques!
Take the sex toys quiz.

Indians Love Sex Toys

A recent survey amongst urban indians has discovered they love sex toys and vibrators and are very partial to personal lubricants in their sex play. The survey found that 13% of indians are willing to try a vibrator and more than 33% use sex lubes to make sex more enjoyable!

When Is A Sex Toy Not A Sex Toy? - When Its A Knob!

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, but when we spotted this little gem we were a little confused. Can you spot the odd one out, from this range of sex toys? Could it be a new sex toy craze for cars?

Prehistoric Sex Toys

A study conducted by Bradford University has discovered fascinating evidence that sex toys existed thousands of years ago. The research into Stone Age humans revealed sex wasnt just for reproduction it was for fun. Although the sex toys back in those days were likely to be carved stone or marble, shaped into a phalic style, researchers believe that these sex toys provided huge pleasure. We wonder if manufacturers today produced stone vibrators whether it could become a modern day sex toy craze? A dildo made of stone? Now theres a novelty! Full story...

China Pulls The Plug On Sex Toys

A high level congress next month in China is responsible for the decision to clean up TV shows in China.
All sexually explicit shows including featuring of sex toys, condoms and sex change programmes are to be banned. Whilst nudity on Chinese TV is not the norm anyway, many of the reality shows have pushed the boundaries to the limits by featuring many sexually explicit exploits and featuring exhibitionism.
The Chinese authorities have already acted to axe one of China's most popular shows, "The First Heart Throb" a wild, fast paced version of the UK`s "Pop Idol" featuring long haired, scantilly clad contestants aired last year and had over 100,000 contestants apply to take part.
The authorities took the show off air because of its 'vulgar acts and poor quality taste' something the Chinese people disagreed with as the ratings hit the top!

Madonna With Her Sex Toy

The Sun reported singer Madonna has been spotted by photographers leaving Claridges Hotel with a sex toy in a clear bag. The popular singer was seen with husband Guy Ritchie departing with the sex aid, although Madonna had a smile on her face, her hubby looked decidedly `nervous`! Apparently, the bag she was carrying had a purple penetrator sex toy inside, interestingly, its a strap-on harness sex toy, did Madonna buy it as a joke, a present for a girlfriend perhaps or will we see it in her next video? Full story & pictures...

Is That A Sausage Or A Sex Toy?

A butcher shop worker in Mannheim, Germany became suspicious when a customer asked for his sausage to be stored in their refrigerator, the employee smelt a rat as the sausage was unusually heavy and the police were called. Upon opening the sausage, a sex toy was revealed. The customer had hollowed out the sausage to conceal what is thought to be a vibrator sex toy. Apparently, the customer and the sex toy were bound the next day for Dubai, where sex toys are illegal, but the customer never came back to collect the buzzing friend. Full story & pictures...

Sex Toys Answers - Impotency Help

Many Magic Moments customers have turned to us to help with their impotencyproblems.
When a man is unable to get or maintain an erection, it not only causes embrassment, the stress and upset in many cases is too much to handle. In the majority of impotencycases, the problem is temporary and can be attributed to high stress levels caused by work, excessive alcohol or tiredness these and other situations can lead to a temporary loss of erection.
Whilst we have helped many thousands of men get through their temporary erection problems, with the vast range of sex toyswe have available, it should be stressed that impotencyis a medical condition that needs professional medical help especially if the erection loss is permanent.
Any advice or help here regarding impotencyand erection problems is given as help and guidance and should not be taken in preference to proper medical advice, seek help from your GP.
There are many sex toys available to help with temporary impotency and erection problems, cock rings as an example, can help hold an erection for those who are able to get erect but have difficulty maintaining the erection.
Penis enlargers can offer help in getting an erection, these sex toy devices help to pump blood into the penis to create an erection.
Erection and penis creams contain effective ingredients to help promote an erection and in cases of permanent erection difficulty where the man is unable to satisfy his partner, a hollow strap on could help, a strap on with a hollow inside allows the flacid penis to sit inside but still allows the man to perform the thrusting motions on his partner. There are also many other erection enhancers to choose from to help with impotency problems.

Celebrity Butt Plugs

An American manufacturer has come up with a range of butt plugs which have the uncanny resemblance to some famous people. Product names like Parass Hilton, Assama Butt Laden and Smell Gibson among them. The company offer a custom butt plug service, you can have any famous persons face moulded into a butt plug, this brings an entirely new meaning to your ex thinking you are an asshole!

Bookmakers Held Up By A Vibrator

A rampant rabbit was used in a raid on a Ladbrokes bookmakers in Leceister, the robber allegedly concealed the vibrator in a carrier bag, it was supposed to be disguised as a gun.